by C. Parker Thomas
Published 1968, 2nd Edition 1998

Table of Contents


1. Judy Clevenger Story

2. Demoniac World

3. Origin and Fall

4. Satanic Kingdom

5. Temptation and Deception

6. Oppression and Possession

7. Demons and Insanity

8. Three Types of Men

9. Casting Out Devils

10. How to Overcome

11. The Church, Christ’s Body

12. The Battle of the Ages

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Most of the chapters in this book were written as individual messages and published previously in the Midnight Cry Messenger. With a desire to help God’s people overcome the adversary of man’s soul we have put them together into this book form for distribution.

Although we have learned a few things about Satan in twenty one years of ministry we never dreamed of some of the things the Lord has shown us in the past year (1967). In addition to the tremendous things learned through the deliverance of Judy Clevenger and others, our local assembly has experienced a most phenomenal visitation in the past year.

Through the eyes of those chosen of the Lord our local body has been permitted to see into the other realm. Like never before we have been made conscious of spiritual entities both good and evil that are vitally interested in the affairs of men.

Through many visions and visits by messengers from the invisible realm God has pulled back the veil and shown us Satan’s demoniac kingdom. We have been shown in vivid detail that Satan and his demon host is a vast organized kingdom that wages constant warfare against mankind.

By numerous visions and the mouth of God’s messenger we have been told this is the hour of the final and ultimate loosing of Satan upon the earth. We have also been helped in our battle against the adversary by God’s heavenly host operating from the invisible realm.

We are convinced this is the beginning of the fulfillment of the scriptures in which things in heaven and on earth are being brought together into one. Ephesians 1:10. We believe it is the short quick work of Romans 9:28 to get us ready for the coming of the Lord.

Time and again we have been shown that the Day of the Lord is at hand. Joel 2:1. With the unfettered loosing of Satan we face the evil day of all evil days. Therefore we must put on the whole armour of God if we are to stand.

To those occupying the room of the unlearned and unbelieving we know the reports of these things are fantastic and incredible. Only those whose hearts are open and receptive to truth will be able to see God in it. We believe this group is indeed a little remnant.

Believing this visitation to be the work of our great sovereign God to help those who are looking to him in this dark hour we sent it forth knowing it will accomplish his purpose.

Fully realizing that we still see through a glass darkly we make no claim to perfection in our understanding of things. Knowing, too, that ministries are still clouded with tradition, error and human limitations we exhort everyone to be fully persuaded in his own mind.

The messages in this volume have gone out to many parts of the world by printed page and tape recording. The fruit it has produced is good. In our local assembly the saints have been edified and built up in the faith. They believe it is of God. Likewise hundreds of letters have come in from sincere hearts who confess the same things. It has also been used of the Lord to cause many to seek his face like never before.

Believing it is ordained of God to help awaken and prepare the Lord’s people we send it forth prayerfully and hopefully.