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July-August-September 2010

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! Well, fall has technically arrived although it still feels like summer here in North Carolina. We continue to rejoice in the Lord as we look to Him daily for grace to live in a broken world and honor Him. I’m so glad as I look around the world of today for His promise never to leave us, never to forsake us.

In this issue we pause from a couple of articles series to share something the Lord quickened recently. It is a very simple, yet a very profound truth. It is the kind of truth that we all too easily dismiss as something we “know” and are familiar with and yet it is one of those truths where there seems to be a serious disconnect between brain and heart. Far too often we live as though it isn’t really so.

“Being the Clay” is not a truth can simply be transmitted mind to mind; it is one we must everyone learn for ourselves as we walk with a personal Heavenly Father. It reflects a proper understanding of the very meaning of life itself and produces a proper attitude towards life in a very practical sense.

One thing you will notice that is a little unusual is that we are sharing a few photos from our June Convention in South Carolina. We met in the new Calvary Springs Community Church south of Columbia and God blessed our time together with spiritual refreshing. Truths that were both sobering and encouraging were shared in a life-giving way and the times of worship were wonderful.

As you can see in one photo were are able to enjoy a brief Skype conference call – Skype is a conferencing service that runs over the internet – with some beloved friends from the Philippines. With the help of their laptop computer we were able to get a live glimpse of their church-under-construction that sits next to their TV transmission tower. Remember them in prayer as the Lord reaches out among many people there.

Remember others we know and love in places like India. We just received word that two Christian believers had been recently murdered in a village some of us from here had visited. The heathen villagers had been stirred up to believe that these men were practicing witchcraft. I believe already that the Lord is using this to stir up believers there with a positive testimony that will result in glory to God and fruit for His kingdom.

Others are involved in reaching out to children and through them to adults in their area. Also there is a continuing outreach into a leper colony that Bro. Jimmy Robbins and I visited last year. Pray for all involved. God loves them every bit as much as He does any of us. How wonderful it will be for some who have been deformed by disease and cast off by society to one day stand in the presence of their Lord whole, breathing the very air of heaven!

To all of our friends in every land, stand fast in the Lord. Our redemption is drawing near. We are only here for a short time. Let’s glorify the Lord with our lives.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow