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October-November-December 2015

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Life Out Of Death

by C. Parker Thomas

Your Adversary

by C. Parker Thomas

The Name of the Lord

by C. Parker Thomas

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! Here we are again with the fourth quarter issue of 2015 coming in early 2016! We trust that the coming year will be blessed and fruitful for God’s people everywhere.

Unless you are living in a cave somewhere you are aware that the world we live in is becoming more and more uncertain. Jesus spoke of time when men’s hearts would be failing them for fear because of events in the world (Luke 21). How wonderful it is to remember that in Christ we stand firm and secure upon the Rock of Ages no matter what earthly circumstances may come!

We need the Lord as never before as we move and closer and closer to the end of the age. A scripture from Obadiah, verse 17, has come to me a number of times recently: “But on Mount Zion will be deliverance; it will be holy, and Jacob will possess his inheritance.”

I believe that God’s heart for His people is that we should in a much greater measure possess our inheritance. Think of the inheritance we have in Christ. Paul refers in Eph. 3:8 to the “unsearchable riches of Christ.” And yet how much of the amazing inheritance purchased for us at the cross is actually a living reality in our daily lives? How much do we profess with our minds and mouths to believe and possess and that in experience we know little about? A sobering question.

Is it any wonder that the one thing Paul did was to press on toward the goal (Phil. 3:13-14)? He saw his need not just to believe and profess correct doctrine but to actually experience the riches to which he had been called when Christ laid hold of him. In this Paul is our example.

Long ago God gave the Israelites the promised land and yet it was necessary for them fight for it. The giants didn’t want to go! But when they believed God’s promise more than the giants and the walled cities God gave them victory after victory.

We, too, have giants to contend with. Most of them are within. Yet God’s promise is that when he appears we will be like him! 1 John 3:2. It is wonderful to read of all the great victories in the Bible but God longs for us to experience Him in the here and now. Let us seek Him to that end with a confidence that in his promises we have all that we need (2 Pet. 1:3-4).

In this issue we revive some articles by Bro. Thomas from early in his ministry. There are truths that are timeless yet particularly relevant at certain times. This is one of those times.

Lord willing, Bro. Carl Johnson and I will leave in mid-February for a short get-acquainted visit to Kenya. We have been in touch with people from Kenya for many years yet have never traveled there. I wish we could go everywhere and see everyone but at least this visit will be a start. Please remember us that the Lord will watch over every detail and will be glorified and that saints will be encouraged and strengthened in the faith.

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow