Encouraging Words

Heb. 10:25 “... let us encourage one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

The Captain of Salvation

by Steve Johnson

Exhausted from the battle
And wounded in the fight,
The weary warrior searched
For a refuge in the night.

Moonlight cast its shadows,
And it seemed that he would fall.
But a hollow cave beckoned him,
From the jagged mountain wall.

Anxiously, he crept inside
And felt the need to pray.
But The Lord seemed so distant.
He knew not what to say.

Sleep would not find him
On the dampened, rocky floor.
Then he heard the voice
Of one prepared for war.

His wicked voice mocked,
This awful twisted wraith.
Where’s your special helmet,
And your precious shield of faith?

Other demons laughed
At the warrior’s untimely fate,
For many times they’d seen him
Turn the battle to the gate.
The fiery darts continued
To keep the warrior down.
He wouldn’t do much damage,
While lying on the ground.

But the fighter wasn’t finished
And much to their dismay,
He stumbled to his feet,
And bowed his head to pray.

His lips moved in silence,
But his needful prayer was heard
The Word came to life,
As The Holy Spirit stirred.
Grace flowed from heaven
As he pulled the sword from it’s sheath,
The demons stopped their laughing,
And stared in disbelief.

For standing in their presence,
Stood the one they feared the most;
The Captain of Salvation;
The Mighty Lord of Hosts.

The Light of all mankind
Drove the demons from the room;
Giving them a foretaste
Of their eternal doom.

As if a fleeting vision,
The piercing light was gone,
But the warrior felt a peace,
Like none he’d ever known.

For the Word of God is sharper,
Than any two-edged sword
His children are his temple,
And the Battle is the Lord’s.

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