It is wonderful to hear about how God works in the lives of real people! It takes truth out of the realm of theory and demonstrates how practical it truly is.

God Had a Plan

by Ken Yonish

“For I know the plans I have for you,’” declares the LORD, “‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Jeremiah 29:11. I’m amazed that God in all God Had a Plan – A Testimony

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An Unforgettable Conversion

as told to Barbara Ponder

Danny attended church regularly as a child, but at the age of seven, he lost his dad, and in time he became bitter. He said: “If there was a God, He wouldn’t have taken my dad when I was so young.”

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Awakened and Delivered

by Danny Downing

My name is Danny Downing. Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm writing this because I believe the Lord put this on my heart quite some time ago and I've been praying the Lord would help me write this. I know I can't do this in myself.

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Raised in the Church - But Lost

by Lauren Easterly

GOD loves me and Jesus was crucified because of me. He redeemed me and rescued me from myself and my ways. I am so amazed of HIS love for me, even when I was lost. HE was always there and HE never gave up on me, in spite of my shortcomings.

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All Things Work Together

by Cathy Yonish

Romans 8:28 says. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to his purpose.” The scripture doesn’t say only pleasant things work together for our good; it says ALL things work for good.

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The Lord is My Shepherd

by Amanda Clark

If someone were to ask me for my testimony, my response would have to be, “Which one?” The Lord has done so much for me, has proven Himself faithful to me so many times, that I feel the need to write them all down so I won’t forget! But I will start with the one which makes all others pale in comparison.

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The Resurrection Makes All the Difference

by Joy Dyer

‘I understood Christ was perfect. I understood that because of the fall, sin entered the world and we’re all sinners, and that is why we needed Jesus and that He had to die so we could live. It made sense.

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My Testimony

by Greg Kasey

I missed church, wasn’t home at night and worked weekends and holidays. I wasn’t able to be with my family as I wanted to nor was I able to be diligent about serving God as I wanted to be.

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God or Money

by Danny Downing

My name is Danny Downing. Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm writing this because I believe the Lord put this on my heart quite some time ago and I've been praying the Lord would help me write this. I know I can't do this in myself.

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God's Love to a Prodigal

by Thomas Whatley

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Sherry Thomas Whatley, the oldest child of Bro. C. Parker Thomas. Some months before my father went to be with the Lord, he asked me to prayerfully consider writing my testimony.

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A Testimony of God's Love

by Wendy McMillan Downing

One of my earliest memories as a child is being wakened in the middle of the night by my daddy and momma fussing and fighting. I remember my sister (Candy Phillips) and my brother (Jack McMillan, “Jackie”) trying to get us all out of the house.

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My Experience With Depression

by Merilea Bigham

I wanted to tell about an experience I had several years ago in an effort to help some who may be having problems with depression or similar trials. I have learned and am still learning about these two verses in II Corinthians.

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His Grace is Sufficient

by Karen Lollis

We may love God and worship him, but we may not realize that He is a jealous God. Many times we are consumed with our lives and what is important to us and what we want. I feel like the Lord has shown me much about myself and has revealed to me sin in my life.

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How God Delivered Me

by Joann Brady

I tried many times to write this testimony, but I just could not do it. We are overjoyed when the Lord does something for us and I could not figure out why it was so hard to put it into words. I think the answer is that we are proud to wear the new robe, but we hate to be stripped naked first.

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What God Can Do!

by Jim Petry

I feel that the Lord would have me to write my testimony down that maybe in some way it might cause someone to see more clearly what God can do for a wretched man. I appreciate and love the Lord with all my heart because He has worked it in me. The Word says “He that is forgiven much, loveth much.”

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Finding the Body of Christ

by Jeanette Pollard

As a child I used to have dreams that it was the end of time and that the Lord had come and I wasn’t ready. It was a horrible feeling. The last time I had the dream I kept saying over and over, “I’m not ready.”

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Tongues: My Testimony

by C. Parker Thomas

More than 50 years ago when the Lord came into my life this old world lost its beauty, glamour and riches for me. I had to say as Solomon did, “all is vanity and vexation of spirit and there is no profit under the sun.” Ecc. 2:11. The unsearchable riches of Christ became the controlling influence in my life. I began immediately to witness to every soul I met.

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God's Faithfullness to Me in the Death of my Husband

by Betty Talbert

My husband of 42 years, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and he consented to by-pass surgery. He had the surgery on Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 2001. The day after surgery he went into cardiac arrest and had to be rushed back into surgery.

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When I First Met Brother Thomas

by Pearl McNeill

Brother Thomas came to North Carolina years ago.
The first time I heard him preach was on the radio.
I had never heard a preacher preach like he did that day.
He said you had to be born again and Jesus Christ was the way.

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Testimony of God's Grace

by Richard Smith

I moved to Robbins, North Carolina and went into business in 1960. I still went to church at the Bible Tabernacle for awhile. There is a very clever way that Satan can work. He talks to us through our mind. The lie he told me was if I earn my money in Robbins, I should go to church there and not drive the 52 mile trip to Southern Pines and back. God placed us there and if it had been 100 miles God would have made a way.

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What the Lord Has Done in Me

by Jesse Phillips

I was born and raised in a Christian home, attending nearly every service, prayer meeting, and church function in my childhood and into my teenage years. I remember at an early age hearing the Lord’s voice during alter calls under the ministry of Bro. C. Parker Thomas and Bro. Phil Enlow, but I hardened my heart for several years until I was approximately 15 years old.

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