by C. Parker Thomas
Published 1993

Table of Contents


1. The Keys of the Kingdom

2. What Are These Keys?

3. The Curse of Religion

4. The Purpose of the Keys

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A series of articles entitled “Where Are The Keys?” was published in the Midnight Cry Messenger in 1979. In that series Bro. Thomas revised and added to a series first published in 1969 entitled “The Keys of the Kingdom.”

The truths contained in these articles are vital and prophetic in nature as the Lord restores His remnant church to her former glory in preparation for His soon return. A restored church will need to have the understanding and use of all of the keys of the kingdom to fulfill God’s purpose in this hour.

The foreword by Bro. Thomas was written as an introduction to the 1979 series.


For the past several months I have been thinking about the keys of the kingdom as given to the church in the beginning. Matt. 16:19. What are they? Are they important? Where are they? Are they for us today? If so, why aren’t they being used? These and other questions about the keys of the kingdom need to be answered.

I personally have heard very little about the keys of the kingdom from any church or preacher. According to what Jesus said, these keys would authorize and empower the recipient to loose and bind on earth. They certainly must have been important for heaven itself to recognize and sustain the action of the church in the use of the keys in loosing and binding on earth.

Although the Lord has quickened some things to my heart these past few months, I find an article I wrote on the subject ten years ago just as relevant today as it was then. Although I hope to share some of the more present things with you before I finish this subject, these parts will consist mostly of the article I wrote ten years ago.