Isn't Christmas a Heathen Festival?

What do you think about Christmas? Is it not a heathen festival which the enemy brought into the church so that the church may be defiled? (Letter from a brother in India)

Greetings in the name of Jesus. Well, I’ve heard most of the arguments both ways and made some of them myself! No doubt there are extra-biblical origins for many things connected with Christmas and the way the world celebrates it with all its commercialism (here, at least) is something to be wary of. However, I’ve encountered some who have tried to make a major issue out of this and I just can't see that. I’ve never detected the Lord being displeased when His children worship Him — whether in connection with a season like Christmas — or at other times. The Lord is looking on the heart. Particularly in India with religious festivals being so much a part of the culture Christmas might actually afford opportunities to preach the gospel, sharing the good news of why God sent His Son into the world. It’s something to prayerfully consider.

The fact is that just about anything done by mere tradition or in the energy of the flesh defiles the church! But I have no problem with those who take opportunity to thankfully worship God during the so-called Christmas season. At the same time I would caution believers about being carried away with the carnal aspects of the holiday.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow

P.S.: I have indeed encountered some extreme positions! One man tried to convince me to help warn others about Christmas. It was almost as though God has turned His back on the church because of Christmas!, and if we would only stop observing it revival would break out!

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