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Radio Schedule: Titles & Dates

Below is a list of radio broadcast dates along with the message titles and tape numbers of the original messages from which the broadcasts were taken. This is designed to help you if you desire to obtain one of these original messages. Simply note the date you heard the broadcast and the number of the tape listed.

Monday, November 23rd through Friday, November 27th
"Hope In A Hopeless World" #201101B November 23 - November 27

Monday, November 16th through Friday, November 20th
"Be Real" #201025B November 16 - November 20

Monday, November 9th through Friday, November 13th
"God's Handiwork" #201018B November 9 - November 13

Monday, November 2nd through Friday, November 6th
"Lessons From The Garden" #191110B November 2 - November 6

Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th
"The Missing Piece" #190428B October 26 - October 30

Monday, October 19th through Friday, October 23rd
"Be Self Controlled And Alert" #201004B October 19 - October 23

Monday, October 12th through Friday, October 16th
"The Hand On The Sacrifice" #190421B October 12 - October 16

Monday, October 5th through Friday, October 9th
"Time For Judgement" #200920B October 5 - October 9

Monday, September 28th through Friday, October 2nd
"Who Are We?" #200913B September 28 - October 2

Monday, September 21st through Friday, September 25th
"What Do We Do?" #200906B September 21 - September 25

Monday, September 14th through Friday, September 18th
"Salvation That Can Be Seen" #200830B September 14 - September 18

Monday, September 7th through Friday, September 11th
"What Do You Want?" #190203B September 7 - September 11

Monday, August 31st through Friday, September 4th
"A Foundation For Prayer" #200816B August 24 - September 4

Monday, August 24th through Friday, August 28th
"The Wise Understand" #200809B August 24 - August 28

Monday, August 17th through Friday, August 21th
"Who Are You" #200802B August 17 - August 21

Monday, August 10th through Friday, August 14th
"I Can!" #200726B August 10 - August 14

Monday, August 3rd through Friday, August 7th
"God's Purpose In Darkness" #200719B August 3 - August 7

Monday, July 27th through Friday, July 31st
"What Is Happening" #200712B July 27 - July 31

Monday, July 20th through Friday, July 24th
"A Desperate Prayer" #190616B July 20 - July 24

Monday, July 13th through Friday, July 17th
"God's Promise Our Response" #181223B July 13 - July 17

Monday, July 6th through Friday, July 10th
"Paul Was Just Like Us" #200621B July 6 - July 10