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January-February-March 2014

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Standing Firm in the Faith

by Phil Enlow

The True Heart of Worship

by Ken Yonish

An Unforgettable Conversion

as told to Barbara Ponder

A Testimony of God’s Love

by Wendy McMillan Downing

The Time Will Come

by Mike McInnis

These Hands

Poem by Lawrence Peter Medici

Mailing the MCM

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings to all in the wonderful name of Jesus! After an unusually cold winter it appears that spring is finally within sight. I know every believer is looking forward to the new heavens and the new earth where, not only will righteousness dwell, but where also the weather will always be perfect as will our bodies! As the Word says in Rev. 21:4, “There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

It is our habit to post transcripts of our television broadcast on our website. We have several faithful ladies who undertake the challenge of transcribing the recordings into a computer so that we can include “Closed Captioning” for our deaf “listeners.” From their efforts I post transcripts as each weekly broadcast is aired.

Recently one of those was specially quickened to me as I worked with it and I felt that it would make an appropriate article, Thus, “Standing Firm in the Faith” is the lead article in this issue.

The farther we go towards the end of the age the more apparent it becomes that believers need to be ready, not just for the Lord to appear in the sky and send angels to gather them, but to stand firm for Him in the midst of growing darkness.

The relative freedom the church has enjoyed in America is the exception and not the rule in the larger context of history. It is even the exception in our present world as believers in many places must stand in spite of persecution and even death for the name of Christ.

I often think of Daniel 11 where he foretold of trouble and evil to come. He spoke of one particular evil ruler, yet said of God’s people, “…the people who know their God will firmly resist him.” Daniel 11:32.

Surely we need to get to know our God in a much deeper way than we have in the past. All that we as God’s people to stand in such an hour is to be found in Christ. And yet we need more than mere doctrine about such things; we need a real living relationship that we can draw upon.

Bro. Ken Yonish recently shared a short article the Lord had quickened to him regarding worship and I believe you will find it to be both enjoyable and profitable.

Another short article is included from Bro. Mike McInnis entitled, “The Time Will Come.” Mike is right in saying that the things of which Paul warned have always been with us, yet surely we can see the acceleration of darkness in our day.

We recently received a letter from a sister named Barbara Ponder with, “An Unforgettable Testimony” enclosed. I know you will be blessed as I was in reading it. What a wonderful God we have! How merciful He is!

In preparing this issue I was also drawn to Sister Wendy Downing’s testimony which we first published in 2007. I believe she would heartily agree that as hard as her life was growing up, yet God, in His grace and wisdom, has used it all to make her the blessing she is today, not just to her immediate family, but to the body of Christ.

The Lord continues to open up new broadcast opportunities. We covet your prayers in all of this as we desire only His will. It has always been our practice not to solicit listener support. In a way this opens up opportunities where others are not so eager to go yet where is a great need. Check the website for the latest broadcast schedule.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow