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January-February-March 2016

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The Valley of Decision

by Phil Enlow

Christians in the Night

by Phil Enlow

ONENESS:How Important?

by Francis Frangipane

A Most Divine Sandwich

by Mike McInnis

All He is To Me

by Mary Kennedy

The Captain of Salvation

by Steve Johnson

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! As I mentioned in the last issue, Bro. Carl Johnson and I were scheduled in February to travel to Kenya to visit with and minister to brethren there. We did indeed make the trip with much blessing. It was evident from beginning to end that the Lord had ordered it and we were as blessed as any we met. It is wonderful to truly move in the Lord’s time and plan. He does the work and He gets the glory.

We were given the opportunity to minister to some diverse groups of ministers in several locations. Some of the recurring themes that seemed to be on the Lord’s heart concerned the gospel: what it is and what it isn’t; the completeness of Christ’s work on our behalf and thus God’s provision in salvation; the lateness of the hour and the need to be ready for Christ’s return as well as the need to stand in the growing darkness.

Whether here in America or abroad the needs of God’s people are the same. The gospel itself has been corrupted and compromised; the living presence of Christ has been replaced by dead tradition; and God’s people have been divided and mis-directed.

Wherever Bro. Carl and I traveled we met brothers and sisters who were prepared in heart, who loved the Lord and were hungry for more of Him. We ourselves were much humbled and blessed.

One theme that recurred several times was that we needed to build bridges and not walls. That principle applies on a large scale as well as in personal relationships. In the general sense, God’s true saints have long been divided from one another, separated by theological and traditional walls into literally thousands of denominations and sects. While it is surely true that much of the religious world that claims affinity with Christ is false, yet there is a true remnant that share the same Spirit. It is they who need to humble themselves and receive one another as Christ has received them. God alone can sort out our theological convictions and bring true believers into the unity for which Jesus prayed (John 17).

We enjoyed opportunities to minister in a prison, in schools (public and private) in both city and country churches and other settings.

I confess to struggling in putting this issue together. I had an article prepared but never felt free to move ahead. Instead we are publishing some older articles that seem specially relevant to this present hour.

We also included a poem given to Bro. Steve Johnson that he read in a recent Sunday morning service. It perfectly fit the service and neither he nor I planned for it.

Remember us as we move towards our June convention. This year we will meet in Lexington, South Carolina, June 22-25. We are expecting many to attend, including some from overseas. Above all else we want Jesus to attend! Without him we can do nothing. With him we can do all things!

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow