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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1325

The Solid Rock

February 25, 2018

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— Brother Phil Enlow: There is nothing here of permanence! And my God, if you’ve never seen your need of Christ and the foundation that God has laid, my prayer is God will break down your world and He will talk to your mind or He’ll bring you the circumstances where you wake up and say, I don’t have what I need! I’ve been walking in my own understanding! I’ve been trusting in myself! I’ve listened to the voices of the world and I’ve let them shape my thinking! Oh, what I’m living for, what I’m trusting in is not enough!

And you know, even if you were fortunate enough, if you want to call it that, to have a prosperous life, healthy, long, full of accomplishment, full of wealth and all of that, suppose you had that all the way till the end of your life…like Jesus said, if you, “…gain the whole world…” (KJV), then what? Then what?

If that’s all you’ve got, you have lost everything because death is gonna win! There is one enemy that stands against the human race! I don’t care what the scientists do, they will never conquer death! But I’ll tell you, I serve One, He is my master, He is my Lord! He conquered death!

( congregational amens ).

He went to the Cross and He died. And Satan and Hell had a party for three days! And that party turned into shrieks of terror when He came out of that tomb. Boy, the angels came down and rolled back the door, but they didn’t roll back…the stone that covered it. They didn’t roll the stone away to let Jesus out. They rolled the stone away to let the disciples in to see what had happened!

You know, they wrapped His body in one cloth and His head in another. And they went in there and the cloths were exactly where they had been. It’s just that they had sunk down and there’s nothing in them anymore. Oh, I’ll tell you what, He came out, didn’t He?

You know, God has demonstrated the reality of the foundation that He laid! It’s not built on fantasy! It’s not built on religious philosophy! It’s not built on a system of self-righteousness! It’s built on a Savior who carried my sins to a Cross!

( congregational amens ).

All the judgment that I deserve fell upon Him in my place! He stood there and He took it and He went to the Cross! Oh, my! And He went into that grave and I went there with Him. That’s what the foundation is about. I don’t care what you do as a human being. There is no deliverance from sin outside of Jesus Christ.

( congregational amens ).

And if there’s no deliverance from sin, there’s no deliverance from death and judgment. Because God has declared, “…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” And I’ll tell you, if the foundation you’re living upon, that you’re building your life upon does not include, or it isn’t trusting fully in what Jesus accomplished for you at the Cross, then you are not ready to face Him.

( congregational amens ).

Oh, you need to call upon His name to open your heart and open your eyes and show you your need ‘cause you need what He’s talking about here. These people didn’t know it! They were so stubborn in their hearts, it didn’t matter what God said to them! They said, no, we’re good to go. And they didn’t find out until it was too late.

But there is a foundation. God…you think about what we face as human beings. There’s not a one of us who hasn’t sinned. Not one of us! If God were going to judge us by our record, every single one of us…if we looked at our lives in the light of God’s truth and God’s character, God’s standard, every one of us would have a record that would be…would put us away for eternity. I mean, there is no, there’s no escaping it!

But suppose, just somehow, I could figure out a way to get rid of all that. Okay, I’m good to go, right? No, the problem that created that is still here. It’s not just what I’ve done, it’s what I am!
If I have a foundation for life that I’m resting upon and it doesn’t with this, what good is it? It might get me through this life to a certain degree, but then what? Oh, my God! But God has done what I could never do! He’s given me a place to stand that I can stand with confidence!

( congregational amens ).

It’s not like He says, all right, I’ll get you to the starting line, now, it’s up to you. Oh, thank God! He goes with me. He carries me all the way. He gives me a place where I can stand, and it’s solid, and it’s real, and the devil can never attack it! It doesn’t matter what storm comes. It never bothers that foundation. Praise God!

Are you on that? Are you on that foundation? That’s one question today.

But there’s another one. Look at the last statement in verse 16. It says, “…the one who trusts will never be dismayed.” (NIV). Now, getting on that foundation, being brought to the place where we recognize our need of salvation and we come to Him and it’s just as I am, Lord. I know that I don’t deserve anything, but I come because of Your promise. I come because of what You did in my place. I bow before the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh God, forgive my sins. I turn from them, but I come to You to give me a new heart and a new life. There is a ‘being planted’ on that foundation.

But I think we realize and we know just from testimonies this morning and from what we all go through, that there’s more to it from a practical standpoint than just that, because we can be on the foundation in the sense that God has called us, and our destiny is certain, not because of who we are but because of what He has done. But how much do we enjoy the benefits of that foundation?

As I say, how many of us come to trials and come to difficulties and dark places in our lives, and we’re dismayed by them? You know what being dismayed is? Your confidence is gone. You think oh, I’ve got to fix this. And then, you suddenly realize it’s bigger than you are and no matter what you do, I feel like I’m defeated.

How many of you have a voice in your head that tells you that all the time? You’re no good. You’ll never make it. No matter how hard you try, you’ve been this way all your life. Do you not hear the serpent? Where is your confidence? Where is your trust?

See, there’s a practical side to this where God’s dealing with me about things and I know He’s dealing with you. That’s part of the work. That’s part of climbing that mountain. There is a mountain ahead. It’s real! I mean, the peak is real. But the strength of God to get there is real, too.

( congregational amens ).

It’s the one who trusts! There is a quality of spirit that God is looking for, that when I face the things, the adversities of life, my confidence is not turned to what I once trusted in. It’s not that I lean upon my own understanding. Didn’t Solomon say that? “Trust in the Lord…”

( congregational response )

“…With all your heart and…” Do what? “…Lean not on your own understanding.” But how many of us do that? Oh, we go back to our roots. We go back to ideas we’re ingesting from the world. We ask our friends, what do you think about it? And we need to be going to God. We need to be recognizing that there is truth. Jesus Christ ‘is’ the truth. And I tell you, the wisdom that comes from Him is what we need if your facing something in your life.

Paul told us in Colossians chapter 2, I believe it is…you can look it up some time. In Him…he’s talking about Jesus. “…In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” So, what are we supposed to do when we face things? Are we supposed to say, oh God, what am I gonna do? I’ve got to find a proof text.

God, I need You. Lord, You have promised…You’ve got wisdom that I don’t know anything about. Lord, I’m waiting to hear Your voice. I want to hear what You have to say about this. I want to see this situation. I want to see that person that bothers me. I want to see this circumstance. I want to see…I want to see where I’m supposed to be at right now. I want to have that sense of trust. But God, if there’s something for me to do, I’m asking You to show me.

You know, many times over the years the Lord has emphasized that passage in Isaiah 50, where the prophet said, “Who among you fears the Lord….” I don’t remember all of it, but basically, it’s a person…who’s looking to God who understands his place in God, but then, he’s in a place of darkness. And the darkness he’s talking about is, I’m in a place I don’t understand, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what God’s trying to do. I don’t know why. And there are things I just don’t know. I don’t understand. But I want…but what do you do then?

What does the prophet say? He says, let him trust. There is a trust and there is a staying. There is a…I’m here. God has put me on a foundation. I am not gonna get antsy if God doesn’t come across and give me full-blown wisdom right now. I’m not gonna go looking for the answers somewhere else. I’m not gonna say, well, God’s not doing something, so He expects me to do it. God helps those who help themselves.

( laughter ).

How many of you know that’s not in the Bible?

( laughter ).

That’s man’s wisdom is exactly right. Now, there’s a time for me to act, but it’s act in accordance with Him, and it’s allowing…it’s not I, but Christ. It’s Christ living in me as I yield to Him. There is action that needs to be taken sometimes.

But there are times that all that I can do is stay upon my God and say, God, I’m here. And if there is something You want me to know, I’m depending on You to show me. But until You do, I’m here. If You don’t show me something, it’s because that’s where I’m supposed to be, and You’ve got this. You are on the throne. You know what’s going on. I rest in Your hands. I rest in Your care. Help me when the time comes to act, You’re gonna give me wisdom. And remember, the wisdom that is from above is what?

( congregational response ).

It’s pure, and it’s peaceable. Oh, I tell you, every other kind of wisdom there is this unsettled, uncertain, there’s something that’s just not right. But if we’re willing to stand, then God is gonna help those who wait upon Him and whose trust is in Him.

And trust, boy, it’s like a muscle, isn’t it? You’ve got to use it. You’ve got to develop it. It just isn’t some magic thing. Oh, I’ve I got this bundle of, this bunch of trust that’s been dumped into me, and I’m good to go. It is something that we need to exercise.

And you know, the very fact that He uses that expression, “…the one who trusts will never be dismayed.” Does that not clearly imply that there are going to be things that come our way that will attack our trust, that will attack our foundation? It will seemingly attack our security, our knowledge, our wisdom, whatever it is, in whatever form this thing comes. If I have got to trust, I’m trusting against something that’s coming against me.

And so, you see the wisdom in the hand of God. You know, the scripture was quoted a while ago, in all things, God works. It doesn’t say in spite of all things either, does it?

( laughing ).

It says ‘in’ all things. God has a big tool box. Praise God! But it’s a good tool box, and the end is gonna be good. But, “…in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

And what’s His purpose? The purpose is to make us like Him. How many of you are exactly like Him right now, and the job is done? No, if you’re not, and I’m not, then, there’s work yet to be done! And God’s going to do what it takes to bring us, to answer our prayers.

How many of you said, oh Lord, I need You. I want to be like You. I want to be more…well, praise God! God’s answering your prayer. What are you complaining about?

( laughter ).

What am I complaining about? But you know, that’s why we need, constantly, we need to be lifting up the Lord Jesus in these simple truths. I mean, they’re real.

And you know, I mean, you could go down so many lines of thought here, depending on what your issue is. But I’ll tell you, there’s one thing about this foundation that absolutely makes it stand above all else, and that’s the fact that’s it’s not just dealing with time.

This is not just a foundation for life. You know, a lot of people preach a supposed gospel that plants me on a foundation that leads to prosperity and health and blessing, and I can triumph! I can be the head and not the tail! I can…but they’re thinking in earthly terms. They’re thinking of me succeeding in life and becoming rich and powerful and comfortable and all those kinds of things.

My God, all that would do would be to feed the flesh and to feed that old nature. God can bless if that’s what He wants. But I’ll tell you, when we start using that in a prideful, self-centered way, that’s working exactly against what He has set out to do. But He has given us a foundation that will stand regardless of what happens.

And here’s the thing, it doesn’t stop with this life! It brings us through this life, but it brings us all the way to eternity! It will never give way! This whole world will burn up! When God’s through with it, when the whole program is done, this world is going to be burned up with fire. This whole creation will be done away and replaced with one, “…wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (KJV). But this foundation will endure through that transition. It will take us safely all the way. Praise God! Praise God!

How many of you need to be encouraged today? I certainly do. We’re in those places right now where we need to be reminded where we stand! And if you’re feeling defeated, if you’re feeling dismayed today, we need to stop and check up and say, what am I trusting in?

What am I listening to? Am I listening to that record that’s playing in my head and believing it, just because it feels that way or it looks that way? I need to go back to the Word of God and say, wait a minute. God has said this, and I don’t care what I feel.

Like Ron said when he came in this morning, I don’t care what I feel like. I’m gonna worship God because He’s real, and He’s right. And God blessed that, didn’t He? Yes, He did. I’ll tell you, faith has to be exercised against all of the things that rise up to challenge it.

And there is a God who will strengthen us. We’re gonna find that there’s virtue that flows into us. It’s not a matter of looking for a feeling or trying to achieve this high like some people are looking for. But it’s just simply to be able to walk, to put one foot in front of the other and say, God, I’m on this journey, but You’re here with me. And I don’t care what happens, You have planted my feet on solid ground.

And we can say like David, “Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.” (KJV). Though the sea roar…I can’t remember the exact quotation, but it’s in Psalm 46, I think.

But oh, I’ll tell you what. There is a confidence that God wants to build in you and me. But there’s a practical side to that where God wants us to get up every morning and look to Him, and say, God, You’ve got this day. You are my strength, whatever I face today. Lord, You have planted my feet on a rock. You have planted my feet upon a rock that no devil in hell can assail.

And because I stand upon that rock, I stand in the victory of the One who planted that, who is that Rock. My Master sits on a throne. Every devil that assails me is defeated. And I sit there with Him. I occupy that place. I have the right to sit there and not be intimidated by any devil that talks to me, any circumstance. I can look them in the eye and say devil, you were defeated, and I stand in His victory. I don’t have to listen to you. I don’t have to be afraid.

Boy, every one of us is assaulted by fear, are we not? Yeah, that’s just common condition among human beings! But God has brought us to a place where we do not have to give in to fear. We don’t have to listen to the voices that tell me, that tell us, you’re no good. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never make it. Look at somebody else. They’re doing fine, and look at you, and look at what you’re feeling, and look at all the stuff you’re facing. You’re just…you’re defeated.

What do we do when that happens? Do we rise up and go back to the foundation and go back to the Word of God and say, God, You have planted my feet? You’ve given me a source of knowledge and wisdom this world does not know anything about. And You’ve told me that You will bring me to a place where I do not have to be dismayed by what happens. It doesn’t matter what happens.

I don’t have to look at that and feel…oh my God. it’s all over, I’m defeated. We can rise up and say in the name of Jesus, Devil, I take my stand. Whether God pours, dumps a bunch of feelings in my heart right now or not, I am the one that’s on top here, and I’m not on top because I’m anything. You can point to some of my failures. I have the privilege, because of this foundation, of standing on it and saying oh, God, I need You.

Lord, I see this thing that I did, this thing that I allowed in my life. But I have the privilege the moment I’m aware of it to bring it to Your feet. And the Word says, You are, “…faithful and just to forgive…and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I don’t have to labor under the guilt of sin. I have a place I can go.

“There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emanuel’s veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains.” You don’t have to go on in the guilt and the sense of failure! Look at what I did and the Devil’s just beating you over the head with what you did and what you are and all of those things.

My God, we have the right to stand up and come to Him with confidence. We didn’t build this foundation! It’s not as though I did it, and it’s just not quite good enough! He did it, and it’s perfect.

So, there are really two questions morning. As I say, you can go on and on with this, and I don’t want to belabor what…I want to say what needs to be said. The first question, are you on that foundation to begin with? Have you ever let go of your own life and realized the futility of everything else?

Has God ever revealed what He has done through His Son, the foundation that’s been laid that gives you a place to stand with confidence that God is with you in this world, and that when one day you stand before Him, you’re gonna stand there in righteousness. You’re gonna stand there with joy, with glory, with brightness of being…we can’t even imagine what we’re gonna be.

That’s what John says. We don’t know what we’ll be, but we know we’ll be like Him. And when we get there, we’re not gonna say, boy, look what I did. We’re gonna say, thank You, Lord. If He gives us a crown, we’re gonna throw that crown down at His feet and say, You are worthy. Lord, I’m here because of what You did. There are no grounds for pride in my being here. I’m here because I put my trust in One who is absolutely able to save me completely, because I come to God through Him.

Some people try to come to God, but they want to come because of who they are and what they’ve done. Or they want to mix in their own philosophy and say, I’ve got this. I’ve got my own version. There’s only one foundation. God has laid it. So, the question is, are you on it?

But if you are on it, thank God. But are we really enjoying, in a practical sense, the benefits. That’s where we need to come to this place and nurture that quality and go to God for the strength to learn to trust, because if we are really trusting in Him and in the One who has laid this foundation, there is never, ever a reason to face whatever the Devil throws and be dismayed by it.

Being dismayed means I’m defeated. I’m just not up to this. I have no answer for this situation. Our answer is, God, I’m in Your hands. God, You are in charge. Lord, You’re gonna accomplish something in this that has eternal value. There’s a sense of purpose in my life! This is not just random stuff happening! God is in control, and He loves me! And I am trusting, I’m standing on that! That’s my whole…I’m gonna plant my feet on this and trust You, and I know You’re gonna bring me safely through.

Man, you can look through the pages of this book and see people who have done that, and it came out okay, didn’t it? There’s not a single one who would look down from above and say, man, don’t listen to that. That’s a bunch of junk. I trusted in Him, and look where it got me. I didn’t get anywhere.

They’re gonna say, you listen. God took me through hell on earth, in some cases, but it was worth everything to put my trust in One who cannot fail instead of putting my trust in the lies of this world and the god of this world. Praise God!

So, where are you at today? Are you really enjoying the benefits of this awesome foundation that God has laid? Let’s just put our trust in Him today, and rest in Him. “The one who trusts will never be dismayed.” That’s an awesome promise, isn’t it? Praise God!