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July-August-September 2012

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What Does Deception Look? Part 10

by Phil Enlow

Husbands Love Your Wives

by Jerry Krummrich

My Perspective on Bro. Thomas

by Phil Enlow

His Armor

by Savannah Dyer

Mailing the MCM

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! As I write this it is mid-September and we are beginning to feel the welcome approach of fall with cooler nights and more moderate days. The swift passage of time should remind us of the brevity of our days upon earth and what our life is really to be about.

In this issue I believe we have come finally to the conclusion of the series of articles entitled, “What Does Deception Look Like?” It seems as the series unfolded I was forever “almost done,” when yet another important area of truth would come to mind. I pray that the Lord would give each reader wisdom and understanding as they are needed to walk with Him amidst this world’s growing darkness.

One of the practical issues of publishing a paper is that there is a certain amount of space to fill! Of course we don’t want to publish anything just to fill the paper but rather have the Lord’s mind.

As I thought and prayed about this particular issue of the MCM my mind went back to something I had written some months ago in connection with another project. I was asked to write about Bro. Thomas, the founder of Midnight Cry Ministries, from my own personal perspective — and so I did — and then sort of forgot about it.

As I read and re-read part 10 of the Deception series it dawned on me just how much common ground there was between the two articles and felt that the “perspective” article needed to be published along side of the other one. I believe that conviction is of the Lord. You be the judge.

Awhile back Bro. Jerry Krummrich from the Lake City assembly sent me an excellent article about husbands and wives (and children!) that I believe will bless, encourage, and instruct. Satan relentlessly attacks Christian homes, rightly understanding how foundational they are to the function of God’s kingdom.

Labor Day weekend (the weekend preceding the first Monday in September for our overseas friends!) saw the revival of our Youth Camp after a lapse of several years. We rejoice in all that the Lord brought about and how He is so faithfully working in our younger generations. It is they who will carry on as the Lord tarries His coming. There is much to be encouraged about.

Yet another overseas trip is upon us! Lord willing, Bro. Tony Talbert and I will spend most of October in India visiting various brothers together with many saints there. No doubt many wonderful opportunities will arise for fellowship and mutual encouragement in the Lord. We greatly desire your prayers that the Lord will lead and provide regarding every detail of the trip and that His purposes will be accomplished.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow