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Words of Encouragement

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Jesus My Carpenter

by Lawrence Peter Medici

How can I find the words to tell,
What it means to be taken out of hell?
That even in prison, I am Free,
Only Jesus could save a man like me.

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In a world filled with loneliness,
Searching for good,
I laid myself in Jesus’ hands,
Like a broken piece of wood.

And with his gentle tools of love,
My heart at first He carved,
And filled it with His guiding light,
Where it once was dark and starved.

Then He filed my fears with Perfect Love,
And my doubts He chipped away,
With His Promise of Eternal Life,
And Peace for every day.

And as the Finish Coat He painted,
His Precious Blood all over me,
Then the vice of life was loosened,
And my spirit was set free!

For Jesus now this life I live,
To me He’s been so good,
He made me such a happy man
From Just a broken piece of wood.

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