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October-November-December 2010

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus!

As I write this it is actually New Year’s Day 2011 — which means that we are slightly behind schedule. I pray that the content will be right on time to accomplish the Lord’s purpose however.

It is wintertime here in Southern Pines, North Carolina, at least some of the time! Last Sunday morning, the day after Christmas, we awoke to 6 inches of beautiful fresh snow! Today the temperature is in the 60s (That’s the mid to upper teens to you folks who measure the temperature by the Celsius scale!).

The main article in this issue, “Is Your Jesus Too Small?”, arose out of a recent Wednesday evening service where the Lord seemed to emphasize just how great our Lord is. He is not just the meek and mild man who once walked the earth. He is also the Lord of glory who upholds the entire universe with the word of His power! He is the one through whom the Father created all things. Is he not able to keep what we have committed to him? 2 Tim. 1:12.

Recently I re-read “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” the great Christian classic by John Bunyan. A Christian website published it one section at a time. I was greatly struck by the excerpt we have published in this issue. I surely had read it before but it just jumped out at me as a wonderful description of how God deals with the human heart to bring people to genuine faith in Christ. Bunyan’s insights — insights gained through great spiritual battles of his own — give a much-needed perspective on this important area of truth. So many in our day become “Christians” without ever experiencing the kind of heart operation only God can perform.

Another article, “The Church, Christ’s Body,” was written by Bro. Thomas 40 or more years ago and still contains a lot of relevant truth. What the contemporary church conceives of as “the church” and what Christ intended in the beginning are all-too-often very different. May our divine Head enable us to return to the faith once delivered to the saints. Jude 3.

During the Thanksgiving week holiday in November we once again gathered for special meetings, this time in Jacksonville, Florida. The Lord met with us in a very special way. Videos are available but some of the services can also be viewed on the website.

Bro. Jimmy Robbins and I covet your prayers as we plan, Lord willing, to travel once again to the Philippines in early February. A variety of ministry opportunities are planned and we are keenly aware that we can do nothing without the Lord. Pray for the folks there that the Lord will prepare hearts so that what He gives us will find fertile ground. Remember others scattered across the globe who have Word of Life that it may find free course and that God will be glorified. The hour grows later and later yet we know the Lord will faithfully gather all of His before the curtain comes down on the history of this world.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow