Tragic Letter From a 'Revival' Casualty

The following e-mail message was received which plainly illustrates the spiritual danger involved in the current “revival.”

Dear Sir,

Re: Revival or Satanic Counterfeit

My son (13 years old) has been attending a church (________ Fellowship) with a friend from school for about a year now. I assumed he was safe because he was attending church and not out on the streets. Tuesday, November 11 he came home after a prayer meeting in a condition that neither I or my wife have ever witnessed.

He was convulsing violently and laughing as if he were possessed. His head knocking against his shoulder in an uncontrollable frenzy. It has been four days now and there has been no improvement. My wife and I have ask for explanations from the pastor of this church and he insists that my son is experiencing a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, that this is an act of God. We do not believe this and are very concerned for the safety and well being of our son. We need help, we need advice. What can we do to stop this? We will never let him return to this church and desperately need advice on how to cure him of this.

They say this all began in Pensacola, Fl. and that they are not sure what exactly is happening but they say they are sure it is an act of God. Several children in our area have had to stay home from school because of being exposed to this church’s activities. I refuse to believe that God would get pleasure in seeing these kids in epileptic type fits. Please if you can advise us in any way it would be most appreciated. I have not slept for three days now, out of concern for my son. We live in _________ and the pastor of this church is a Mr. ___________.

Please, please email me ASAP!

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