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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1348

Your Battle is God’s Battle
Part One

August 5, 2018

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— Brother Phil Enlow: I’d like to turn to a familiar scripture just as a jumping off point, but there’s a theme out of it that I’m interested in. It’s not a new one but it’s something that I feel like the Lord wants me to explore, and that’s in 1st Samuel chapter 17, a very familiar scripture and familiar account. And this is the account, of course, of David and Goliath.

And we see a battle that has been joined in Israel. The Philistines have gathered and they’ve mustered their forces and apparently they are employing a tactic that evidently was something that they used in that day…basically saying, we’re not gonna fight everybody, we’re gonna send a champion out and it’s gonna be a one-on-one and whoever wins that, wins the whole thing. But, of course, their champion happened to be over nine feet tall. That helped a whole bunch on their side, they thought.

And so they sent him out and days and weeks went by and every time Goliath came out and just challenged them and just basically just tore into God’s people, and mocked them, and did everything he could to stir things up.

The response of the people was, what? It was fear, wasn’t it? You know, all they saw was the physical side of the battle and they measured their strength against the strength of this giant, and they said, we don’t have anybody that could possibly go up against this guy. So, there was kind of a stalemate for a while until young David was sent by his father to take food to his older brothers who were soldiers.

And, even his brothers…one of them mocked him a little bit, saying…you’re just here to see the battle, didn’t take him very seriously. I mean, he arrived and saw this and said, what’s the deal here? I don’t get this. I don’t understand. This guy has no idea what he’s up against.

He had an entirely different perspective, didn’t he? And so, he’d already had some experience with the Lord, as we’ve pointed out many times, where the Lord allowed him to experience battles, if you will, where he was keeping the sheep, and a lion came out in one case, a bear came out in another, and he was able to win the victory against them.

He realized his place, realized that God had put him in charge there and he relied on the Lord, and there was a victory on his side. So, he had some experience under his belt, but somehow God had enabled him to see things from a different perspective.

And you and I need that perspective. This is not just some biblical history that we’re talking about. God wants to make this kind of a truth--this truth real in our daily lives. How many feel the need of that? I certainly do. We can affirm this and rejoice and say, isn’t that great, what God did? But yet, we face battles every single day, don’t we? But do we realize the true nature of those battles?

And so, David talked up what his analysis of the situation was, and the word got back to the king. The king called him in and tried to fit him with his armor.

( laughing ).

And David said, I’m not used to this. This is ridiculous. So, he went back to what he knew and went out there unarmed, except for a sling and the five stone…didn’t even need the four of them. And he ran into the battle and, of course, immediately the giant looked at him and, man, he was really contemptuous to the nth degree, mocked him, mocked his God.

And, David said, this is verse 45 in chapter 17, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” (NIV). There’s a different perspective, isn’t it? He says, you’re not coming against a nation. You’re not coming against an army. You’re coming against the God of that army.

“This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.” Whoa! Don’t we need a bit of that?

( congregational response ).

More than a bit. If we understood the battle--if we understood the true nature of the battle that we are engaged in every single day, it would change our approach. It would change our attitude about it and certainly he understood that.

“All those gathered here….” So it’s not just for the sake of the whole world…Israel’s army was sitting there in a state of defeat and unbelief. “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”

And that’s the central thought…as I say, it’s not a new one to us, but the battle is the Lord’s! You know, David — I don’t know how much of the big picture David saw, but there is a big picture that you and I need to constantly think about and be aware of, at least. And the fact is, there is a war that is cosmic, if you will, in its scope. It is the war of God’s Kingdom and Satan’s kingdom and it’s very real. And, we are in the middle of it and that takes place in the unseen realm, but here we are affected by that. And, in saying that there is a cosmic battle, it’s not the same as saying that there is anything that is doubt about that. Thank God!

You know, we see a glimpse of this in Revelation chapter 12 in the scripture you are familiar with when John the Revelator was allowed to see in the spirit and he saw war in heaven, didn’t he? He saw the angels of God and Satan’s angels, Satan’s hosts, literally engaged in a battle, and what happened in that battle? What happened? Did Satan win?

( congregational response ).

No! He did not prevail! Not only that, he was cast out of heaven. There was a total defeat that took place. And, I believe with all my heart that was a picture of something that took place in history that we talked about and was mentioned this morning. That was the victory that was won at the cross.

Thank God that we are not fighting from — the battles that we face every day in our lives, we are not fighting from a position of defeat. We are fighting based upon the victory that was won, once and for all, at the cross! Jesus cried, “It is finished.” Talk about the cry of a king, the voice of a king, when it looked — to everybody looking on, it looked like the worst defeat in the history of the world and it was the greatest victory, because it absolutely sealed the outcome. There is nothing Satan can do to change what happened at Calvary. Thank God! He has already lost and he knows!

You wonder why there is such a spirit of anger — you notice that in the world? Just, the affairs of men, there is — I mean, everybody’s angry about something and it’s getting worse and it’s getting worse, every single day. But I’ll tell you, the spirit behind that is the Devil and he knows that his time is short.

And we don’t need to be dismayed by that. In fact, we need to be lifting up our heads because our redemption is drawing nearer and nearer. Thank God! Do you really believe that one day this is going to be gone, that God has won, that there is coming a day when God is going to say, all right, it’s time? It’s time! Everything that I have been accomplishing in the world — My whole purpose has come to a head and now it’s time to pull it all together! Jesus Christ, go back and get Your bride and take care of business down there. And there’s gonna be a final judgment and a final disposition.

I’ll tell you, it’s going to come. It is as sure as we are sitting here right now. Thank God! But every battle within human experience takes place as a part of this. And God, as we’ve said so many times, has an eternal purpose. And that purpose is a purpose that involves warfare. It involves God coming on a rescue mission because you and I need rescue!

( congregational amens ).

Whether you realize it or not — I think many here do, because we just sang “Just As I Am.” Implicit in that song is the fact that we have needs that we cannot meet. We are in a position where we are utterly dependant. If God does not help us, there is no help. It’s not in us and He doesn’t call on us to come and fix ourselves up so we can come and say, here I am, I’ve done my best, I’ve fixed myself up and now I present myself to You. We are told to come as we are.

Oh, praise God! Praise God! How many are glad for that reality? Because if it were any other way, I wouldn’t be here, I can guarantee you. The Lord’s shown me enough about what’s really in here that I know that if He didn’t help me, I would have absolutely zero help.

Oh, I’ll tell you, that’s one of the greatest revelations any human being could have, to see your heart and to know what you are on the inside. But then to know, in the face of that blackness and the bleakness, if you will, of that need, the extremity of that need, to know that there is a God who sees past that, who has a purpose, that’s able to fix that, is able to take us as we are and transform us and make us into His children who can live with Him forever.

Thank God for the promise of Jesus Christ who said, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (KJV). Gates are something that holds captives in, aren’t they? You know, in the old days, they used to lay siege to cities and they had such primitive weapons that walls were an effective deterrent and gates and all of that.

But I don’t care what Satan does when it comes to erecting walls around his prisoners, God is going to rescue every single one of His! The battle is not in doubt! Thank God! Thank God, the battle is truly the Lord’s!

And that was the thing that David realized as he ran into that battle. He said, I get this, I see the physical side of this. I know that by every human measure I am inadequate to face this battle. I know that guy over there is a warrior and he’s twice the size that I am, and he’s experienced and all of that. There’s no help for me, but I get this.

This is a deeper thing. There’s an inspiration behind what he’s doing. There’s an inspiration that’s causing him to attack the people of God. The spirit that is behind him is the same spirit that rose up against God in the beginning, and said, “I will be like the most High.” I am not gonna serve Him. I’m gonna serve me. I’m gonna do my thing. And that is the spirit that he has infused this whole world system with.

Folks, there is a battle and people are on one side or the other — that is going on in our world today. But thank God that on this occasion David realized the nature of the battle and there was, not only the sense that this is God’s battle, this was something where, I’ve got a part to play. I’m gonna step forward in faith because I know that this is God’s battle. He’s going to take whatever I have and whatever He puts in my hand to use, and it’s going to absolutely do the job that’s needed to be done, because it’s not my battle. The battle is the Lord’s.

You know — I feel this in my spirit and I see it in myself, how easy it is to look back at something like this, and as I said earlier, to say like, yay, God! This is great. This is awesome. This is wonderful truth. It makes me feel good. But to what degree do we walk in this? To what degree do we understand this when it comes to the battles that you and I fight every single day?

We’re prone to think of David, oh yes, David, the great hero. Moses! Oh yeah. Daniel and the three Hebrew children, oh these heroes of the faith! They were different than we are and their cause was so great, and I’m just nobody — and next thing you know, it becomes irrelevant. There’s a disconnect, when God wants us to see that and understand something that you and I can take out of here today and face what we face today, and tomorrow and the next day, and understand that it’s real, that it actually should make a difference in the way we live, exactly what Josh just said a few minutes ago. Do we live it? Do we live as if it’s true?

You know, one of the, I guess perhaps, one of the underlying principles of this, besides the fact that God is doing something that’s eternal — it’s His heart, it’s in His heart to do. It isn’t based upon our merit, as we’ve said many times. So we certainly have that going on.

But in the process of doing what it is that He is doing, one of the most amazing truths that we need to get on a personal level, is the absolute identification of God with His people. I mean, this was not an attack by a heathen nation against a people. This was an attack against God! And God saw it as an attack against Him!

And it did not depend, did it, upon the worthiness of the people? But this was a people that God had called to Himself and identified Himself with, and because He was identified with Himself, everything that happened to them was something that was affecting Him and He took it personally.

Again, this is one of those truths that we can affirm, but somehow when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of life on the emotional level, this is a hard one to understand, hard one to grasp and to really believe that when Satan attacks you, he’s attacking Him. Do you understand that?

You know, think about Saul, the Jew, when he was called by Jesus Christ to the Gospel, think about — I mean, I often wonder — I see the wisdom of God in the way that he was called. There was a truth that is so rich that it colored and it informed Paul’s entire ministry after that. Somehow, he had an understanding of the nature of God’s Kingdom and the nature of God’s church and the total union and identification of Christ with His people, because when he was called, all of a sudden, he was knocked off his horse, you remember? And a bright light shined around him and a voice said, Saul, Saul, what?

( congregational response ).

Why are persecuting…

( congregational response ).

Me? He didn’t say, why are you persecuting My people, My followers down there? He said, why are you persecuting Me?

Do you really get that this morning? Do you understand what the implication of that is? Do you think that these were people who were different than we are, that somehow they had arisen to a spiritual level and suddenly Jesus was not ashamed to say, I’m one with them? If you do something to them, you’re doing it to Me.

I thank God that He is able to identify with me and with you, even in the process of what God is doing in our lives, because we are imperfect people. Oh, how the Devil loves to single you out, and tell you, look around, everybody else is doing great. They have conquered, they have risen to a spiritual level and everything is great in their lives, but look at you. Look at the fears, look at the fightings, look at the defeats, look at all the things that are wrong with you! You don’t even belong here.

I’ll bet you there’s one or two of you that the Devil’s told that to. But I’ll tell you, on the authority of God’s Word, if you are His, Jesus Christ identifies Himself with you in your weakest moment. The greatest place where you feel so unworthy, so defeated — and I’ll tell you, I think I said something about this recently — are we one of His?

I’ll tell you, if God has put something down in here, and there is a desire on the inside to know Him and to be right with Him and all those kinds of things, if that’s in there, how did it get there? He put it there! If God had not singled you out and called you to His kingdom, that wouldn’t be there! You need to reach out and say, praise God!

( congregational amens ).

He has reached out to an unworthy sinner and I refuse to listen to that junk anymore, that tells me I’m not His! I’m trusting Him in these battles that I’m facing right now and I’m gonna stand fast on His promise and His Word and His character, all of which gives me a place to stand. Praise God!

And so David, as I say, stood on that, on that occasion and he understood, again, the nature of the battle! This is Satan coming against God, and not only that, I see the wisdom of God in this. I don’t know how much he understood at this point. Well, yes he did, because he said, the whole world is gonna know. How many times does God do something and allow something, allow an attack of the enemy, and God is allowing the Devil to hang himself. God is allowing a work to done, a victory to be won, and — praise God! Come on, brain.

( laughter ).

And the word about that, the story, everything about, the account, I guess, is what I’m trying to say, the account of that is gonna go to the ends of the world! Everybody’s gonna hear about it!

And you know, God will take something where the Devil says, I’m gonna win, I’m gonna attack God. I know I can’t go up to heaven and do anything there, but here are these people. I know their weaknesses. I know all about them and I’m gonna take advantage of that and, man, I’m gonna win a great victory.

And God comes in and there’s somebody, a little boy with a slingshot, and he says, wait a minute, I know what this battle is about and I’m gonna step into this because my God is bigger than all of you put together. And all I need to do is step into this breach and do what I know to do. And my God is going to do something and everybody in the world is gonna hear about it.

Can you imagine the caravan traders going around on their camels all around the known world of that day — did you hear what happened in Israel? There was this nine-foot giant and he stood there and a little boy went out with his sling and he killed the giant. And they completely routed the army. Did you hear about that? I wouldn’t be surprised if people over in China heard about David! God turned a situation that looked hopeless around.

Do you know the battles that God allows in your life and mine are for so many purposes that are part of his great, grand purpose? In the first place, He’s teaching us lessons of faith, isn’t He? He’s teaching you and me to take a stand! He’s teaching you and me to understand the fact that there is a battle going on, that we have the right to stand up and not just be beat on.

And I’ll tell you, thing that weakens me so many times is the voice of the enemy that tells me that I am not worthy to stand up. Anybody else here ever experience that? Yeah. Who are you? You’re getting this because you deserve it!

You know, I was thinking about this principle, “the battle is the Lord’s,” and I was just saying to myself, yeah, but how do I know if this battle is the Lord’s? Isn’t it true that I get myself in bad situations sometimes and I do the wrong thing and it’s my fault that I’m there? Anybody ever fought that battle? Yeah.

And I just had this strong sense from the Lord that it doesn’t matter. It matters that we learn how to walk with God! That matters. But it does not matter — when it comes to His children, every battle we fight is the Lord’s battle and He takes it personally. How easy is it for us to project human thinking upon God and it goes like this. You got yourself into that. You get yourself out. And we would, if you put it that way, we would say, oh no, He’s not like that. But yet, we act as if He is.

You know, when I get myself — when I do something stupid and I make a wrong decision, I make choices that are not right, that are willful, that are selfish, and all those kinds of things — and I get the consequences of that, does that mean that God just turns His back on me and lets me muddle in my own — stew in my own juices? Or is He right there, if I will humble myself and acknowledge how I got there and say, God, forgive me, cleanse me, help me, will He not reach down to where I’m at and lift me out and stand and help me through that situation? Yes, of course He will! How many know that from experience?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! You’ve been there. You’ve tasted those kinds of things. I’ll tell you, we serve a God — and I don’t care, if you’re His, every battle you fight, every battle I fight is the Lord’s battle ultimately, because He is the One who has set Himself to rescue a people who have no possible earthly claim to what He has given to us. Praise God!