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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #958

Radical Relationship

February 13, 2011

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 958 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

-- Brother Ron Peters: Amen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

-- Brother Phil Enlow: This is a relationship that we need to walk out in our daily lives before the world, when we’re in private. Your most private moments are not moments to nurse your sin. It’s not moments to engage the darkness in your life and think that you’re hiding something. You’re a hypocrite! If that’s the condition of your life. God needs to put his finger and shine the light on that. Because God wants to set us free to be His people and to be real.

The easiest thing, as we’ve said so many times, is to grow up in the church and you think you’re a Christian, when God has never really arrested you and shown you what a lost, helpless sinner you are. If you ever encounter God, you will fall on your face. You won’t be pointing fingers at anybody but you. You’ll be saying, Oh, God, I’m so wicked. I’m so dirty. I’m so unworthy. How could you love somebody like me? That’s the only thing that you’re gonna be thinking about. You won’t be looking at this, and blaming that, or somebody else and saying well, I’m better than they are. That’ll all go away. In the light of His reality and His presence you’ll be saying, oh God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

I mean it happens differently for different people. Some people need a real…it just seems to work out that way, that they have a real crisis. But I’ll tell you, you’ve got to get to that point where you know who He is. You know how holy and how pure He is. You know how radical the call to be a Christian is, and yet you say, yes! No compromise. I’m a Christian. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, come hell or come high water, I follow Jesus. I want to be…I want to live for His purpose. I sense the joy and the love and it just draws my heart out of this world. This world has lost its allure for me. I want Him. It’s the pearl of great price. It’s worth everything else. He is worth everything else.

But oh, here’s one who claims something, but yet their life doesn’t match what they say. “…We lie and do not live by the truth.” (NIV). But oh, what a glorious contrast he draws here. “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” Oh, praise God. I don’t know, there’s so many things in there that I don’t even know how I could begin to expound them, and I just want to try to focus on what the Lord is interested in this morning.

But I see the word ‘walk.’ Now ‘walk’ conveys many things, but it conveys our life. This is another way to say this is the way we live. But a walk also conveys the idea that we’re on a journey. There is a journey. We are walking toward something. We’re not just sort of aimlessly meandering around like a pigeon or something. We actually are going somewhere.

And this again paints the picture that what we’re in here is not a destination so much as it is a journey, but yet there is a destination. And because we are certain of the destination, we engage our lives toward that end. The aim, the desire of our lives is to serve God and have Him do the work in us that’s needed so that we can arrive at that destination. That’s what my life is about. Lord, I’m walking, but I’m walking in the light.

Now again, think back to the occasions when men encountered a holy God and the reaction that they had. But God wants us to know that he is a holy God, but he wants us to so love Him, to so trust Him, to so desire to be like Him, that rather than running from the Light, we run to the Light.

Now I’ll just remind you of the Scripture we used a couple of weeks ago about David. Think of the spirit that he had toward God, the appreciation that he had for who God was and how wonderful He was. And he had to know, as we all do, Lord, I cannot see my heart. And I guarantee, Lord, there’s things down there that aren’t what they ought to be. I mean, I know I haven’t arrived. There’s stuff that’s in here.

And Lord, I don’t even know all the stuff that’s in here. Anything I know about, Lord, I’m glad to confess, I’m glad to bring it to You, but I know that there’s stuff down in here. But Lord, I’m not afraid of Your light. Not only that, Lord, I’m saying, search me. I’m not just saying okay, I’m gonna hang on here, it’s coming.

It isn’t that kind of a fearful thing. It’s Lord, search me. I love You so much. I want to be part of what You’re about so much. I want You to come and You look in my heart, Lord. I invite You to look. I want to walk in light…I want to have a transparent, honest life before You. If there’s anything in me, Lord, that needs attention, I want You to show me and I’m not afraid for it to come out.

I guarantee that you could go around the room here today and if we were open and honest with one another, we’d have to say there’s areas of our lives that we’re…we’re afraid. You know like the song, there’s rooms…we don’t even go there. We don’t want to admit they’re there. Long standing issues, problems, needs, but God has called us to something so radical that we can walk in the Light.

Do you think somebody who is walking in the light is miserable? I’d really rather be doing something else. This is a bondage. This is drudgery. This is misery. No! It’s joy! It’s freedom from all of that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to be free, to not have this stuff lurking in dark corners of our lives?

But John gives us this wonderful promise. “Walk in the light.” That doesn’t mean we know everything, but it means an attitude of heart. There’s a…to walk in the light is, to me, is another word radical. It’s a radical honesty. I mean you think about relating to a church or something, you can say, well here’s the standard and it’s not much different than I am and I can kind of slide by. But I mean, you’re talking about the light of God’s Person and His holiness and His presence and you’re saying, I’m gonna walk in that? That’s serious business. That calls for a radical honesty on our part, doesn’t it? Anybody here that can hide what you are? No. He sees it all, doesn’t He?

The amazing thing is He loves us. He draws us to Himself, not with thunders of condemnation. I mean, he doesn’t tell us these things so that we’ll feel…fearful, condemned, but so that we’ll be honest, so that we can come out into the light. What did Jesus say? He that comes to the light.

( congregation inaudible ).

See? He comes…I forget the exact words now. Ron, you started to quote it.

( congregation inaudible ).

Well, that’s the other one. But in John chapter 3 He says, he that comes to the light, he comes so that his deeds might be reproved.

( congregational amens ).

I mean think about why we’re coming to God. We, we’re coming…we want to get close to Him so that we can find out what’s wrong with us. You’ve got to have a strong pull from that source of light to want to do that because that’s against your nature and it’s against mine. But I’ll tell you, if God is real, if the joy and the reality of the Gospel is real enough, we can say, that’s where I need to go. Lord, I want to run to You. I don’t care what Your Light shows up in my life; it’s worth it to know You. I’m willing, Lord, to be honest. Search every corner, Lord. Let’s root out the darkness. Set me free so that I can walk with You.

You know, I was thinking about this the other day. You think about all the stuff that is wrong with us, all the ways in which we come short. We need a supernatural provision if we’re gonna be able to walk with a holy God, don’t we? You know I ministered a while back on what is this thing called sin? It’s a violation of God’s purpose. I mean, you think about the scripture in Romans chapter 3 that we quote so much and you think about it in terms of a sinner. “…All have sinned and fall short…” That’s actually a present tense continuous thing. “All have sinned…” in the past, “…and fall short of…” What?

( congregational response ).

“…The glory of God.” Is there anybody here that that doesn’t apply to now? You see we apply that to sinners. That’s everybody, folks. That’s why we need the kind of salvation that can deal with that reality. We don’t need to be afraid of the fact that we’re not what we ought to be yet. We need to be on the journey. We need to have our hearts pointed to that. But I’ll tell you, we have a God who has made provision to where we do not have to live under condemnation just because we know that we’re sinners--just because we know at any given moment we’re not quite measuring up.

And there’s a lot of that stuff we don’t even stop to think about. We just know. I mean, doing the best we can, we can’t just micro-analyze ourselves…put ourselves under a microscope all the time as though…I might mess up here. And so he says, here’s the person whose attitude is, I want to walk with this God. I want to know Him. I want His Light to shine in every area of my life.

What’s the result of that? In the first place, you’re gonna have fellowship. There’s gonna be a relationship that exists, not only between you and a holy God, but everybody else who is a part of that. I’ll tell you, that is gonna drive darkness out that causes disunity, that causes every kind of a hindrance to the power of God being able to be resident in the people. All these things work together. So, if we will make it a committee of one, I want to walk with this God. I want Him to get everything out of my heart that hinders me, that holds me back, and keeps me from being like Him, we’re gonna have a unity that we have never seen--that we have never imagined.

But there is something else. “…The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” This is a present tense, continuous tense reality. God has made provision that as we are in the purpose of God, as we are being changed into His image, we know that we never measure up, but His blood is a continual fountain. It’s not just something you go through once and you say, okay, I’ve been there and done that. This is a living fountain that we live in. It constantly purifies. We’re living in a place where there is a constant flow of God’s provision for you and for me that washes us clean. So instead of having to live under a cloud, we can live with the joy of the Lord because we know that our sins are gone, every shortcoming that we have on the journey.

I don’t mean that we look for that or we go for that. I mean there’s times to repent and there’s times to bring those things before God. But I mean there’s stuff we don’t even know, we’re not even conscious of it. And the Lord is saying, I’ve taken care of that. I’ve made provision for you. You don’t have to live under a cloud. You can enjoy your relationship with Me. Praise God!

I’ll tell you what this does, too. Something else that is pretty radical. We need a radical, or this will produce a radical humility, if we understand. Let me give you just an example. I’ve already used the word from Romans about what it is that we fall short of, the glory of God. Well, that’s the standard. Now that’s what we will have one day. We will be a full expression of God’s character, His glory, His nature, all that He is. Has anybody here reached that yet? No. No. If that’s the standard, folks, we’d better take a low place and say, Lord, I need you. Anybody here in a position where you’re so high and mighty you can look down at somebody else with a condemning spirit? We need to have a humility.

Let me give you another thing that will give you some perspective. I think it’s in Romans chapter 14. Now the question here has to do with things where some people have convictions and doubts as to, should I do this or shouldn’t I do it?…and some people don’t and they…how should they handle these kind of situations? And the main thing is don’t cause somebody to stumble because you’re free and somebody else isn’t. You don’t just run rough shod and say, the heck with you, I’m gonna do it anyway. It’s my right.

So he’s talking here about eating something. Verse 23. “But the man who has doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith.” So what he’s doing is proposing a principle that should undergird everything we do. It should proceed from faith. We should be able to say, God, I believe You and I’m trusting in You. This is a proper and right thing and I feel my conscience is clean. I have the faith to do this. I’m not just kind of going against it and feeling this uneasy, ‘I don’t know if what I’m doing is right’ kind of thing. I need to do this in faith so that I can have a rest and a joy, and my relationship with You is not interrupted.

But listen to this that he says after that. “Everything--everything that does not come from faith is sin.” You know if you get down to that kind of a definition of what sin is, we come pretty short. We come short without even thinking about it. How amazing is it that a God who was like what we’ve described and so much more, could want to have anything to do with us? Oh, I need His provision every day. I need that fountain that’s “…Filled with blood drawn from Immanuel’s veins; and sinners, plunged beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains.”

What a provision! If I’m just willing to come into the Light and say, Lord, I’m Yours. I need You to change me. I’m…my course is fixed. I want a relationship with You. And He says, okay. You can have it. I have made the provision. I know you can’t clean yourself up. I know you’re gonna come short. I know, just like a little child, you’re gonna stumble and fall and you’re not there yet. But I have provided for you! You’re willing to come and be open and live a transparent, radically honest life, and I’m gonna take care of it. I’m gonna take care of everything that’s wrong with you. There is not one thing that can stain you or separate you from Me because Jesus paid your sin debt, and it’s yours today to enjoy.

I’ll tell you, see the contrast in the relationships. But now he’s got somebody else. This person is trying to hang on their own righteousness.”If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” You know, we all know and we’ve probably all been there…how it is when people are accused of something, let’s say, or you’re trying to pin them down on something. Oh, no. You start getting this defensive attitude. I’m not wrong. I didn’t do that. There’s 1001 ‘I didn’t’s and I’m not’s’. I’m not guilty!

There’s a sense of trying to so construct a self-righteousness, that there is a repellent attitude in the heart against the light of God because that light is gonna show the real deal. You don’t want that. You can’t stand that. You’re gonna have to try to create this illusion that you’re okay. I pray there’s nobody like that here. I pray that if you are, you will realize the folly of occupying this place. Because that’s not the truth and God loves you and He wants you to know the truth.

And He wants you to not be afraid to come to Him as dirty as you are, and just be honest and say, Lord, I need a Deliverer. I need You and I want You and I’m not afraid of the Light that would come and search me out. I’m not afraid of what people will think. I’m not afraid of anything. I just…I know I’m a sinner, Lord. I know that I’m like everybody else. I have the same inclinations as everybody else. I need a Saviour.

Boy, when you’ve got that kind of a spirit that just always wants to resist, and explain, and blame…that’s the culture we live in. It’s all about me and my rights to start with. And secondly, if anything bad happens anywhere around me, it’s somebody else’s fault. And if they’ve got any money, they’re gonna pay for it. That’s American culture today and it stinks.

And what God is talking about here is taking ownership of our own responsibility for what we are and what we do! Now I realize we were born in sin, but we become responsible when He gives us the truth--when He opens the door of hope to grasp that door and say, I want that Light to shine in every corner of my heart. I want to be Yours, Lord, without compromise.

You know, I said a minute ago, that much of what is really sin from the standpoint of the ultimate standard in our lives, we live and we just couldn’t even be conscious of naming every little thing. God just takes care of that stuff. But, there’s a lot of stuff that we need to take care of, that God wants to shine the Light, and point that thing out to us so that we can truly agree with Him, and repent, and acknowledge it.

And there is a place for a genuine repentance when God convicts us of something specific. When he brings it to our attention, He does it never with a condemning spirit! He does it with a heart of a loving Father who says, we’ve got to take care of this thing. I’ve made provision, but you cannot cling to that thing. Devils will feed on your soul if you cling to that lie, you cling to that darkness and that sin.

But oh, what a promise if we confess…that means “to say along with.” That means instead of standing here arguing with God or arguing with the light, we come over on this side. We become the prosecutor. We throw away the defense lawyer and we become the prosecutor and say, guilty. I absolutely, I specify I’m guilty. I lay down my…I’m throwing myself on the mercy of the court, just like David. Oh, Lord, You spoke the truth when You told me what I was. I’m the one that’s wrong. You’ve done everything right. There’s everything right about you and everything wrong about me. I confess my sin before you.

I’ll tell you, the world despises that. Our nature despises it, but God loves it. God is looking for people who have that kind of a humble, radical honesty and repentance and humility about them. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just. Think about our position. It’s as though we are laying on the floor completely dependant upon the mercy of the court. I mean, you’re in a position where there’s nothing you can say. You can’t say, well, yeah, I know I could have done better, but they did this, and they did that, and it’s because of that. No. We come and say, I’m taking ownership of the things that I’m responsible for. It doesn’t matter what anybody else said or did. I’m the one. Lord I did it. I’m guilty. I am throwing myself on the mercy of the court.

That mercy is pretty wonderful, isn’t it? Praise God! That’s why we can preach these things and it result in joy. Praise God! Yes, sometimes there’s some pain, there’s some humbling, there’s all those things, but they lead to joy and freedom. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins…” And he doesn’t stop there. “…And purify us from all unrighteousness.” We don’t have a God who does a halfway job. Man, He is so focused on the joy that Jesus was thinking about when He looked forward to what was gonna happen in eternity!

When you and I get there, we’re gonna look back and we’re gonna wonder what in the world we were thinking half the time. What were we thinking? How in the world could we have viewed life the way we did? God help us--God help us. God help me.

Of course he goes on to say, now he’s going back to other kind, “If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.” That sounds like a pretty radical fellowship--a pretty radical relationship, doesn’t it, to you? Well that was the way it was intended. This is not some easy-believeism, easy American kind of Christianity; this is something that is real.

It is meant to draw us out of the world, not to be holier-than-thou, certainly, but to be His people with an uncompromising attachment to Jesus Christ with a radical honesty before Him--with a radical desire for His Light to fill our hearts and our lives and to drive every bit of the darkness out, no matter what the cost or what the process. Lord, I want You. I want Your kingdom. I want to be Yours.

Everybody in this place today fits in this chapter somewhere. Where do you fit? I’ll just put it to you, what ought our reaction to be, to the reality of His truth, because it is His truth. This is what it’s like. It’s not what the atheist and all these other people say, this is God’s truth. This comes from Somebody who overcame death. It’s coming from Somebody who authenticated everything He ever did by rising from the dead and meeting with hundreds of His followers. They touched Him. They knew Him. They felt Him…they saw His power. They knew this was real. This is what John was talking about.

We need…I don’t care if it’s 20 centuries later, we need the same reality here today, now in this place. He hasn’t changed. If we’re not experiencing that it’s because we need something we don’t have. And I pray that God will absolutely take this truth and apply it to our lives wherever we’re at. If you’re a Christian, you’ve been on a bypath, run to the Light. You’re not happy. There’s something about you that’s miserable. You know something’s not right. You know the fellowship, the relationship that you’re supposed to have is broken.

Run to that light. Don’t be afraid. His arms are there. They are ready to wrap…He is ready to wrap His arms around you, and clean you, and tell you He loves you. Let’s just look to God. I don’t how…I haven’t got any words to add to this. We just need to be His people, don’t we? In an uncompromising way and know that he who has called us is gonna finish the job, and He’s gonna take us to be with Himself one day. I want to be on this trail. Praise God!