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October-November-December 2011

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What Does Deception Look Like? Part 8

by Phil Enlow

How Long, Oh Lord?

by Phil Enlow

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus!

Once again it’s time — more than time! — to get another MCM out. We continue to rejoice in God’s amazing goodness to us.

When I last wrote we were anticipating our November Meeting in South Carolina. I believe it was one of the best I can ever recall. The Lord’s presence was real and He spoke to us face-to-face through a number of vessels.

From a couple of weeks before the meeting until several after we had the privilege of hosting some special visitors from the Philippines, Bobby Abrina and four members of his family. We had experienced the privilege of visiting them several times and were glad to have them visit each of the four assemblies as well as the special November Meeting. Their visit was ordered of the Lord and a great blessing to all with whom they came in contact. Our prayers are with them as they continue the ministry the Lord has laid before them.

The lead article this time continues the series on “What Does Deception Look Like?” with part 8. I keep expecting the series to wind up but it seems to keep growing. I believe one of the greatest deceptions — one that affects even the true remnant — concerns the end of the age and what God desires of us as we approach the coming of Christ. There is so much spiritual slumber, so many that have simply “settled” for a substandard Christianity that we all need a wake-up call to not stop short of that to which God has called us. We don’t want to be like the Israelites who failed to enter in because of unbelief.

The other “article” is actually a transcript of a TV broadcast from August entitled, “How Long, Oh Lord?” Who among us has not experienced times when things seem bad and heaven seems silent? God’s people need to be encouraged to follow Bible examples like David and Joseph who trusted God in the face of great difficulties and were honored of God.

As I write this I believe the Lord has called us, as well as many others, to a special time of fasting and prayer. There are so many things He desires to do among His people yet His purposes are only fulfilled as people are stirred to lay hold of them in prayer.

Darkness is growing on every hand yet I believe the Church’s finest hour may well lie ahead of us. May God give us the grace and vision to awaken and seek Him as never before that His purposes may be fully accomplished. It is true that Satan’s power is rapidly reaching its peak but that has never stopped God from carrying out His will. Encouraging reports are coming in from many places as to what God is doing. May we be participants and not mere spectators. May God’s grace be with you all.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow