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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #999

Seek Me With All Your Heart

November 27, 2011

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 999 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: You know one time Jesus was basically wanting to get away…rest. He had a hard time doing that. People everywhere knew about Him, so He went over to Syrophoenicia, anyway He went over by the coast, Tyre, I believe it was. And that wasn’t even Israel. This was a foreign land. But the problem is, everybody knew about Him. His fame was far and wide, so He’s there in a house trying to kind of lay low a little bit and recuperate.

But some woman hears about Him, and she comes beating on the door, she comes knocking. Wherever they were anyway, she came around and she said, Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me. I’ve got a daughter who’s demon possessed. I need help. Now once again, there was a need that she had no answer for, no hope, no other answer. But here stood One who had the only possible answer to her need, and she cried out and she cried out.

Well, what did Jesus do at first? He just went on about His business like she wasn’t there. Well, of course, His helpful disciples concluded He doesn’t want to do anything with her. So they intervened and said, go away, you’re bothering Him. But she didn’t stop, did she? She kept crying…and kept coming with her request. I’m trying to remember all the details of the story. I know, many of you could tell it better than I could.

But anyway He turns to her and He says, it’s not proper to take the children’s bread and to give it to the dogs. Whoa. I mean, think about the test of her heart that the Lord was laying out. He’s basically saying, you’re a dog so far as this spiritual interaction is concerned. God sent me…I’ve been sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. This is the time. Let them eat all they want and then it will be time for everybody else.

I tell you, how many people are so full of pride in some area of your heart and your life that that just jumps right up and intervenes? Man, I’ll listen to your message but you sure better stroke my fur the right way or I’m out of here. What about the scripture that says in Psalm 119, blessed are “…they which love thy law; and nothing shall offend them.” (KJV). I tell you, if we get offended at anything it’s because there’s something in our hearts that’s been touched that’s not good. It’s pride. It’s something. And here this woman was put on that kind of a spot. And you think about how you would have reacted, how I might well have reacted. It’s like I’ve said many times, if someone gets your goat it just proves you’ve got one.

( laughter ).

Don’t blame them. This world is full of offence. My God, that’s the way our society’s gotten. I’ve said this many times, people’s skin’s so thin today it’s a wonder they don’t bleed to death.

( laughter ).

You can’t hardly say, boo, without somebody getting all offended. But you think about the Son of God treating this poor woman, and saying basically you’re a dog. What did she say? “Truth, Lord.” Lord, I take my place. It doesn’t matter…I’m in a place of need, Lord. I don’t care. I have no ego here. I have no axe to grind, but there’s a need. I have tunnel vision, Lord. You can’t offend me. You can’t run me off. I need You and I don’t care.

My God, if you can be offended, God’s gonna sure see to it that something happens, guaranteed. God’s looking for people who are just so zoned in on Him and their need of Him, that they’re willing to come regardless. Nothing will stop them from coming. And this woman said, true, Lord. And then she thought and she said, “But even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.” (NIV). She’s looking at a natural picture. And the Lord’s just amazed. I haven’t found faith like this—great is your faith. Be it unto you. And from that moment…

( snapping fingers )

…That demon was gone from her daughter. I’ll tell you, we’ve got a Lord who’s got the power to do what needs doing. But there was nothing that she let stand in her way. Praise God! You think of others. You think of the centurion. This was a Roman. This was not somebody who you would have expected to have real respect for Jesus. They thought they were the big people. They were the important people in the world, the Romans. Hey, we’re better than everybody else. We’re ruling. You’ve got to do what we say.

And here’s a man who was part of the Roman government living, I believe it was, in Capernaum. And he comes to Jesus and said, Lord, come. Oh Lord, I have a servant and he’s paralyzed and he’s suffering terribly. Please help me. I’m paraphrasing the exact language. Well, Jesus said, I’ll come and heal him. What did the man say? He said, Lord, I’m not worthy for You to come under my roof. But I’m a man of authority. I’m under authority, but I also have authority and I just tell somebody to do it. It’s not like I have to do everything. I’m in a position where if I want something done, I just tell a man to do it and he does it.

He’s saying I understand authority here. I understand that you’re a man that God has given authority. You don’t have to go do something. All you have to do is speak the Word and it will happen. Jesus said, I have not found so great faith in all of Israel. I’ll tell you one thing. He knew who Jesus was. He understood. He recognized this is a man who has authority from God. I’ve got a need that is not gonna…nothing is gonna meet this need unless He acts.

But how many people would have just imagined, oh, in order to do this, He’s got to come. We’ve got it all planned as to how it’s supposed to happen. Just throw that out the window. We are so prone to look for formulas, methods. That’s one of the things that’s gone wrong with this whole business of trying to get people to repeat the sinner’s prayer as though that’s somehow magically gonna save them. That may be something that God did once, and there was a real seeker and they really meant it from their heart, and God met them and Praise God! Oh good, we’ve got the pattern! Now we know what to do.

No you don’t. Jesus never did anything the same way twice. God, help us. God, help me because I’m so prone to this problem. You’ve shown me something in the scriptures and I say, ah-ha, now we’ve got it. No. We need to follow the Lord. We need to seek Him. He needs to be the doer. I’ll tell you, people can get saved all kinds of ways. That transaction happens, it might be you and the Lord alone in your bedroom in the middle of the night. We’ve had cases where someone has stood up in the middle of the church and just convicted and confessed Christ right there. We’ve had people that have come to an altar call, what they call an altar call. There’s no one way that God reaches a heart and brings them to that place.

You know the scripture talks about passing from death to life. That’s sounds like something pretty definite to me. Because one moment someone’s dead spiritually to God and the next moment they’re alive with the life of God. What happened? Something! There was a transaction that happened right there. There was a heart that surrendered and connected with God and put their faith entirely in Jesus Christ. You look at the common denominator in these cases we’ve mentioned. Every one of them, there was no other answer—no other answer, no possible hope.

You think about the woman that had the hemorrhage, the issue of blood. How long was that? Was it 18 years, 12 years? It was a long time anyway. Many years she had gone to every doctor. She’d been to the health food store. She’d been to whatever there was in that day. She had tried everything. Not only was she not better, she was worse. There was no answer except Jesus happened to be passing by.

You know there’s a time element there, isn’t there, just like there was in Bartimaeus? Jesus wasn’t there every day, but when He was passing by there was something so focused in her thinking, in his thinking. I’ve got to get to get to Him. He’s the answer. I’ve got to get to Him. She was so timid, so feeling her low place I guess. It wasn’t like, I can go right up to Him and say, Master, help me. She didn’t even want to bother Him. But she needed help, and so she just reached out, touched the edge of His clothes. Something in her heart said if I could just do that, I know there’s power in Him. If I can just do that I’ll be healed.

And what happened? Jesus sensed power going out of Him. Jesus sensed the transaction that happened. There was something real in the spirit. If you have seen in the spirit, something happened there. And Jesus said, who touched Me? Well, that didn’t make a bit of sense to the disciples. They said, Lord, the crowd is pressing You on every hand. Everybody’s jostling against You. What do You mean whose touching You? No. He says, I perceive power has gone out from Me.

And the woman realized she couldn’t hide anymore and she came and she fell down at His feet and told Him what had happened. What did Jesus say? Did He berate her for her presumption? No, He reached out in comfort to her and said, go in peace. Your faith has made you whole. All those other people touched Him, but she touched Him in a different way. She touched Him with a heart that reached out, that knew she had a need. She knew that He was the only one who could meet that need. And the God who was in Christ had compassion on her. I’ll tell you, He’s still around. He’s still around today. If you’re here, Jesus is passing by.

( congregational amens ).

What are you gonna do about it? Praise God! I know there’s other things, other occasions that happened. It seemed like there was one other that I had on my heart. Maybe it will come to me. But over and over and over again, you see this same theme, people coming to God, and knowing they have a need. You know, that’s where it starts. The reason people don’t open their entire heart to God is they don’t get it. They don’t see the danger that they’re in.

I saw a movie a number of years ago in which some rather cruel people took a couple of guys out into the swamp that they wanted to do away with, just tied them to a rowboat…I mean, lashed to a rowboat to where they had no hope. They were just sitting there completely lashed to that boat…took it out to a remote area of the swamp and shot the thing full of holes. Can you imagine the feeling of terror that there would be? You could see them just struggling and struggling and there was no hope. They couldn’t possibly break their bonds. They were going down. Do you know that without Christ that your need is just as great as that?

( congregational response ).

You are in chains, under the law of sin and death, in a world that is headed for judgment. And outside of Christ, there’s not a thing you can do about it. There is zero hope apart from Christ. And it’s the spirit that you can see manifested in these people who came to Jesus, that God is looking for. He is looking for people who will come to Him with all their heart because they know they’ve got a need. Nothing else matters right now. Don’t talk to me about tomorrow. Don’t talk to me about my plans. Don’t talk to me about anything. Don’t try to discourage me. I don’t care. Jesus is there. I’ve got a need. That’s all that matters to me at this moment.

If you don’t come to that place somewhere along the line when Jesus is passing by, He’s dealing with your heart, He’s pulling…you can’t come if He doesn’t help you. There is a time when He comes, and He calls, and He says, you, now. And I’ll tell you, when that moment comes, if your heart is not so in-tune with what He’s seeking, if there’s something else that’s got your attention you will perish with this world. There’s no other way to put it. I would be lying to you if I told you any different.

I don’t care if you grew up in this church. You may be playing the part of a Christian, doing the best you know, but you never really got it. If you were to die right now, you just don’t have that peace and that assurance in your heart. God wants you to have it. He’s not trying to make it hard. He’s trying to make it simple. We’re the ones that make it hard, because we just cling to self. We cling to our way. We cling to our ideas. We cling to our pride. Oh God! I’m not like all those other people. Yes, you are. You’re exactly like everybody else. I sure am. I need a Savior. There’s nothing good in me.

