Encouraging Words

Heb. 10:25 “... let us encourage one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

December Day in Florida

by Jim Petry

I’m so blessed as I sit here,
The sun is warm and full of cheer.
Palmettos green and oh so bright,
God has blessed me with this sight.
Oaks still green, sweet gums yellow
In my spirit I’m so mellow.
Air so fresh, fills my chest.
Amen brother! I’m so blest!
All these things he’s given me.
The squirrels and birds, a sight to see.
But, the greatest blessing dwells in me!
I love my Saviour, who is my stone,
My redeemer now sits on the throne.
Jesus suffered the torture
And went to the cross,
Bore my burden, paid the cost.
Now my life is all for him.
May he use me over and over again.
Though the road be rough and stony,
May I always be ready to give testimony
Of my Saviour’s faithful power
And his blessings he doth shower.
He fills me with his love and grace,
A song, a smile upon my face.
I will cross the great divide.
Satan no longer is able to hide.
We cast him down in the name of our Lord
And by the power of his word.
The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard, “Jesus.”
By the Lord’s inspirations, Jim Petry.

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