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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1312

A Time to Wake Up

November 26, 2017

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1312 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: God is looking for people who have real faith. And God is allowing all of these conditions to begin to sift through His people, is He not? Does this not reveal conditions in hearts? I mean, some of that is just flat out unbelief.

There are people that have never really come to God, and they’re like some of the folks that used to come when things were so exciting. And man, they’re just in there…oh, Christ in gonna come, I better be here. But there was nothing really on the inside, nothing that held them. All it took was the right conditions, and they began to be gone, and suddenly, they weren’t there anymore.

I thank God where there are people and groups, where there are big crowds, and the Lord’s Word is really there. But even there, I wonder how many really have what the Lord is talking about. I mean, don’t we have the Word from the passage from which we get Midnight Cry Ministries? What was the condition?

( congregational response ).

Yeah, they all slumbered and slept, didn’t they? When was that, by the way?

( congregational response ).

It was midnight. You see the symbolism going on there? You see that it’s time…it’s the peak time of darkness. It’s the time when everybody’s nature is just…you’re crying out for sleep in the natural. You see what’s going on. There’s this pull that makes it very…you have to put a real effort to stay awake at such a time. And even God’s people, there’s gonna be a time when even God’s people, there will be a slumbering and sleeping.

The sobering thing was even half of those who were still professing to be waiting for the coming of the bridegroom, half of them didn’t know the Lord! I mean, this is a heart-searching kind of thing. This is something where we need to realize God’s not playing games.

And a lot of times, we can emphasize the goodness of the Lord, the mercy of the Lord, the understanding of the Lord of what we really are and how weak we are, but you can take that in a way that just almost makes Him, well, He’s got it in His control. He’s died for my sins. He’s taken care of all of that. He understands that I’m weak, so I’m just gonna rock along and just you know, I have this vague trust in Him, and it’s gonna be okay.

I don’t see that anywhere in here. I don’t see that kind of a spirit. You notice with Malachi, there comes a point when the prophet has talked about all the different kinds of manifestations of unbelief and just a rebellion against God that was lurking in their hearts while they were still going through the form.

He says then, at that time, there were people who spoke often one to another. And the motivation for it was they were people who feared the Lord. There was a reverence. There was a respect. They didn’t lose their sense of perspective of what was really going on and what was at stake. “Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another…” (KJV). And the Lord heard it. And there was an angel there. He said, write that person’s name down. You see how the Lord is listening and watching, and He knows what’s going on in our lives. My God. So, a lot of the problem, when people go to sleep, is simply a flat out lack of fear of the Lord.

And yet we see other kinds of conditions that come in. What about the church at Ephesus? And the Lord had a message for them in Revelation chapter 2. And He enumerates all of the wonderful qualities and the characteristics that they exhibited. They were faithful to the truth. They had even tried, those who came and said, ‘we’re apostles,’ and then found out they were false. And they stood for the truth. They were faithful in persecution.

I mean, on and on and on these wonderful characteristics, but what was the problem? He said they had lost their first love. And that was so serious that the Lord said, unless you fix this, I’m gonna come and take your candlestick away. See where the Lord’s going and what He values? Sure, He values these other things, but if they aren’t a fruit of that, then it becomes a practice of religion. It becomes a habit. It becomes a duty very quickly. And once you start down that path, you are on a path towards just walking away from Him. And it’s not a good thing.

And you also get down to where the church at Laodicea…and I have all ideas that they were still doing and believing the right stuff and they were confident of their position in God. But they happened to live in a prosperous city. And so, they didn’t have some of the challenges that some of the other churches had. They had fairly comfortable lives for the day in which they lived. But yet, in that comfort…that helped to minister to them a false confidence where they were just rocking along in their lives, doing the stuff.

And you remember what the Lord said. You think you’re so great. You think you can see…you’re blind. You’re naked. You don’t understand. You don’t have what you think you have. And He comes down to the end, and He says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.” Here’s Jesus outside of a church that professes to know Him, knocking on the door saying, let Me in.

And what He wanted was a relationship, wasn’t it? He says, if you let Me in, I’ll eat with you. We’ll eat together. We’ll sup together. We’ll spend time with one another. Do you begin to get a sense of what the Lord is looking for from His people?

Now how many you have ever tried to reconcile the idea that we need to have a fear of the Lord and yet, a love relationship with Him? The truth of the matter is, if we get that out of balance, things are not right. If we have a concept of this love relationship with God, it isn’t far…it isn’t hard for the devil to begin to twist that into a life where we become very careless about how we live.

On the other hand, if people just go way overboard on I’ve got to fear God—I’ve got to fear God, and it becomes, I’m afraid of Him. I’m gonna do what I’m supposed to do not because I really want to or love Him, but because I’m scared of the consequences.

