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October-November-December 2014

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The Truth About Ourselves ... and Why It Matters

by Phil Enlow

The Sin Unto Death

by C. Parker Thomas


Steve Johnson

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! It’s more than time for another issue; perhaps we can catch up some time before Jesus comes!

Probably a year or more ago the Lord gave me a message entitled, “Though You Are Evil,” which ultimately was used on the TV broadcast. More recently I felt led to expand that as there are so many very real issues involved in a proper understanding of human nature as it relates to the gospel.

Much of the more recent burden has concerned the principle of legalism and the terrible fruit it produces. I have encountered many ministers in my time whose ministry was characterized by zealously preaching against sin and exhorting people to live holy lives.

Of course, that sounds right and many consider such preaching to be very spiritual. But is it? Not necessarily. The gospel indeed deals with sin and holy living but the real issue is: how is this to be accomplished? Apart from the grace of God holy living is impossible! And so sincere people strive their whole lives trying to do the impossible, to live for God in their own strength. What a terrible trap. May God help us to teach truth in a truly biblical and balanced way.

As I was considering what else to include in this issue my eyes fell on an old article by Bro. Thomas entitled, “The Sin Unto Death.” It is indeed a subject not often written about yet it is scriptural and something people need to understand.

Since the last issue was published we had our November Meeting, this time in South Carolina. It was a time of rejoicing, fellowship, and much blessing. Once again we had folks from overseas as well as several states. Our next meeting will be June 24-27, this time in Jacksonville, Florida and we look forward to seeing everyone the Lord enables to come.

As I think back on the November Meeting the thing that stands out to me was the burden I shared during an evening service that was entitled, “Tear Down the Walls.” One of the devil’s most effective weapons against God’s people down through the ages has been to introduce all manner of divisions – walls – in order to separate and make the church ineffective.

Jesus prayed in John 17 that we might be one yet it seems that there is more division and confusion than ever. Much of that is indeed a fruit of real error. Nevertheless, in spite of the imperfect traditions and differing doctrinal convictions in many areas, God has a remnant that are that truly His.

What binds the Body of Christ together is not that we see eye-to-eye on every detail but that we are truly born of God’s Spirit. On that ground we can receive one another and let God straighten out our convictions!

One example from history is that of John Wesley and George Whitefield, contemporaries, men of very differing convictions in areas of doctrine — yet both were mightily used of God! We tend to build walls where God doesn’t.

And surely the devil promotes all manner of walls between people on a personal level and these walls greatly hinder the work of God. May He help us, beginning with our own hearts, to tear down these walls.

Just a note on the MCM TV broadcast: we have recently added Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California to the list of cities where the broadcast is carried locally.

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow