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Radio Schedule: Titles & Dates

Below is a list of radio broadcast dates along with the message titles and tape numbers of the original messages from which the broadcasts were taken. This is designed to help you if you desire to obtain one of these original messages. Simply note the date you heard the broadcast and the number of the tape listed.

Monday, May 25th through Friday, May 29th
"The Choice To Believe" #170430B May 25 - May 29

Monday, May 18th through Friday, May 22nd
"Trusting God In The Darkness" #170402B May 18 - May 22

Monday, May 11th through Friday, May 15th
"Boldness In The Face Of Fear" #170305B May 8 - May 15

Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th
"All And In All" #180506B May 4 - May 8

Monday, April 27th through Friday, May 1st
"Comfort For God's People" #180429B April 27 - May 1

Monday, April 20th through Friday, April 24th
"His Story" #180815B April 20 - April 24

Monday, April 13th through Friday, April 17th
"One Thing That Matters" #180708B April 13 - April 17

Monday, April 6th through Friday, April 10th
"Faith Versus Facts" #181230B April 6 - April 10

Monday, March 31st through Friday, April 3rd
"How Does God Feel About Us" #190210B March 31 - April 3

Monday, March 23rd through Friday, March 27th
"High Priest Forever" #200308B March 23 - March 27

Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th
"How The Christian Life Works" #200301B March 16 - March 20

Monday, March 9th through Friday, March 13th
"God Has A Purpose For You" #200223B March 9 - March 13

Monday, March 2nd through Friday, March 6th
"God's Changing Power" #200216B March 2 - March 6

Monday, February 24th through Friday, February 28th
"Overcoming By Yielding" #200209B February 24 - February 28

Monday, February 17th through Friday, February 21st
"The Gospel Of The Kingdom" #180819B February 17 - February 21

Monday, February 10th through Friday, February 14th
"Fix Your Eyes" #200126B February 10 - February 14

Monday, February 3rd through Friday, February 7th
"Our Hope Of Glory" #180610B February 3 - February 7