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Radio Schedule: Titles & Dates

Below is a list of radio broadcast dates along with the message titles and tape numbers of the original messages from which the broadcasts were taken. This is designed to help you if you desire to obtain one of these original messages. Simply note the date you heard the broadcast and the number of the tape listed.

Monday, May 13th through Friday, May 17th
"Resurrection Life" #220417B May 13 - May 17

Monday, May 6th through Friday, May 10th
"Light In The Darkness" #240414B May 6 - May 10

Monday, April 29th through Friday, May 3rd
"Unconditional Faith" #240407B April 29 - May 3

Monday, April 22nd through Friday, April 26th
"Faith That Overcomes" #220717B April 22 - April 26

Monday, April 15th through Friday, April 19th
"The Fullness Of Christ" #240324B April 15 - April 19

Monday, April 8th through Friday, April 12th
"Who Am I" #230430B April 8 - April 12

Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th
"Living Out Our Identity" #240310B April 1 - April 5

Monday, March 25th through Friday, March 29th
"Who Am I Really" #240303B March 25 - March 29

Monday, March 18th through Friday, March 22nd
"Called To Victory" #240225B March 18 - March 22

Monday, March 11th through Friday, March 15th
"The Power Of The Gospel" #240218B March 11 - March 15

Monday, March 4th through Friday, March 8th
"Commit, Trust And Be Still" #240211B March 4 - March 8

Monday, February 26th through Friday, March 1st
"The The Purpose Of Everything" #240204B February 19 - March 1

Monday, February 19th through Friday, February 23rd
"The Meaning Of Everything" #240128B February 19 - February 23

Monday, February 12th through Friday, February 16th
"Trouble" #190127B February 12 - February 16

Monday, February 5th through Friday, February 9th
"Leave Your Cage" #190526B February 5 - February 9

Monday, January 29th through Friday, February 2nd
"A Call To Go Deeper" #211114B January 29 - February 2

Monday, January 22nd through Friday, January 26th
"Surrendering To God's Work" #220501B January 22 - January 26

Monday, January 15th through Friday, January 19th
"A Foundation For Prayer" #200816B January 15 - January 19

Monday, January 8th through Friday, January 12th
"God At Work" #231217B January 8 - January 12

Monday, January 1st through Friday, January 5th
"True Humility" #221218B January 1 - January 5

Monday, December 25th through Friday, December 29th
"Understanding This Present Time" #220227CS December 25 - December 29

Monday, December 18th through Friday, December 22nd
"Grace That Teaches" #231126B December 18 - December 22

Monday, December 11th through Friday, December 15th
"By His Power" #231119B December 11 - December 15

Monday, December 4th through Friday, December 8th
"God's Chosen People" #231112B December 4 - December 8

Monday, November 27th through Friday, December 1st
"From Test To Testimony" #220508B November 27 - December 1