by C. Parker Thomas
Published 1990

Table of Contents


1. Sex

2. Choosing a Mate

3. Birth Control

4. Premarital Sex

5. Sexual Perversion

6. Love

7. The Honeymoon

8. The Myth of Sex

9. Passion

10. Unfaithfulness: Why Married Couples Cheat

11. Marriage and Divorce

12. Shipwrecked Marriages and How to Prevent Them

13. Homosexuality

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This booklet, published in 1990, is simply the compilation of a number of articles by Brother C. Parker Thomas in the Midnight Cry Messenger from 1973 to 1980. When the first article was published, Brother Thomas made this comment in his Editor’s Letter: “I trust and pray that our article on the subject of sex in this edition of the paper will be prayerfully considered by all who read it. It is my conviction that it will bring deliverance to many who have various mental hang-ups due to the traditional hush-hush attitude toward sex.”

Who is better qualified to instruct us in the matter of sex and marriage than the God who created sex and instituted marriage? In Psalm 119:130 we are told: “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”

The reader of these articles will find very helpful teaching concerning the subjects dealt with, and will be blessed in the knowledge that the teaching honors the Word of God. Ignorance and misinformation which prevail in our day will be dispelled and corrected. This booklet is published with prayer that its readers will find in its pages truth that sets them free.