October-December 2022

Be Ready

by Phil Enlow

God’s Plan for the Church

by Phil Enlow

The Beauty of God’s Love For Us

by Carrie Lynn Seneca

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus! Somehow time has flown by and here we are nearing the end of another year and the beginning of another. And every passing year is one year closer to a glorious end for God’s people who look for Christ’s appearing.

It’s hard not to think about this as we observe our world, as Christ warned would be the case, sinking into deeper and deeper spiritual darkness. It is one thing to be ignorant; it is quite another to willfully reject Christ, choosing one’s own life and earthly desires instead.

Recently, an article, originally written in 2007, came again to my mind. As I re-read it I felt it was time to slightly update it. It’s not that the truth has changed but I saw areas that could be improved.

The article is, “Be Ready,” and focusses on the warnings of Jesus regarding the end of the age and his return to gather his own and to judge the world.

I fear that most of the time when church-goers hear the words, “Be Ready,” they are prone to think of the actual event when Jesus appears with his angels in the sky to gather his people. That is true enough but being ready includes so much more than that.

In view of the scriptural warnings regarding conditions at the end of the age, being ready, involves standing firm during the greatest time of darkness the world will ever have known. Only the grace of God will carry His elect through such a time, but that is exactly what He has promised.

Think of Noah. He was called to serve God in just such a time. For him that meant simply walking with God, listening when He spoke, and doing what He said! That is truly what God is looking for in this hour. Tradition and human religious plans and programs will not avail. We need God! And He is faithful!

“God’s Plan for the Church” is a chapter from the 2007 book, “Sudden Death Overtime.”

Page eight includes some wonderful encouraging thoughts from Sister Carrie Lynn Seneca.

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow