April-July 2021

Commands and Promises

by Phil Enlow

Who Are You?

by Phil Enlow

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus! Another hot summer finds us rejoicing in the Lord’s goodness as we continue to look to Him to lead us like the good Shepherd He is through this crazy world.

We continue to see the things the Lord has made real to us unfold on planet earth. Satan is loose — for the final time — and the evidence of that is everywhere. In every area of human life on planet earth Satan and his kingdom are at work tearing at the fabric of life as we have known it, seeking to bring all under his control. The cry of many influential people is for a “new world order” with man at the center that will somehow ensure that the human race will continue. We know how that story will end!

We rejoice that we have been able to meet together during most of the pandemic. Of course we have tried to be conscious of the need to be cautious and wise. Some have, for various reasons, remained at home but Zoom has enabled not only them, but others more distant, to tune in to the Sunday service.

We also were able to have our June convention in Southern Pines this year and many were able to attend in person. The Lord richly blessed with His presence and much-needed encouragement.

A major theme from the convention was “simplicity.” When you break everything down the greatest need is not some new exotic revelation of “hidden” truth but rather walking in the simplicity of the gospel. Even a child can do that! We are the ones who complicate things.

Please remember an upcoming youth camp early in August. It is a limited event primarily due to space limitations in the campground that was available but we are expecting the Lord to do wonderful things in the lives of precious young people.

The lead article this time is a reprint of, “Commands and Promises.” How wonderful it is that the ability to live as God’s people comes from God’s faithful provision and not from human resources. If God has our hearts then He supplies the rest!

The other article is adapted from a preached message and focuses on the need of real salvation. People are making choices every day, choices that have eternal implications. We are still here for a reason, to let the light of true salvation shine. The world grows darker and so much religion is in a state of apostasy but the Lord’s sovereign plan is unfolding and He will never lose even one He has foreknown. However things may look as we move forward, God remains on the throne and there is nothing the devil can do about it!

Continue to pray for us that we will be enabled to faithfully fulfill our place in God’s plan. We pray for you. Particularly remember our brothers and sisters in many difficult places in the world. Our prayers make a difference. It won’t be long!

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow