Howling Like Wolves

The following e-mail message is a follow-up to the message about the Blood of Christ stopping a “revival” manifestation.

Wow! This is so cool! I saw the web site and showed a couple of friends. I really liked your “red flashing lights” because that’s what I felt exactly like WHOA!! This is some dangerous spirit here stuff. I really hope that people will be able to see what conquers this manifestation. Some part of me wants to go back into the church I came out of and just start speaking the blood of Jesus over everyone manifesting, BUT I have a feeling they’d throw me out!

One night I was there and they had a guest speaker named Curtis Hinds from Toronto Airport. Before the service started a group of people got in a circle in the next room over from the cafe and started “conjuring” up these manifestations. They were so determined that they wouldn’t stop until everyone was “filled.” They were howling like wolves for 25 minutes. I was manning the cafe so I stayed there. They were so loud that it was making my flesh crawl. I didn’t go back for any more of the night services and so Chris, my husband, had to tolerate it for the next two nights.

One family came one Sunday morning to visit our church and brought their little boy. Some people started howling during the praise time and the boy got terrified. So the family left immediately and the pastor got word of this. He wrote in his next bulletin the following Sunday about the incident, but said that “God does things in a messy way and sometimes there’s a cost.”!!! I was floored! To put this little boy’s first experiences of church and Christianity in jeopardy, and then just make this lame excuse!

My determination is to alert unknowing Christians about what’s happening here and around the whole world. I never knew that the web would now become the catalyst and that others will link this testimony, too. Thanks so much for your concern and for passing this testimony on about the power of our Lord’s blood over this counterfeit.

(a sister)

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