April-September 2020

What is Happening?

by Phil Enlow

The Necessity of War

by Jim Johnson

Easter 2020 Email

Email When Shutdown Happened

Walk While Ye Have the Light

by Charles Sammis

Why? Because He’s Jesus

by Lawrence Medici

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of Jesus! Once again, our apologies for missing the spring issue. Due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we are combining the spring and summer issues in this one. I pray that all our readers are safe, well, and looking to the Lord.

As you know, many “normal” activities were suspended in mid-March due to the spread of the virus. For a number of weeks our churches were closed for public meetings. I’m very glad for the internet that makes Zoom meetings possible and we began to join together – with all of our churches – for informal online gatherings with lots of sharing and informal fellowship.

Each assembly is seeking to move in God’s wisdom regarding opening the church buildings for public gatherings. In Southern Pines we have had a number of Sunday morning services with some still remaining home, joining in through Zoom. Wednesday evening gatherings have continued using Zoom throughout with much blessing.

We can readily see God using this current situation to accomplish things in our lives. Often it takes a disruption of our comfortable routines to wake us up to real needs, causing us to look to Him.

The lead article is based on a subject preached on several weeks ago, entitled, “What is Happening?” Obviously many people are asking and seeking to answer that question but I felt the need to look at it all from a spiritual perspective. We see outward events in the physical world but they are just a reflection of things taking place in the spiritual realm. God is unfolding His eternal purpose and allowing Satan’s kingdom to operate within that purpose.

Another article is by Bro. Jim Johnson and highlights the truth that God allows us to experience spiritual battles that we might learn to fight and grow strong in Him. How pertinent that is right now!

Another couple of short articles are actually from emails sent early in the shutdown to encourage our church family. The one on this page was sent on Easter Sunday and lifts up what our Savior accomplished through His death and resurrection on our behalf. How central and critical that truth is!

We have also reprinted the old article, “Walk While Ye Have the Light,” another important truth as darkness is allowed to deepen and the end of the age draws ever nearer.

Due to the virus we had to cancel this year’s convention and also the youth camp. Going forward we’ll simply look to the Lord and see what He has planned. We know where the world is headed but we also know that our Lord is on the throne! Though events continue to unfold, the war has been won!

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow