by Phil Enlow
Published 1999

Table of Contents


1. This Present Darkness

2. My Religious Background

3. What About the Jews?

4. God’s Sheep

5. All Israel

6. The Judgment of the Jewish Nation

7. The Abomination of Desolation

8. The Kingdom of God

9. The True Significance of Pentecost

10. God’s Kingdom in This World

11. A Glimpse of Our Destiny

12. Bringing Many Sons Unto Glory

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I feel greatly privileged to have for many years now been in a place where I have been under the ministry of Christ by way of the anointing. The ministry of Christ is always relevant to the need of the hour — and even of the moment! It sheds needed light on the present darkness.

As a result I, and many others with me, have experienced a degree of understanding that has brought rest to our souls. Of course, we “know nothing as we ought to know it” (I Cor. 8:2), but what is that if He Who is the way, the truth and the life is with us till the end of the age?! He can and will impart whatever knowledge we need. The rest, we can safely leave in His hands!

What we have been so blessed to receive is neither because of us nor for us alone. It is by His grace and it is for His people scattered in many places.

What I desire to do in this book is to share a number of basic truths that have served to anchor my soul and to help me to recognize, at least in a measure, the spiritual deception that is taking place. Most of these truths have been enlarged upon in other articles published in the Midnight Cry Messenger, however, I felt it would be of value to gather these truths within the scope of a single book to bring them into greater focus as a source of protection for God’s people.

Most of the religious views people hold have come to them either through intellectual study or through tradition. They are heavily influenced by the opinions of others, particularly of those who have devoted much time to the study of the scriptures, delving into the Hebrew and the Greek. Few have been taught of the Lord.

If these things were simply a matter of intellectual debate I wouldn’t bother. I’m not interested in winning theological debates so I can feel proud of myself. Doctrines matter. Even as truth sets free, so does error bind and imprison. John 8:32. Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 42:22. Col. 2:8. In John 6:45, Jesus quoted a great promise from Isaiah 54:13: “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” My desire is to share things that I believe the Lord has taught over the years, things that will help to bless, set free and bring greater peace to my brothers and sisters in the world. It is the reader’s responsibility to seek God with a free and honest heart whether these things are so. His promise to teach applies to you if you are His child.

The material for this book is from a series of articles published in the Midnight Cry Messenger. The original articles have been slightly reorganized into a more logical chapter format.

I commend these things to the prayerful reader. The hour is late. Truth matters.