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July-August-September 2011

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What Does Deception Look Like? Part 7

by Phil Enlow

One Man Pastor

by C. Parker Thomas

Law and Grace: Answer to a Letter

by Phil Enlow

Awakened and Delivered

Testimony by Danny Downing

Oneness: How Important?

by Francis Frangipane

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus!

Well, as of a couple of days ago, fall has arrived and with it the beginning of relief from an unusually hot summer. As the days rush by it hardly seems possible that our November Meeting in Lexington, South Carolina will be upon us very soon. I hope you will prayerfully consider joining us as we come together and look to the Lord.

In this issue we continue with the series, “What Does Deception Look Like?” with part 7. At this point in the series we are exploring the true nature of the church as revealed in scripture. Increasingly my prayer is, “Lord, may we increase in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Show us truth, pure and simple. Deliver us from our own ideas and prejudices as well as the traditions of men. Reveal to us your heart regarding the nature and destiny of your people in the earth as well as our place in it. Prepare us for all that lies ahead.”

There is a simplicity in Christ that is so easily missed. We have not been called to produce great programs or build churches that are great in the eyes men. Rather we have been called to walk together in love, united in God’s Spirit, to proclaim Christ’s message by the anointing without compromise, to pray, and leave the results to God. Isn’t that what Jesus did? He never sought for numbers but for those who were being drawn by the Father. John 6:44. Nor was he in the least dismayed when so many turned back from following him later in the same chapter. He understood the unstoppable eternal purpose of God and simply sought to live in harmony with it. May we find grace to do the same.

We have also included a reprinted article by Bro. Thomas called, “One Man Pastor,” which shines a light upon a major “sacred cow” of religious tradition. Is the modern concept of a “pastor” scriptural? Does it harmonize with the purpose of God?

Recently I received a letter from a man who had come from a religious background where “God’s laws” were emphasized. He asked some questions that I believe were sincere and deserving of a thoughtful answer. As I feel that the answer is intended for many others as well it is included in this issue. I pray that your understanding of “Law and Grace” will grow and that we all may grow in grace.

Testimonies of God’s working in individual lives are a wonderful source of encouragement to others. This issue includes a great testimony by Bro. Danny Downing that I trust will help many. Although the details may vary we all are made of the same “stuff” and need God to deal with many things in our lives.

May God’s grace be with you all.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow