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Radio Schedule: Titles & Dates

Below is a list of radio broadcast dates along with the message titles and tape numbers of the original messages from which the broadcasts were taken. This is designed to help you if you desire to obtain one of these original messages. Simply note the date you heard the broadcast and the number of the tape listed.

Monday, November 27th through Friday, December 1st
"From Test To Testimony" #220508B November 27 - December 1

Monday, November 20th through Friday, November 24th
"God's Open Door" #231029B November 20 - November 24

Monday, November 13th through Friday, November 17th
"Hope" #231022B November 13 - November 17

Monday, November 6th through Friday, November 10th
"The Peace of God" #231015B November 6 - November 10

Monday, October 30th through Friday, November 3rd
"God In A Box" #231008B October 23 - November 3

Monday, October 23rd through Friday, October 27th
"Where Are We Headed" #210214B October 23 - October 27

Monday, October 16th through Friday, October 20th
"Faithful To The End" #230924B October 16 - October 20

Monday, October 9th through Friday, October 13th
"What Is Your Destiny" #230917B October 9 - October 13

Monday, October 2nd through Friday, October 5th
"Understanding Our World" #190825B October 2 - October 5

Monday, September 25th through Friday, September 29th
"Head To The Exit" #230903B September 25 - September 29

Monday, September 18th through Friday, September 22nd
"The Purpose Of Hardship" #2100620B September 18 - September 22

Monday, September 11th through Friday, September 15th
"Overcoming The Spirit Of Fear" #230820B September 11 - September 15

Monday, September 4th through Friday, September 8th
"Called To Be Warriors" #230813B September 4 - September 8

Monday, August 28th through Friday, September 1st
"Know Your Enemy" #230806B August 28 - September 1

Monday, August 21st through Friday, August 25th
"Come Listen Seek" #230730B August 21 - August 25

Monday, August 14th through Friday, August 18th
"Do You Want God's Will?" #230723B August 14 - August 18

Monday, August 7th through Friday, August 11th
"Divine Nature In A Broken World" #171224B August 7 - August 11

Monday, July 31st through Friday, August 4th
"What Is Your Life About" #210516B July 24 - August 4

Monday, July 24th through Friday, July 28th
"Things The Devil Knows" #230702B July 24 - June 28

Monday, July 17th through Friday, July 21st
"Satan's Dream And God's Plan" #210711B July 17 - June 21

Monday, July 10th through Friday, July 14th
"Fruit That Will Last" #230618B July 10 - June 14

Monday, July 3rd through Friday, July 7th
"Called To Be Overcomers" #230611B July 3 - June 7

Monday, June 26th through Friday, June 30th
"A Place To Call Home" #230604B June 26 - June 30

Monday, June 19th through Friday, June 23rd
"Possessing Our Inheritance" #220515B June 19 - June 23

Monday, June 12th through Friday, June 16th
"The Whole Armor" #230521B June 12 - June 16

Monday, June 5th through Friday, June 6th
"What Pressing On Means" #230514B June 5 - June 6