by Phil Enlow
Published 1997

Table of Contents


1. Why Do Professing Christians Differ?

2. The Author of Confusion

3. God’s Remnant

4. The Beginning of Knowledge

5. Preparation

6. Becoming Sons of God

7. God’s Invitation

8. Can You Recognize the Anointing?

9. How Can We Know?

10. No Private Religion

11. As it Was in Noah’s Day

12. Approaches to God

13. Growing in Knowledge

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The chapters of this book are drawn from a series of five articles published in the Midnight Cry Messenger. They are designed to get the reader to think, to challenge his or her spiritual assumptions. If there has ever been a time in the history of this sin-torn world when God’s people needed a foundation of spiritual knowledge, it is now. We are witnessing the death-throes of a civilization as Satan is being allowed to seduce and deceive man on an unprecedented scale.

The mere number and diversity of religious groups each crying, “This is the way!” should alone cause us to question. How have we come to believe what we consider to be truth? Have we been taught of men by tradition or of God by the anointing? Can we know? If so, how?

I challenge the reader to read prayerfully and with a heart desiring truth. The Lord can see our hearts and recognizes when we really desire it. He certainly does not desire His children to continue in division and confusion. If you read something you don’t understand or are not inclined because of previous exposure to believe, just “put it on the shelf” and seek God, resting in Him until He gives His witness. I rest my case in His faithful hands: He will bear witness to all that is of Him.