A Vision of Judgment

From the May-June, 1969 issue of MCM.

The following vision was given on Sunday night just before the paper went to press. This came as a confirmation to the word which had come forth warning us of impending judgment.

I saw the U.S.A. as a map spread out before me. In several of the states throughout the U.S. were groups of people who were seeking God and who really desired to please Him. None of these groups was very large, many of them consisting of only five or six people.

The other people were just living their lives to satisfy the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life. All they were interested in was having more in this life no matter how they got it. They would lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what they wanted and never gave God a second thought.

Then I saw clouds of vast darkness appear over the U.S. and hover there for a short while. The only people who could see the clouds were those who were seeking God, They began to prepare for Christ’s coming and sought God as never before for they knew the wrath of God was about to be poured out upon those who had rejected the Lord and had scorned His grace and mercy. Around this group of people was a light that protected them from all harm and this was the only place of safety.

Soon fire began to fall upon those who were not protected by the light of God. When they saw the fire falling they began to realize they needed God but it was too late. The fire was already falling and there was no place of safety for them. They ran from one place to another screaming in torment but everywhere they went the fire fell upon them. No matter what they tried they could not quench this fire of God.

I saw buildings crumble and fall on people. Old men and women, young people, boys and girls, and even little babies were being destroyed as the buildings crushed them and fire burned them to death. There was no mercy for them for they had disobeyed God and walked in rebellion against Him.

Truly, I must say this was the most horrible sight I have ever seen. People being burned until nothing was left but ashes; people being crushed to death by falling buildings; and no place of refuge for them.

Then I heard a voice speak these words, “My judgments are rapidly approaching this nation for it has rejected me and refused to bow the knee to the Almighty God, My judgments are already falling but they shall increase for the wrath of God has been kindled against it. The only place of safety in the days to come will be with my people. You must now become identified with my people who bear my shame and reproach for soon it will be too late. When the fire and the judgment of God fall it will be too late. Now is the time to flee to the Rock of Ages that you might find a place of peace and safety. Now is the time for soon it will be too late.”

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