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A worldwide ministry of spiritual rest and preparation for God's Remnant Church in the earth in view of the soon return of Jesus Christ.

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Midnight Cry Ministries: What's New?

— What's New? —

January-February-March 2019 MCM

Homosexuality and the Bible

TV Broadcast on WPGH-TV FOX, Pittsburgh, PA starting 2/3/2019

Divorce and Remarriage Quote

Divorce and Remarriage

The subject of divorce and remarriage is one that is both controversial and also very relevant to many real-life situations in which Christians find themselves. Opinions on the subject are all over the map and sincere Bible-believers strongly disagree. One thing is certain: anyone who takes the Bible seriously must reckon with the statements made by Jesus on the subject ... there are all kinds of situations in which Christian believers find themselves. Brother Thomas, in writing on this subject many years ago, used the following example. Two young women are converted to Christ in their early twenties. One of them has lived a very immoral life with numerous boyfriends although she has never actually been married. The other has lived a very moral life but unwisely entered into a brief unfortunate marriage during her teen years and is now divorced.

Both find themselves in a legalistic church — one that takes the “hard line” approach to the subject. As a result, although both young women are received as new believers and told that their sins have been forgiven, the one that was briefly married is told that as a consequence she must remain single or become an adulteress. The other, although she has lived a wicked life, is free to marry. Is that what Jesus had in mind?...more...