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October-November-December 2017

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God‘s Order in the Home

by Phil Enlow

Lessons From a Streetcar

by Phil Enlow

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of Jesus! Don’t look now but we’re actually getting the October-November-December issue out before the end of December!

I’ve just come from a wonderful Sunday morning service where the Lord’s presence was very evident. Sister Jane Taylor was with us today and she shared updates both on her ministry in Kenya and in the U.S. and shared some very challenging and on-target thoughts.

It truly is a late hour and deception is everywhere. What many don’t realize is that spiritual deception is more and more God turning men over to strong delusion because they refuse to love the truth. 2 Thess. 2:10-12. That is the world in which we are called to stand faithful. I’m glad the Lord is on the throne and has promised to be with us till the end of the age.

His promise and presence does not guarantee that we will have a smooth trouble-free path in the coming days. Quite the opposite. Jesus told us that we would have trouble in the world, but to take heart because he had overcome the world. John 16:33.

God uses trouble as one his tools to accomplish purposes far beyond this sense-governed world. It is crucifying to our flesh to humble ourselves under his mighty hand but is it not that to which we have been called? 1 Peter 5:6.

How easily do we pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” without quite realizing the implications of those words to us personally. I’m glad that one day there will be a full realization of God’s kingdom, a new world which will know neither sin nor death. But God’s kingdom is here right now, hidden from the eyes of natural men. And anyone who has truly been born-again, made a new creation in Christ Jesus, is a part of it.

Jesus perfectly embodied that kingdom while he was on earth. People saw it in his deeds, and felt it in his words. The light that was in him truly shone in the darkness — but the darkness did not understand it. John 1:4-5.

Jesus was like that grain of wheat that is planted in the earth. It dies, but then brings forth much fruit. We are called to follow in his steps. John 12:23-26. Our destiny does not lie in meeting the needs and desires of these natural bodies but in the new life God has so freely given us in Christ.

We are called to stand true in a dark hour and lay down our lives for his sake. That can take many forms but the underlying principle is the same. It is that which Paul expresses in 2 Cor. 4:12 and also in Gal. 2:20.

We are called to seek God’s will and not our own and to express — by God’s grace — the kingdom of God. Some will see the light and come to it. But do not be dismayed by the course of this present world. It is destined for destruction. As God takes His hand off, man’s wickedness will become more and more apparent. But never fear: God is in control. At the proper time everything will be put right.

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow