Encouraging Words

Heb. 10:25 “... let us encourage one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

The Beast

by Steve Johnson

Shared Wednesday night

In all created children,
There lurks an awful beast;
It wants just what it wants,
But that’s what it needs the least.

While growing older
The child seeks earthly things,
Craving sinful lusts,
Being slowly wrapped in chains.

Ignoring their Creator.
They run further still;
Being scarred, used up and ruined,
Ignorant of His will.

Precious time is wasted
And now all seems lost;
But in walks a Savior,
With Him a dreaded cross.

Once the Creator,
Now a humble slave;
Totally surrendered,
Sent to seek and save.
With powerful love and compassion,
He is driven on;
This determined Shepherd
Would bring His children home.

So when time had reached its fullness,
And we were yet in sin,
He took our terrible burdens,
And all sin was placed on Him.

How could He be so Loving?
Why would He save the lost?
He took our beastly nature
And nailed to the cross!

And now we have His Spirit
To replace the beast within;
We’re clothed in perfect cleanness,
And free from every sin.

All things are now new,
Nothing is the same;
Jesus is alive,
Let us praise His Holy Name!

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