Is My Experience or Such-and-such a Prophet of God?

The following is the answer to an e-mail raising questions about something the person had experienced when a “prophet” had come to town.

I believe that the Lord desires to help you, not only with this, but also with all the uncertainties you may encounter as you go along. He has promised us wisdom (James 1:5-8).

There are many so-called “prophets” circulating in the land today, but I fear that there are few men who have truly been called and sent and anointed by God. And signs and wonders and experiences don’t prove anything (Matt. 24:24). It’s important for the Lord’s people to be able to tell the difference. In John 7:16-17, Jesus gave us an important principle that God honors. He said, “My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.”

This principle not only applied to Jesus in the days of his flesh, but also to any who purport to represent God. The question concerned the source of the doctrine (“teaching”) that Jesus was giving out: was it from God? or did it just come from Jesus speaking on his own? Only what comes from God is worth anything! The promise was that we can know! There is a condition attached to this promise, however: our will must be to desire the will of God. If we have a genuine question about a ministry and our heart’s desire is to know the truth and do God’s will, then the promise is that we can know. God will bear witness to those He has sent and we can know it on the inside.

For example, someone could go through the motions of seeking God about something, but really, on the inside, have their minds made up. If you, for example, have some kind of experience that you become emotionally attached to, any “seeking God” will likely amount only to seeking something to prop up what you already desire to believe. You may get your “confirmation” but it won’t likely be from God! That is why so many religious people are so deceived and blind.

He can help you with this question if your heart’s desire is to please Him. Just pray to Him as honestly as you know how (in your own language!) and let Him know you are looking to Him. Be as neutral as you can about the issue: surrender it! If it is truly of God and good for you, He’ll let you know. Don’t be in a hurry. Real faith is willing to wait on God. He knows when the time is right!

How can you recognize God’s wisdom and that which comes from another source? Read James 3:13-18. God’s wisdom results in a true peace and rest on the inside! His wisdom is not characterized by a lot of unrest and uncertainty!

I truly hope that you seek the Lord in faith concerning what you have experienced. Don’t be fearful. His love is a constant. He knows where we are at and just desires that we be willing to learn and grow.

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