by Phil Enlow
Published 1997

Table of Contents


1. The Lie

2. Two Kinds of Life

3. Different Kinds of Men

4. God’s Wrath

5. The Gospel

6. Resurrection and Judgment

7. Fate of the Wicked

8. “Everlasting”

9. The Process of Becoming Immortal

10. Immortality!

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The subject of immortality is one that has intrigued mankind down through the ages. Great bodies of traditional belief have arisen to bolster man’s hope of life beyond his present physical existence. This is not surprising in light of the fact that Satan’s first recorded lie was, “Ye shall not surely die.”

What does the Bible actually teach on this important subject? What is the fate of the wicked? the hope of the believer? What about heaven and hell? What is everlasting life? What about the judgment?

We are enjoined in Jude 3 to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” It is our desire to look, with the Lord’s help, past centuries of conflicting religious tradition to see what the Word itself teaches. I am persuaded that God desires to open His Word that His people may walk in greater freedom and blessing and inward rest.

It has been thrilling to wait upon the Lord in the study of this subject and many has been the time when my heart has “leaped” for joy at the clarity of truth that shone forth from the pages of the Word. While it is surely true that we know nothing as we ought to know it and that all glorying must ever be in the Lord, this truly is an hour when the Word is being opened as never before. It is a late hour and the coming of our Lord draws near. The following quote from near the end of Chapter 1 is appropriate:

“I believe that in spite of the great spiritual darkness that exists in this hour that God has a remnant, one here and there, that have a heart for truth. When they encounter something new they will be neither gullible nor closed-minded, but will prayerfully search the scriptures, reserving judgment till God brings light and peace through His word.”