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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #973

A Call to Walk in the Light

May 29, 2011

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 973 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

-- Brother Phil Enlow: I’ll tell you, when God’s people will get their hearts lined up with Him with their repentance, it’s not a time to cry, and cry, and cry, and cry endlessly. It’s a time to rejoice because I’ll tell you, there’s joy in Heaven. There’s a straight pathway to divine life. You can pray all you want to, but if there’s something in your life and you know about it, your praying isn’t going to do a bit of good. There’s a time when God won’t hear your praying.

It’s not just…well, I’ve got a need and I’m working on it. And I don’t want to go this way, but…God I need your help. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about something that you know about, and you really don’t want God to touch that. You don’t want to be honest about it. I’m not wrong…you know, this, that and the other. You’ve got some…it could be 1001 things.

You know, it’s interesting if you read the letters in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation where Jesus was addressing the churches--the seven churches. I believe every single one…a key word in His instructions to those churches was repent. I mean, you look at the church of Ephesus and He lists a long list of things that were commendable about them. You did this, you did that. This is good, that’s great, but I have one thing against you. You’ve left your first love. He didn’t just say, well let’s kind of stoke the fires a little, get back. No! He says, repent!

There’s a time when our lack of prayer needs repenting, too…a lack of whatever it is that we know to do and don’t do with respect to our heart relationship with God, being right with Him, there not being any barrier between us and Him. If we know about something and there’s something we need to do, then God’s gonna wait for you to do it! And me. That’s partly why it’s been such a sobering thing, ‘cause I’m talking to me. I’m not…it’s a hard thing to talk about because…but then who among us can? If you think about it, there’s nobody that can stand up and say, well, I’m fine, you all straighten up and then we’ll be good. God has called every one of us to a repentance.

You think about the church of Laodicea, and we’ve used that in the past. So many times, I think preachers use this of the nominal, liberal church that’s kind of gone off on the deep end. This was a church that had everything outwardly right. There were still doing all the right things, but something had happened. They lived in a comfortable city. They lived lives of ease, and somehow they had just settled into a lukewarm, nominal, formal kind of Christianity.

Man! Jesus’ word is repent! In both cases there, there was a, repent or your candlestick’s gonna be removed. I don’t care all about the good stuff, I need somebody that’s real. I need somebody that’s actually gonna walk with me instead of trying to have one foot in the world and the other one in my Kingdom…or one foot hanging on to self and the other one wanting to serve me. Look, I can fix what’s wrong with you, but not if you hang on to it and refuse to admit it, refuse to do something about it.

And I don’t have any specific thing in mind, but I know from the Word of God, if this subject this morning…I mean, if what we’re talking about this morning were to need, in this place, here, this morning, don’t you think God’s power would be filling this place? Think about it. And the wrong thing to do is to sit here and say, well, yep, you’re right, I know about this, I know about that, I know about that other one, if they…man, they need to listen to this. They’re in my way! Spiritually, I would be fine if they would just straighten…oh no!

There isn’t a one of us here that doesn’t have a need to be honest and to seek God…to be as honest as David was and say, God, help me. All I can do is start where I’m at, but I want to get my direction the right way, knowing that if my heart goes in the right direction, you can take care of the needs that exist in my life. But oh what a thing it is, “If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.” (NIV).

You know, in the church, the visible church of Jesus Christ, you’ve got people in two categories. You’ve got some that just don’t know the Lord at all, and they’re living a life of pretense. Their life is one thing here and it’s another thing out there, and there’s no other way to put it and they’re just hypocrites. Now sometimes there are self-deceived hypocrites. And I understand that there’s people God is in the process of bringing…that’s a different story. You’re listening. You know, God is working with your heart. I’m not talking about that.

I’m just talking about somebody who just…this is the way it is and it’s okay. And you’re determined to have your way and your will and your life, to come in here and paste a smile on and say, I’m a Christian, I’m just doing fine, but out there, you’re anything but. I’ll guarantee in the world we live in today, there’s people here that would not want somebody looking over your shoulder when you’re surfing the internet. It’s awful quiet. But I’ll tell you, there’s somebody who is. You think the Lord is stupid? You can pray all you want to, but there’s things you know. But instead of crying out to Him and saying, oh God, I hate this…I want to be delivered. I want to look at this thing like you look at it. That’s what confessing your sin is about.

Ron quoted that this morning. Confess…you’re taking God’s side. You’re not sitting here trying to argue with a prosecutor and somehow make it be less bad than they’re saying it is. Well, I’m not really as bad as all that. You’re jumping over here and you’re saying, yes. You’re doing what David did. He said, Lord, You’re speaking the truth and I’m completely guilty here. I’m exactly what You say I am. I’m not gonna offer one bit of defense. I just need You.

Do you think God despises somebody who comes to that place? Oh, there’s nothing that brings joy to His heart like a sinner who’s honest and repents. He is so quick to reach down and wrap you in His arms of love, and peace will come to anyone that’ll come to that place.

But I don’t know how people can live any other way. The way of a transgressor is hard. One who says, I’m just gonna keep doing my way. I’m gonna keep that spirit of bitterness. I’m gonna keep that resentment. I’m gonna harbor this and that and the other thing, whatever it is in the spirit. I’m gonna keep that habit. I’m gonna justify it. It’s okay. Jesus paid it all. Sin’s not really that big a deal. I don’t know where you find that in here. Yes, He can cleanse the vilest of sinners. I guess I can dump my papers out on the floor, too, but that’s all right.

( laughter ).

They’re just gonna have to stay there. Oh, we serve a wonderful, merciful God!

( congregational amens ).

We don’t have to be afraid in that sense. But I’ll tell you, if you’re one that’s hanging on to your will and your way…you’re sitting there shaking your fist in God’s face and saying, no, no, I want my way. I don’t know…if somebody’s really doing that and that’s what’s got a hold of their heart, that’s the real condition in here, you need the Lord.

( congregational amens ).

You’ve never let go! Now I understand that we as believers can be affected by the world and so there’s a side to it where God calls His own people out of a place of carelessness, out of a place of just letting go and yielding ourselves to the enemy in this way and in that way to the flesh, and letting him get a bit of hold in our lives, and he begins to suck the life and effectiveness out of us…where we need to wake up and realize we’re in a battle. But it’s won, if we will just yield ourselves to Him and let go of the thing.

You know, we’re just like that monkey with a gourd, we won’t take our hands…won’t let go of the thing that’s in that hollow gourd, so we trap ourselves. But you know, the word that Paul wrote in Ephesians [Galatians] chapter 6, I believe it is, was not written to unbelievers. He says, don’t be deceived. God’s not mocked. Whatever we sow, we reap. He that sows to the flesh, will of the flesh reap corruption, but he that sows to the Spirit, will of the Spirit…that’s where it comes from, that’s where the resources come from to produce something eternal. Those who sow to the Spirit, will of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

When I think about the needs in me, when I think about the needs in us, I can’t get away from this. I can’t just sit here and say we need to pray more, but we do, of course. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I’ll tell you what I need to do and I’ll tell you what you need to do, is to listen to the voice of Scripture, to listen to the voice of history, to listen to the voice of God, to look in the mirror and stop pretending that stuff you know in your life is not right, is somehow not important. It’s okay, it’s even justified in some cases.

Every time God’s people turned to idols, they suffered devastating defeats at the hands of their enemies. Their crops failed. Disease took hold. That was a very literal kind of thing in their experience. But every time they came back to the Lord and cried out to Him, God immediately turned the tide and they suddenly had peace, they had prosperity, they ruled over their enemies. But the hallmark every single time was a people who repented of their sins. And that repentance was not just, oh I’m so bad--I’m so bad. No it was not just this breast-beating kind of thing. They literally went home, went through their house, found their idols, and threw them out, and burned them.

When John came, what did he preach to prepare the way for Jesus? It was repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand! And when they said, what shall we do? He gave them practical instructions. You tax collectors, you restore what you’ve taken illegally. Whatever it is, you deal with it! You go back, you make it right if it involves somebody else. I’ve all ideas, there’s people here need to go to somebody and apologize, or make something right. But oh, how many times have we heard the blessings, the promises of God, about where he commands the blessings? Where brothers dwell together in unity, He commands the blessing. “If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.”

You know, there’s a lot of things that may feel like repentance to us, but they aren’t. It’s not just a mental acknowledgement without a change of direction. It’s not just boo-hoo, I got caught. It’s not boo-hoo, I’m so sorry that I can’t do this. I’d really rather be this way, and I’m sorry I can’t have my way. None of those are repentance. Repentance is, oh God, this thing is wicked, this thing is evil. How could I do such a thing? Oh God, deliver me from this body of death! That’s the spirit of turning on the thing and hating it to the point of turning away from it, but realizing that I can’t fix it. I can’t do it, I need God to work in my heart and in my life.

( congregational amens ).

That’s what’s involved. That’s what God is looking for. But if we walk in the light…now, how can we consider ourselves to be walking in the light…walking with a God who is pure and holy and clinging to things we know in our life that displease Him? Does that make any sense? There is a transparency, there’s an honesty that God is looking for from His people here, everywhere, anywhere, anytime…this applies.

History is full of examples of divine visitation. And every time there was something where God came on the scene, there was a people that turned from their sins with godly sorrow, and that sorrow was turned into joy, into praise, into freedom! Oh, I’ll tell you what, what God has for us…and we’re so afraid to let go. I confess, that’s a big part of it. We just don’t want to let go. We don’t want to be honest. We don’t want to be what we are. We want to keep up the pretense and the image. We’d rather have that than have God.

And I think it’s just a challenge this morning. Do we…are really serious that we want God’s presence in this place, or do we just want to keep up the form? Walking in the light is not just having perfect doctrine. It’s one thing we were discussing the other night. You have theological opposites in history, in the same period of history, who had real theological battles, and yet God mightily used both of them. Whitfield and Wesley couldn’t have been more opposite in their theology, their explanation of how God saves people. One just put all the emphasis on God, the other one put all the emphasis on man. But both of them went out and preached that men should repent of their sins and put their faith in Christ, and God worked.

( congregational amens ).

God’s a heck of lot less concerned about perfect theology than He is about our relationship with Him.

( congregational amens ).

And that gets down to our will and our way versus His will and His way. Isn’t that the essence of every problem? That’s what sin was about in the beginning. It was, I’m gonna do it my way, I don’t trust God anymore. If there’s an area in your life and God’s put His finger on it and you’re just hanging on, that’s not a good thing. And I don’t want to be one that digs my heels in and pretends and brings trouble and lack upon the church.

I’ve got to emphasize again. This is not meant to intimidate or discourage anyone, ‘cause we are imperfect people. We need God. I’m not talking about needs and wanting God and moving in the right direction. I’m talking about…no, God, I want my way in this secret area of my heart and my life. Don’t You mess with it. You may cover it up and not want to talk about it, not want to face it, but oh, we serve an awesome God. But we’re gonna have to come out and be separate and be His people, if we expect Him to be real, and Him to work. And I’ll tell you, there’s needs--there’s great needs. We need His power to come and to break strongholds of Satan.

( congregational amens ).

But they’re gonna have to start with us. We can’t just look at people and say, what’s the matter with you? We’ve got to start here.

( congregational amens ).

And say, what’s the matter with me? Why don’t I have more? But listen to the promise. “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light…” What happens? “…We have fellowship with one another.” This is not just okay, I had fellowship…it was like a nice, neat activity, and we all felt good and warm and gooey and…no. This is an integral, spiritual, living relationship, where life flows freely from one to another. There’s no hindrances, there’s no blocks, there’s no constrictions. It’s not like your arm’s got a tourniquet on and life can’t get from one part to the other, and your arm’s cut off. This is a full and free expression of the Life of God in His Body with no hindrance.

But it comes down to we walking in the light…we’re gonna enjoy that freedom. People are gonna come in and say, man, these people have got something that I need and I want. Or they’re gonna run like heck and say, man, that scares me. I don’t want it. God’s in that place and it makes me afraid, because I want my sin more than I want Him.

“…We have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” That should be enough to let you know this isn’t talking about perfection ‘cause here’s a perfect, unbroken relationship and yet there’s an ongoing need for cleansing! The reality is, even in our perfect relationship with God--a whole-hearted relationship, we come short! But God understands that! He made provision so that we don’t have to just collapse under the weight of our sins. We can be cleansed, we can be forgiven. Oh praise God, if you’ve got a load of sin that’s weighing you down and it’s just tearing away at the fabric of your life, give it to Jesus! Let it go, put it in His hands! He can handle it!

( congregational amens ).

Repent of it, turn away from it! He can set you free in a moment of time! That’s the kind of a Lord that we serve. Oh, look at verse 8. “If we claim to be without sin…” Nothing wrong with me, it’s everybody else. Don’t you dare talk about that. It’s that resistance to the prosecutor. I will not yield. I will not admit what’s really…what the real deal is. “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves…” You’re not fooling anybody else, by the way. “…We deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”

But oh what a glorious promise! “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” I don’t know. I just sense the Lord wanting to remind us to bring things into balance, ‘cause we can talk about how we need to pray. We can talk about all the things that can almost become mechanical. But none of that makes a bit of difference if it does not come from a heart that has repented--has a repentant…I’m on your side, I’m with You, I agree with You about everything, including what’s wrong with me kind of attitude towards God. If we’re living a life of pretense, God will not bless. It’s that simple.

Now I don’t know what God’s touching in your life. That’s not up to me, but it is up to you. I’m responsible for me, but I’m also responsible to tell the truth if God’s put me in this position. This isn’t a kind of a bench-jumping, happy, happy message. Any yet, in a way, it is…because it leads to freedom and joy. I’ll tell you, a soul that’s been set free from sin, and has let go and let God fill them, do you think they’re sitting there feeling condemned and beat down? No! God longs to fill His people with joy, and I’ll tell you, there’s gonna be power that will flow out that devils will run from.

( congregational amens ).

We don’t have to be afraid. You know, I think it’s kind of interesting…I was reading, just skim reading the letters to the churches last night that I mentioned in Revelation. There’s only one that I recall where Jesus didn’t say something about repentance. And it happened to be a church that was in a place of deep persecution. There’d been people who had been killed in that church. It’s kind of interesting, isn’t it? The ones that were in the place of comfort and ease, they were the ones that were pulled away from that first love and that warmth, that being hot for God. They were just dragged right along with the spirit of the world.

Folks, we are in a world, that if we listen to it, and we agree with it, it’s gonna absolutely sap the spiritual life out of us. God help me. God help everyone of us. And here’s a church that was in a place of challenge and persecution, and it was either, you serve God or you’re gonna really…there’s no middle ground here. They knew what it meant. It meant they were liable to be killed. And they said, I don’t care. I believe in Him so much, I’m gonna serve Him anyway. And there was reality to their faith. And God just gave them an encouragement. You stand fast. I’m pleased. I see where you’re at. I understand.

You know, I was thinking about something the other day, talking about what we have in the Lord…I don’t know if this is relevant here or not. But you know, we serve a Lord who lived in a human body one time. He knows what it’s like. He knows what you feel, knows what it’s like to live here. And the life that was in Him once resided in a body like ours. And it prevailed, didn’t it? That life overcame everything that was wrong with us. That’s the life that He offers to us.

I’ll tell you, if we will open ourselves to Him and repent of our sins, God will come in a greater way that we ever, perhaps, seen. I don’t know what He has in mind, but I know it’s more that what we’ve had. I don’t know anything to do except just to throw this challenge out and say, what are you gonna do with it? Do you want what you have now or are you willing to let go and seek God? Pray one for another, but…this is not something to pray about, Lord, fix them. This is Lord, search my heart. Lord, touch the things that you’re talking about in my life, things I may not even be aware of, but I want to be…and where I’m not willing, Lord, I’m willing to be made willing.

Start where we’re at and just say, God we need You in reality. We’re not content to play church, and say, haven’t we had a glorious heritage? Don’t we have great doctrines? Don’t we have wonderful people? To heck with all of that if we don’t have this--if we don’t have God as a present reality in a greater measure than we have now, we’re gonna right down with the darkness of this world.

But I believe something…I don’t believe God is putting this out here because He thinks it’s gonna go that way. I believe He’s calling His people afresh to take seriously…this is a God where people have died who have defied Him. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I would say, God, I want to respond to Your love, Your compassion, Your grace that reaches down to me. I’m the weakest of the weak. I’ve got sins that weigh me down, but I can come to you and know that I’ll be received because of Jesus. I want to serve Him, don’t you?

( congregational amens ).

Praise God!