What About Genesis?

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The word “genesis” means “beginning.” The Book of Genesis is the beginning of God’s revelation given to us in the Bible. Its pages reveal the foundation of all that follows. All biblical truth rests upon the simple assertion in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

There is a renewed debate in our day, both in the world and within the church concerning Genesis, particularly chapters 1-11. Is it history? Or do these pages contain mere religious myths and legends, nice moral stories, but ones that certainly cannot be considered historically true in a modern world?

What about the claims of modern science? Have not scientists proven that the world and the universe are billions of years old and therefore that the Bible is not true — or at least that its account of beginnings cannot be taken at face value? It would be fair to say that this is the prevailing opinion in the world today — yet there is a growing challenge.

But on what basis can modern science reasonably be challenged? Is this challenge simply a “hide-your-head-in-the-sand” and “refuse-to-face-reality” effort on the part of a few religious fanatics desperate to defend their blind faith in the midst of a post-Christian world? Or—as some contend—is this whole issue merely a diversion from our real business—preaching the gospel? In other words, do these questions make any difference? Isn’t it enough to simply believe that God created everything?

I hope with the Lord’s help to tackle these issues head-on. As a minister of God’s Word I am called to preach the whole counsel of God. The Bible does not begin with Genesis 12 and Abraham but with God’s account of the creation and fall and also the flood of Noah’s day. I refer often in both preaching and writing to these accounts and I believe it is important that they be understood not simply as Sunday school stories but as real history involving real people. My convictions were not always quite so clear cut.

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