April-May-June 2019

Things That Are Not

by Phil Enlow

How Can We Know?

by Phil Enlow

Can a Christian be Demon Possessed?

Answer to a reader's question

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of Jesus! Even as the world grows spiritually darker we who know the Lord have the privilege of praising Him as we look UP and AHEAD based on the certain hope He has planted in our hearts.

We live in a temporary creation, corrupted by sin and death. But God continues to call men and women out of the realm of sin and death and to prepare them for that which is forever. Praise the Lord! It won’t be long.

This issue’s lead article is once again adapted from a preached message that has also been used on the TV broadcast. The hope we have in Christ is not based on that which we can see with natural eyes but upon the promise of One Who cannot lie and Who has no limits upon what He can do.

The vast universe around us came to be simply because He spoke. That same word is active today and is bringing forth, not the old creation, but a new one that is incorruptible. We are called, as was Abraham of old, to put our faith in His promises despite all that we may see and feel.

The second article is a chapter from the book, “How Do You Know You Are Right.” Our world is founded upon lies and the devil has made it his business to spread as much confusion and deception as he can to hinder and corrupt the gospel message. Can we know what is right? I believe we can. We may not be able to answer every possible question but God wants us to know that we can recognize His truth if we really want to.

A number of years ago a lady wrote to us asking if a Christian can be demon-possessed and so her question and our answer are also included. It is an hour when demons are more active than ever. Satan knows his time is short and I believe the Lord wants His people not only to be aware of this but to have a greater understanding of how to overcome.

Well, the month of June has come once again and thus it is almost time for our annual convention. This year we will be meeting here in Southern Pines from June 19-22. We are anticipating folks not only from several states but also from overseas as well.

Most of all, we are desiring and expecting that the Lord will be there! How vain is anything when He is not at the center of it. May we pray and align our hearts to His purposes and not our own. Pray with us that He will accomplish those purposes.

One thing that is always a need is that every generation will come to truly know Him and not merely embrace hand-me-down religion. We need that which is real. Nothing less will do. Tradition and form cannot save. Human ability cannot accomplish God’s purposes. It must always be, “not I but Christ.”

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow