What About Michael Brown's Book, Revolution?

The following is in answer to someone who kindly sent me a copy of Michael Brown’s Book, “Revolution: The Call to Holy War,” wanting to know what I thought of it. Although much more could be written about it, the following answer was given after a period of time.

I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you about the book you so kindly sent to me. I read most of it awhile back and then it got set aside, etc., etc. At first it was because I wanted to think and pray about it but then it was more like “out of sight, out of mind.”

There is no doubt that “Revolution” contains a great deal of truth, truth that is quite passionately and eloquently expressed. It would be foolish to try to gainsay such truth. It is obvious that a lot of the book is the result of much research into quite a wide variety of resources. I must admit that even with the disclaimers, it makes me uncomfortable to present the ideas of Christians of every stripe side by side with the revolutionaries of this world almost as if they were operating by the same principles!

I guess my chief reaction (and that of my wife, by the way) is that all of this passionate truth is presented in the service of what? Genuine truth may be made to serve many ends. The great variety of “Christian” religion we observe in our day is obviously not the result of divine revelation and the leadership of Christ! For the most part it is men attempting to ascertain what it is they ought to believe and do and then fashioning for themselves a religion that embodies their concepts. But what saith the Lord? Christ is the Head of His Body, the Church and He has not left us here to figure it all out! Most of the religious people of Jesus’ day perished because they wouldn’t hear the One sent of God with the message of life.

The main premise of the book is, in the author’s own words, “a call to spark the most sweeping counterculture movement in our nation’s history,” in short, to change our society through religious revival. Is this God’s message? Is this on His agenda?

There are two distinct periods in history that are, I believe, direct parallels of our day: Noah’s day; and the period of time from Christ’s earthly ministry until the destruction of Jerusalem. In both cases, judgment was looming. In neither case was there any suggestion from God that the fundamental situation could be altered. In both cases a way of escape was provided and the truth was preached for the benefit of any who had ears to hear. God’s people were delivered. The rest perished.

Why did Noah not preach revival, or revolution? Why did Jesus and the apostles not preach them? BECAUSE THAT WAS NOT GOD’S MESSAGE! John the Baptist called the religious leaders “vipers” and asked them, “Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” Matt. 3:7. Coming wrath was a fact. Escape was the only issue -- and very few among the Pharisees escaped. Their religion stood in the way. Jesus said, “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.” Matt. 11:38. On the day of Pentecost, Peter said to the Jews in his hearing, “Save yourselves from this untoward generation.”

Why wasn’t revival and reformation preached? Because it wasn’t God’s message. It was past time for those things. Judgment was inevitable. God was in the business of rescuing His elect from the general destruction. Noah was warned and he and his family were preserved in the ark. When the time came for the Roman army to lay siege to Jerusalem the Christians that lived there were warned of God and they fled to the village of Pella.

Our job is to wait on God and be in harmony with what He is saying and doing in the earth. We can’t manufacture revival or revolution if God isn’t in it! As I read from the book, my mind went back to a preacher I encountered once. It was in a Christian summer campground conference. His “ministry” consisted primarily of preaching about the glorious things that had happened in the Welsh revival near the beginning of the 20th century and then trying to stir up the people to do the things that would recreate it! History records that there was much prayer preceding the revival so the preacher attempted to organize round-the-clock prayer, actually getting people to sign up for different periods of time.

In retrospect, it was sad watching him struggle to try to recreate the revival. The fact is that the Welsh revival was brought about by the sovereign intervention of God. The people prayed because God moved on them and enabled them. He brought it about. These things are not a matter of some kind of “formula” that we can employ to make them happen! We ourselves, here in Southern Pines, North Carolina, experienced a great move of God in the late 60s. I’m thankful for it but we don’t try to perpetuate it or preach that some of its more unusual aspects should be sought out as the “norm.” For example, angels visited us -- with a specific message regarding the loosing of Satan and the soon return of Christ. Angels also appeared to people occasionally in the Bible but that was never the norm! God is orchestrating things. We need to simply seek Him and do what He says.

I am persuaded that one of the reasons for a lot of the religious wildfire of our day is that people have desperately tried to produce “revival” to the point that God finally stepped back and let the devil give them what they were looking for -- only it was a deception. God has the plan. All the religious zeal in the world is no substitute for the active Headship of Christ.

I’m glad that God has light for His children in such an hour. His message is not a popular one. It doesn’t fire the imagination of the religious. His message is one of separation and preparation. Christ is coming soon. We need to be ready and watching!

In Christ,
Phil Enlow
Midnight Cry Ministries

The following reply to the above response was received from the one who originally had written. It contains some very helpful additional insights.

No need whatever to apologize concerning time. I am very grateful you would take your valuable time to read a book and comment on it, and reply. The book bothered me and I wanted counsel about it. At the time I received it and read it I was just recuperating from some things, and felt unsure of my analysis thinking that perhaps I was too critical. But you have confirmed my concerns. I felt that the book had militant overtones but not in a good way, as if the end justified the means. It put me in mind of the Crusades, particularly the Children’s Crusade which was supposedly an army for the Lord. To me the book portrayed a Pied Piper luring youngsters into his fantasy.

Unfortunately many gullible and innocent people fall for this kind of thing. Wrap something with the Name of Christ and people jump on the bandwagon because there is no discernment. I have been hearing about ‘revival’ non-stop for years now, but have been seeing a great falling away instead. It has come to me that even though there is a church on every corner this country has become morally unraveled. A large percentage of people, when polled, profess to be Christian yet we have rampant decline. How can that be, I asked myself?

I have come to the conclusion that the true church isn’t all that large, but loves and serves God. It can be known by its fruit, loving God and serving its fellowman. It is not composed of puffed up people driving about in limos and living in big expensive homes in exclusive communities. No, the people in the true church don’t call attention to themselves but point to Jesus. I found your mention of the two periods in history which you believe parallel our own day most interesting. For some time now I have held the unpopular opinion that we are about to experience the judgment of God. I personally feel we have passed the point of no return.

God is speaking repentance, turning away from sin and keeping His Word. A few years back I had a Christian radio program with this theme. Needless to say it was not all that well received, but I did what I believed God wanted me to do. I agree, Christ is coming soon. Thank you so much for your answer, and I thank your wife for her contribution as well. I will remember you in prayer.

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