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July-August-September 2016

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Be The Clay

by Phil Enlow

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Once again we are beginning to see summer’s end and look forward to cooler weather to come. It has been a good summer despite some serious heat.

In July we had our Vacation Bible School at the Bible Tabernacle with lessons drawn from the early chapters of Acts. A major theme had to do with what it means to follow Jesus. The closing program consisted of songs sung by each age group from the very little ones up to the teens. The songs chosen were very special. The last one was the Indian song, “I have Decided to Follow Jesus (No turning back)” together with the story of its origin.

A man in a tribal village in northern India was ordered to renounce Christ. He watched as first his children were killed and then his wife but his commitment to Christ did not waver. Then he was killed. But his death was not the end of the story as the chief who had ordered all this came to embrace the hope of the gospel together with many others as a result of the witness of this man who had been faithful unto death.

The VBS closed with a fellowship meal where food was served that would have been eaten in first century Israel.

The outreach to our younger generation continued over Labor Day weekend with a Youth Camp in Lexington, South Carolina. We had a very special time with a very special group of young people. There was a carry-over in theme from the VBS in that the young people were challenged to count the cost as to what it truly means to follow Jesus. They were also challenged with the fact that they are the future of the church and need to be serious in their commitment to Christ and to learning His ways. He will faithfully train, empower, and use them as they look to Him. In that vein they led in all the services, music and all!

We are truly never more than one generation away from a real falling away from spiritual reality and as many of us reach our “senior years” we are very conscious of the need to transmit “the faith once delivered to the saints” to the generation that will step into our shoes. They do not need hand-me-down religion. They need a real relationship with the living Christ, looking to Him as Head, message, and life. I’m so glad that He has promised to be with His own to the end of the age.

As I was considering this issue, Bro. Carl Johnson drew my attention to an article first published in 2010 and thought it would be very timely and I had to agree as I re-read it (probably for the first time since 2010!). “Be the Clay” is a very succinct description of what the Christian life is truly about. God calls and works in the lives of His own according to HIS eternal purpose and not our passing fancies.

There is a wonderful middle ground between running ahead in our own zeal and strength on the one hand and being totally passive on the other. We need to understand God’s role as well as our role in cooperating with Him.

November 23-26, Lord willing, we plan to gather in Jacksonville, Florida at Midnight Cry Ministry Church for our annual Thanksgiving Meeting. We expect many from our own assemblies as well as others from many places. Remember the meeting in prayer. Plan to attend as the Lord leads and enables.

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow