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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1349

Your Battle is God’s Battle

August 12, 2018

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— Brother Phil Enlow: Do you not think that you matter ? Do you not think that you matter to God, to the God of the universe? Do you not think that every issue that affects your life and mine, matters to Him deeply? Praise God! Am I telling you the truth? Is this just something I’m making up? Or is this the heart and the spirit that’s in this book?

( congregational amens ).

These things are given to us to remind us. Now one thing that impresses me in this is that while there is, while it’s true, that every battle that we fight is the Lord’s battle, there is still a part that we play in it. You notice where God intervened in some particular way, there was somebody there who believed Him, who understood that it was His battle, and had some sense, maybe there was a particular word of what to do, but they had a sense of, what is my part in this?

For Moses it was to stand there and tell the people, stand still and see the salvation of God, and then to stretch forth his hand. I’ll tell you, he’d feel mighty foolish to do all of that and then nothing happen. But I’ll tell you, there’s a God who backed him up. That’s all he had to do, was to exhibit faith and stand in faith.

What did they have to do in Jehoshaphat’s battle? What was the place of the people? Send the choir out, praise the Lord, you won’t need to fight in this battle! God arranged the victory and they didn’t have to fight!

There are other battles where it was necessary for them to go and to stand and to lay siege to a city or to do something else. But in every case, where they were really doing that, in the sense that I am part of something bigger than me, there is a God whose purpose is being served by this particular battle, and He has given me this particular place. As I do what He told me to do, God is going to empower and bring about the result that He wants.

Folks, that affects everyone of us. Every single day there’s something, and there’s no one formula about it. The formula, if you want one, is seek God and do what He says. But understand how immeasurably valuable and important you are to God. You matter to Him! Your burdens, the things that — the thoughts that come to you.

You come in here and you put on a smile that’s like — like that commercial where the lady holds up the smiley face when she’s feeling down. Yeah, but there’s a whole lot of that goes on in churches. How are you? I’m fine. And on the inside, you’re just kind of dying because there’s an oppression on your spirit.

Do you think God doesn’t see that? Do you think that there’s not a God who says, Devil, you’re coming against my child there, it’s not just them, you’re coming against Me? And He’s standing there, working with us and encouraging us.

I’ll tell you, if — well, let me backtrack and work into this this way, the Lord’s battle begins with the human heart by conquering the heart, doesn’t He? I mean, for someone to become His child, there is a war that is absolutely launched against the power of darkness, the power of self that wants to rule in our hearts.

And when He brings us to the end of ourselves and then there is a union, now all of a sudden, instead of being His enemies, which we were — we’re born into the enemy’s camp. No longer are we enemies. Now He died for us while we were still his enemies. That’s the amazing truth about His love! But now, all of a sudden, we have been pulled out of the power of darkness and brought, “…into the kingdom of his dear Son.” (KJV).

How did I get qualified to do that? He qualified me! One hundred percent of the virtue that enables me to claim such an amazing thing comes from Him! To Him be the glory, to the name of Jesus!

( congregational amens ).

Be all the praise and the glory! Oh folks, if you don’t see who He is and what this is about, I pray God will conquer you, because that’s the beginning of the battle the Lord is fighting. But oh, I’ll tell you, there are times in our lives where even as believers, we are still struggling with areas of willfulness. I’m gonna do it my way. I’m going to use my resources. I’m gonna, I’m gonna. And we can get ourselves in all kinds of things.

And even though there’s a battle that the Lord would readily fight, until we come and really bow our knees to Him, there are consequences to things that we choose to do. And even though He would fight the battle, there are things that we experience that we don’t have to.

I was thinking about the case of Asa. You remember after David and Solomon were — the kingdom that absolutely reached its zenith in Solomon’s day. He became the greatest king on the planet. Everybody heard about Solomon and Solomon’s God. But when he was done, the kingdom was split, wasn’t it? You had the ten tribes in the north that become known as Israel, you had the tribes in the south, became known as Judah.

And the northern kings never served God. Here and there were a few in the south, and in varying degrees did. Asa was one of those. He started off doing great. I mean, he was beginning to put away all the idolatry. He was looking to the Lord. He was beginning to restore some of the things that had been lost.

And all of a sudden, a battle arose. I think this was the battle, where all of a sudden 1,000,000 people, plus, an army of more than a million people showed up from Ethiopia. It’s kind of a lot like Jehoshaphat. All of a sudden, he’s going to the Lord. But there’s something in his prayer. If you want to read this sometime, it’s in 2nd Chronicles 14, I believe.

But anyway, there’s something in his prayer that I found very revealing. He said, “…do not let man prevail against you.” (NIV). Do you see what’s implicit in that? We’re your people. You have called us. You gave us this land. Lord, You are our God! When they come against us, they’re coming against You!

How many of you really sense that in your daily battles? That seems to be a theme that I can’t get out of my head. Are these things really relevant? You and I face things every single day, don’t we? Some of them are not on a cosmic scale. You don’t have a million-man army coming. But I’ll tell you, you have a spirit that just harasses you. You have situations and conflicts in the family. You have loved ones. You have needs that you see and there are battles that you’re fighting.

But how many of you see it as, this is something inspired of the prince of darkness that is coming against my God? And I have the right to stand here because I know He’s right here with me. And He is going to help me and encourage me. He’s going to give me the words I need. He’s gonna tell me what to do. And I am gonna stand here in confidence.

I’m gonna be like David. How dare you, Devil, stand here and do all this to me? I am a child of the living God. No, I’m certainly not perfect. There’s plenty wrong with me. But God’s working in me and that’s where my heart is headed. I believe that He who has begun that good work will…

( congregational response ).

…Continue to perform it, how long? Until I mess up too bad. No, “…until the day of Jesus Christ.” (KJV). There’s coming that glorious day when everything, as we’ve said, is gonna be brought together. Praise God!

So here’s Asa and he’s honestly praying and looking to God. He goes out and God gives him a great victory! I mean, he has nowhere near the number of men that the other side has. And there’s a tremendous victory.

And as he comes back, there’s a prophet who comes out and really encourages him and said, you looked to the Lord, you trusted in Him and when you walk with Him, He’ll be with you, and so forth…just a real encouragement. I encourage you to continue in the vein you’re going in. So Asa enjoyed a quiet reign and the blessing of God.

But later on in his life, there came another incident. Oftentimes there were problems between the two kingdoms. And this particular time the northern kingdom came and attacked the south. These were all Israelites. But they came and attacked the south.

So, what does Asa do? This is the guy who had this glorious experience of trusting God in an impossible situation. What does he do? He takes a bunch of stuff from the treasury and sends it with a messenger to the king of Aram and saying, will you be on my side and fight this battle for me? I mean, go figure! This guy has no memory at all! And all of a sudden — but of course, we’re not like that at all, right?

( laughter ).

We always remember how it really works. We would never do such a thing. But all of a sudden, he’s looking for help from the flesh. And the Lord sends a prophet to Asa and says, because you didn’t trust me, and he enumerated the consequences. And Asa was in such a spiritual condition, he put the prophet in prison!

I’ll tell you folks, we need the Lord! We need — there are times when we could bring trouble on ourselves because we’re gonna fix the situation. We’re all pretty good as fixers, being fixers, aren’t we? But I’ll tell you, there isn’t a situation that comes against a child of God where we don’t need to humble ourselves and say, Lord, this is not my battle ultimately. This is Your battle.

And my eyes are on You, Lord. I may think I know what to do. I think I know how this is supposed to work out. But I don’t know. And God, I am putting this need, here, in Your hands. And I’m looking to You for wisdom, Lord. You can give me a word. You can quicken something out of Your Word that will give me direction, it will give me faith.

How many of you have been in situations where you really worked hard to fix something because you knew how it was supposed to be? And finally, you quit spinning your wheels and you step back and say, all right, Lord, it’s up to You. And the Lord fixed it. But He didn’t do it your way. He did it His way.

I’ll tell you, we’ve got an amazing God. And how He longs for us to learn His ways in things like this. But it begins with the understanding that though your little battle might just be something in your mind, it might be something in your family, though your little battle may seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, it’s not. If you’re His, it matters, and He takes it personally.

Again, I sense God’s heart in this, not as one of condemnation, but one of yearning, one of longing for us to grow up and to learn what it means to be His children, to be loved beyond any measure that we can imagine, to know that the smallest, simplest things, are things He cares about.

So, I want to be like Asa when he was young. I want to be like Jehoshaphat. But yet, as I say, most of our battles are not on that scale. But they’re exactly the same in terms of what God has said. And that identification with Him, I think of scriptures like, Romans 8, “…If God be for us, who can be against us?”

He that — and it’s right in the framework of a passage about the purpose of God to bring, to conform us to the image of His son, to bring us all the way to a state of glory, and if God be for us who can be against us? It goes right into that. This is God’s purpose for you and for me! But if we’re going to be His children, if we’re gonna arrive there that day, He’s not looking for robots. He’s not looking for dolls, who sit there and just — where you get carried there. He is looking for sons and daughters.

And sons and daughters of a holy God learn in the arena of life how to choose what is right and to say, no, to what is wrong, how to actually take a side, because this world is at war. There is, if you don’t know it — well, you got to know it. There is a cosmic battle, as I said, going on between darkness and light. And God is calling His people to stand on one side and to realize that we stand. And we don’t stand alone, we stand with Him. So I just, I don’t know, is this making sense this morning?

( congregational response ).

Do you see the need for us to draw attention to the fact that we don’t live this way, like we should? How many of you are gonna go out from here and you’re gonna face something tomorrow, or you’re gonna come back and face something that you’ve been facing? Yeah.

Dorsey and Chris, right? Got a major one going on. But you’re not alone. There’s Someone who’s standing right beside you who knows what you’re going through right now. And I say that to every other person in this place today. What is it that you’re going through right now that has been a source of distress to you? It might be something nobody else knows about, it’s just going on in here.

But I want you to know, this God, this Lord, who said to Saul, why are you persecuting ‘Me,’ when he was persecuting ordinary Christians, that is an attack against Him and He is right there. He’s not sitting there saying, what’s the matter with you, why don’t…? He is trying to lift you up and encourage you and teach you to be His child and to grow up, and to realize what He’s provided for us.

And when we don’t do it right, does that mean, as I say, that He just stands back and lets us stew? No, He’s right there. The moment we cry, the moment we call. You think of what David, the man after God’s own heart, went through and the victories that he won. The same guy who killed Goliath, failed really hard late in his kinghood. There were consequences. There were battles. There was a rebellion in his kingdom. His own son drove him out of Jerusalem. He had to flee from his own son. There were real consequences.

But did that mean that God abandoned him, that he had no right then to call upon God because he’d messed up? You never see him come to that place where he doesn’t just come and humble himself and say, oh God, Lord, I’ve sinned. He took an honest stance before God. But God never, ever left him. In his darkest moment, David knew that he could always turn to God and God would continue to fight his battles. Even though those battles wouldn’t have been necessary, yet, now that he was in them, God was right there. It’s was the Lord’s battles, still. Is that relevant to anybody here?

( congregational response ).

Yeah. Your battles are His battles, end of story. We need to start living and believing that.

I just thought of a couple of scriptures that just encouraged me. One of them is one of Ken’s favorite, a little bit of Isaiah 43. “But now, this is what the Lord says—he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel….” (NIV). Do you see, it’s not only that He’s shown up somehow late in the scene, this is a God who planned it from the beginning? God planned for you and for me in the beginning! He knew your name long before your mother did! He knew your name. Praise God!

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you….” This is, boy, this is past tense, isn’t it? This was written to a people who were in a dark time. Things didn’t look good. They had the promises of God about the glorious future and what God was gonna do because of raising up the children of Israel. And it didn’t look like it at the time.

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters…” — not if, when — “…I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for your ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead.

“Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.”

Who’s He talking about? Think about where this is in history. Think about what’s going on. God raised up Israel and He brought them to a fruition in the ministry of Christ! And those among the nation who were children of Abraham’s faith, that’s who God considered to be Israel! And from that vantage point, from that work through Christ and the calling of the remnant of Israel, the Gospel has gone everywhere, and you and I are part of this. See, what he’s talking about here, involves you and me today! God was planning it right then, promising it!

“I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.” Are we not in the west? “I will say to the north, Give them up! and to the south, Do not hold them back. Bring my sons from far and my daughters from the ends of the earth—everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

My God, we’re a part of something that is just amazing. Praise God! But oh, how we need to be able to translate this, these glorious truths into our everyday lives. And realize that the little things, little — sometimes they’re not little to us — but the seemingly little things that you and I experience every day, they’re His battles and we have the right to stand in faith and look to Him and ask Him for the strength and expect that He is going to be with us.

Every battle is going to be unique to the situation and to what God is accomplishing in you and through you. Some of it, God’s gonna be conquering us. That’s gonna be the battle. How many of you know what that’s about? Yeah. When, the real issue is not out there. That’s what you think it is. But the real issue is God’s conquering here.

But as we learn how to yield and how to humble ourselves before Him, we’re going to become more and more aligned with Him. And the more aligned with Him, the more effective we are, the more effective we’re gonna be able to be in standing against things that are out there, and withstanding the things that come in here, in these minds of ours.

But what an awesome truth that it is, your battle is God’s battle! And my battle is God’s battle. And I just want to encourage myself, I feel the need of this. It’s so easy just to give out theoretical, feel-good truth, but I want something that I can go with, I can hang with on Monday, makes a difference in my life. That’s what He wants!

Guess what? God’s not wanting just a lecture series, where you understand a whole lot of ideas. God is wanting to change you and me and the way we live, and the rest that we have when we face the things that we face in life, because they’re gonna be there. They’re real. God allows them.

But God never sends you and me a battle so that we will be defeated. He sends battles so that we can experience victory. We can experience the joy of choosing to trust Him, making that choice to believe Him, and to stand upon His Word, and experiencing His triumph over it.

And we’re gonna see the devil have to back down. As I said, there are so many things that have come up lately about fighting battles over people, fighting for people, fighting for our young, fighting for the next generation in our spirits.

But how many times are we beaten down because we don’t understand that some other aspect of the devil coming against us and discouraging us by our deficiencies and our weaknesses? We don’t understand, that’s His battle, too. And we have every right as His children to believe His Word and to take a stand and expect God to be with us. And I’ll tell you, He’s gonna get the glory in the end, isn’t He?

( congregational amens ).

So remember that. Your battle is God’s battle.