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October-November-December 2012

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by Phil Enlow

The Battle of the Ages

by C. Parker Thomas

The Necessity of War

by Jim Johnson

The Beast

by Steve Johnson

I Am

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! Once again we are a little late with the October-November-December issue – however, I believe the Lord ordered our steps. The lead article, “Newtown,” is occasioned by events that happened on December 14! I pray that the thoughts expressed will lend some perspective to what happened there.

So many have written, attempting to make sense of the tragic events of that day yet it seems that few have seen them in not only a biblical light but also with respect to where I believe we are in history. God’s people need to understand these things and see them in a true light as God enables.

It is completely inadequate to view such things from a purely human point of view. It isn’t much better to ascribe terrible crimes to “evil” in some vague sense. Acknowledging the reality of demons is a step closer to the truth but we need to also see the “big picture” of events as they unfold leading to Christ’s return.

Thinking about this subject reminded me of an article Bro. Thomas wrote about 45 years ago entitled, “The Battle of the Ages,” a subject that needs to be revisited. It is obvious how events and conditions have unfolded since then and the article becomes more and more relevant.

At the time the article was written the church was experiencing a very unusual visitation of God, one that focused on Bible truths that were unfolding before our eyes that God’s people needed to know about. Naturally, there are several references to particular supernatural revelations that occured. The point is not to focus attention on the supernatural things that happened but rather on the truths God was making real. The shepherds didn’t glory that they had seen angels but that a savior had been born!

Awhile back, Bro. Jim Johnson sent a short article entitled, “The Necessity of War,” that seems to fit right in! Can you see the Lord’s hand in gathering these articles?

Also Bro. Steve Johnson shared a poem the Lord gave him recently in a Wednesday evening service. Everyone’s reaction was the same: publish it!

Since our last issue we have had a wonderful trip to India in which there was much mutual encouragement experienced in fellowship with saints over a wide area. Remember them in your prayers.

We also had a very special convention here in Southern Pines in late November. The Lord was definitely here in a very particular way and all praise goes to Him for His great faithfulness. No matter what happens going forward, He has promised to be with us to the end of the age.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow