What About 'Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater'?

A sister wrote us awhile back and, in addition to other questions, asked about the contention by some that we ought to not “throw out the baby with the bath water” in this current “revival.” The following is a part of my letter answering her.

It seems to me that when someone argues that we ought not to throw out the baby with bathwater they are generally aiming for a compromise with devils. I have observed services in which the Lord mightily anointed Bro. Thomas during an altar call and mingled in with the praise were an individual or two screaming as though they were being moved upon when it was actually demons. Demons react to the anointing. In this case they were trying to avoid discovery by seemingly flowing with what was happening. However, the prevailing Spirit was obviously God and I believe the sheep are able to recognize the Shepherd and not to be put off by such demonic shenanigans.

That is a far cry from some of the things happening today where spirits of all kinds are operating and the Lord is supposedly mixed in there somewhere! And woe to the one who questions! Yet it is the Lord who has told us to try the spirits whether they are of God! What spirit is behind the anti-judgment, Word-minimizing stuff we see today?

Seeking for unity based on God’s Spirit is the answer. It takes a heaven-sent ministry to establish true local expressions of the body of Christ. They are few and far between I am afraid. Such a ministry will exalt Christ, emphasize unity, practice judgment where needed and be loving and merciful to the sheep!

May God richly bless you!
Phil Enlow

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