Tragedy Averted - Blood of Christ Stops 'Revival' Manifestation

The following e-mail message was received by a sister who read the “Tragic Letter” and encountered a similar manifestation.

I just read the tragic testimony on your website and saw a very same experience with a teenager in my church in _______. The boy started convulsing and shaking violently, all the while laughing in some sort of forced way. This happened on a Sunday night service and so there were two ministers praying over him. I don’t know what they were praying, but if it was a trademark prayer, then it probably could have been, “More, more, Fill, Fill....” that sort of thing. Anyway, the boy was going off and sweating even for about 15 minutes. As soon as the prayer ministers left, I went over to the boy and spoke peace over him and pleaded the blood of Jesus on him. He STOPPED INSTANTLY!!!

Please, if you need to, use this letter as a testimony to what may work for people who are confronting this manifestation with their kids or loved ones- even themselves! The Holy Spirit definitely waved red flags all over my spirit to what was actually happening.

Fortunately, the boy is okay. I sure hope that this family survived what could have been a demonic attack in the tragic testimony on your website.

I would love to e-mail the mom and give her some encouragement. My husband and I are somewhat with this church—who is affiliated with the Toronto church and John Arnott—because we man their cafe. I won’t go upstairs anymore to the service or step foot in the sanctuary. So I quietly run off to another church which is now a place of refuge and a safe place. My husband is quitting the cafe next month and thus we will all be out of that place.

Thanks for your wonderful website for those of us who need to know the truth, but keep praying for our brothers and sisters who are still deceived by that powerful demonic force—half of my friends are—who are into this counterfeit revival.

(a sister)

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