by C. Parker Thomas
Published in the 1990s

Table of Contents


Tongues: My Testimony

Tongues Should be Tested

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This little booklet contains two articles: the first is Bro. Thomas’s testimony, especially as it relates to the question of speaking in tongues. In it he shares his personal experience and the convictions he has developed over many years of fruitful ministry.

For the second we are indebted to The Alliance Witness (currently Alliance Life). An article entitled “Tongues Should be Tested” by Dr. Gerald E. McGraw was published in May 1974 and subsequently reprinted in the Midnight Cry Messenger.

Speaking in tongues has certainly in the last 100 years or so been one of the most wide-spread and controversial areas of Christian experience, inspiring much emotional debate. God’s people surely need some balanced truth on the subject that we might enjoy all that God truly has for us while at the same time avoiding giving any ground to the devil.

God’s truth is our only defense against the flood-tide of darkness and spiritual delusion that has been unleashed in this hour. We invite you to prayerfully consider what is written here, weighing it by the word and looking to the Lord with an honest heart. He who perfectly knows your heart can bear witness to all that is of Him.

Be aware that there are many religious spirits on both sides of this question. What we want is wisdom from God in the matter. An adamant spirit cannot learn even if God Himself be the teacher. Truly we know nothing as we ought to know it and have much to learn.

May God bless you as you look to Him!