Paul said the same thing. He was the great apostle Paul. Surely he’s a spiritual fellow. He said there’s nothing good in me—not a thing. If I’m looking for some help in here, it isn’t there. I’ve got to have it from Him. He’s the only one that can wipe my sins away because He took them Himself. He paid my debt but He didn’t leave me there. He offers to come in and to give me His life, to empower me to begin to change and to live for Him.

I mentioned a while ago that we might become the righteousness of God. That’s two senses. Legally, it happens the moment we come to Him. But I’ll tell you, there’s a practical sense. When He gets done with us, that’s exactly what we will be. There won’t be one atom of sin left. Everything will be completely transformed. We will be made just like Him. Can you do that? Can you even add to that? No, I need Him. My place is to surrender to Him and say Lord, I need You. Work in me today. I need You to work in me today. I need Your help. I need Your salvation. I want You, Lord.

If something is more important to your life than that right now, then you’re lost. And the sooner you come to that honest confession, the sooner God will give you peace. And how many things do men try to substitute. I’ll give You this. I’ll give You that. I’ll do more. I’ll do this.

The testimony I recounted recently of that preacher, evangelist really…can you imagine being an evangelist and going from church to church and preaching the gospel and then giving altar calls, and you’re not saved? That was his testimony. And every time the restlessness would come and the anxiety and the concern about his soul would come, he would try. Lord, I’ll read my Bible more. I’ll pray more. I’ll be more dedicated. I’m gonna put forth a greater effort, Lord.

That’s exactly the wrong thing to do. There’s an effort that comes after the fact, after the surrender. But there’s a point in time where there is nothing you can do except give up and give your case into His hands and say, Lord, I can do nothing. You alone have the power to save me and to give me life.

If you’re trying to do something, that’s what you’re relying on. Think about it. If there’s a single thing that you get provoked into doing in the hopes that you’ll quiet the fear, get rid of the doubt, that God will somehow accept you, that’s what you’re depending on. You’re just trying to climb up some other way. There’s only one way. Jesus paid it all.

And what a glorious testimony that God gave that man when he finally did came to faith. He said, I’m satisfied with what my Son did. When He died for you, He paid the debt you owed. I’m completely satisfied with that. Why aren’t you? Well, it’s called pride. It’s that instinct to do something. I’ve got to earn it. I’ve got to deserve it. No you don’t. You’re gonna have to come as a lost sinner who knows that if you don’t have Jesus you will perish. There is no other gospel.

But if you have Him, you have life and you have it forever. Praise God! Is there anything that could possibly outrank this in importance? I tell you, if you’re in that place today where you’re just not sure, there’s something unsettled in your heart, all I can do is point you to Jesus. It’s not this church. It’s not doctrines. It’s certainly not me. It’s Jesus. He is the One that God sent to rescue you.

Do you know that you need rescuing? Do you get it? Do you understand how helpless your condition is, just as helpless as those poor guys that were being killed, sunk in that boat? You are just as chained in the darkness of sin. You might not be a murderer. In the eyes of the world, you might be better than others. Well, that doesn’t make a bit of difference. Not one of us measures up to what God wants. We have no hope of that in ourselves. As long as self reigns, you have chains that are holding you to that which will perish, and you will perish. But Jesus paid it all.

And we have…I’m sure there’s many other examples in the life of Jesus of somebody that was so desperate to get to Him that nothing would stop them. What’s stopping you? Is it pride? Is it something you love more? Are you trying to climb up some other way? Are you trying to…have you got your self image to prop up? What is it?

If you don’t have peace with God this morning, what’s stopping you? His promise…put your faith in My Son. Call upon Him. When you seek Me with all your heart, I’ll listen. Man what a promise! The God of the universe will hear your voice. You think of all that He’s got to listen to in this world. But He will hear you, because that comes in on a frequency that He monitors with all of His heart. Why do you think that this burden is here this morning? Do you think that’s just something I cooked up?

( congregational response ).

God’s concerned about somebody. What are you gonna do about it—what are you gonna do about it? I don’t know. Will you confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and surrender this morning? I don’t know. I don’t know where to go with this, but I just have to give out what I believe is the burden on God’s heart. Now is the time. Jesus is passing by. You won’t always have that opportunity. Do you get it? Do you understand what’s at stake? So you have that peace? Is it well with your soul? If it’s not, is there anything in this world more important to you? Praise God!

I don’t know what else to say. I’m just gonna…maybe someone else has something that would… some direction as to where to go. There’s no technique that I know about. All I can do is give out the Word. But if it takes root in your heart, you need to do something about it. Don’t you pay any attention to what somebody thinks. Don’t you pay any attention to anything. You need to know that you need this more than you need your next breath. That’s with all you heart. God will hear you. I promise you. Praise God!