But oh, what a balance it is when you get them both in the picture, where there is a deep holy respect for God. And what that means is simply this, that we get it, that God means what He says. This loving, awesome God is going to come and destroy this world by fire. There are terrible judgements that are coming upon this world!

We saw it mirrored and pictured…not just pictured, it really happened in the days of Noah, when the thoughts and the intents of men’s heart became so evil that the only response that God could give was to destroy every man, woman, boy and girl and all the air breathing animals in the world. I mean, God’s serious about sin.

And if we live with a sense of carelessness as though, oh well…my God! We need to see with open eyes what’s going on in this world and realize that it has the power to affect us if we let it. And to begin to be careless in our own minds and careless in our own actions…why do you think Paul said it’s time to wake up?

Don’t live according the lusts and your natural desires and all these things that are wrong. It’s not just lusts of the flesh, it was things like getting along with each other, all the manifestations of human nature. If we do not believe in our hearts that God takes sin and the wickedness of this world seriously, then we don’t take it seriously.

At the same time, thank God that what He longs for is a relationship of love, isn’t it? There’s not a single person on the planet that God wants to come in among His people out of a sense of duty, out of a sense of just habit. Oh, God longs to have that kind of relationship where we understand that He loves us.

Don’t we see that balance mirrored and expressed in Jesus? He had unbroken fellowship with the Father. He never once compromised with sin even in dealing with sinners. Where there was a compassion and a desire to reach and to save, there was never once a compromise with the sin itself. He didn’t say to the woman just gone on and do the best you can. I’ve got it covered. He said, “…Go and sin no more.” Oh my.

You know, one of the things we see when this kind of a spirit begins to take hold. We see more and more drift in people’s lives. You know, Jesus talked about the natural needs of our lives, didn’t He? He said, our heavenly Father takes care of the sparrows. He takes care of the birds in the air. He’s concerned about their needs. If He cares about them, won’t He care about you?

But He says, “Seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you…” (NIV). I mean, what are the priorities of our lives? What is really most important? This is one of those quiet moments, isn’t it? I don’t believe the Lord is doing this to condemn, but I sure believe it’s a serious, sober warning from His heart to ours of the danger of living in this hour that we live in.

It was bad enough in Paul’s day. But here we are living in the end of the age when darkness is being allowed to consume the minds of more and more people. And here we are called to be a light in such a world. Do you think you can just kind of have this private little Jesus off somewhere, and you don’t really need the people of God, you don’t need to…you know, God’s got it covered. I’m tired. I’m this. I’m that.

Oh my, what God is looking for is a people who understand the times as Paul said. We understand the real situation. We’re looking soberly at what’s really going on. We’re not fooling ourselves and kidding ourselves. We’re not sucked in by the world around us and their values. We’re able to see through it because we’re in the Word. We’re in fellowship with Him. We’re wanting our minds to be more and more attuned to what He thinks and what He wants and how He sees it.

I tell you, the more you hang around the world and listen to them and drink in what they say, the easier it is just to kind of drift and go to sleep. When folks find it easy to come up with excuses why they don’t want to come, it’s just a condition of heart. If it’s truly…you understand what I’m saying. Good Lord, if you’re in the hospital, and your leg’s up in the air in a sling, we don’t expect you.

And this is not just about trying to harangue people to come to church, but you see what’s going on? There’s a symptom when so many people find a reason, find it easy to find a reason not to come with the people of God. What we need to be doing is not just saying, oh, I’ve got to be there. It’s a duty. We’ve got to say, why do I feel that way? What’s going on in here that causes me not to love to go to be with the people of God?

I mean, look at the words of David. How many times? “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (KJV). See, if that’s not there, something is missing. Something is missing in our relationship with God! God wants…what God is looking for is a people with whom He can share! They come together, but every one of them has a relationship with God! Every one of them is walking with Him, and when you get people like that together, they can worship the Lord.

They can…and I thank God for the degree to which we have this. But this is a word that’s needed. This is a word that is needed by God’s people to warn about the spirit of the age and how easy it is to become pushed aside, slipped aside.

You know, how often we’ve heard used the illustration of the lion that’s hunting gazelles or whatever it is they’re hunting, but let’s just think about an animal that runs in herds. What does the lion do? Does he charge in the middle and just say, hey, I’ve got one? No. He is going to do his best to steer one away, get them off by themselves where they don’t have any defense. I’ll tell you, we need to realize how much we need the Lord and the Lord in one another.

( congregational response ).

And we need to come together, not out of duty, not out of habit…God doesn’t want that. He wants people who want to fellowship with His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to focus on one another and be an encouragement to one another, and to lift one another up and bear one another’s burdens, and all the glorious virtues that come from a relationship with Him, with Him dwelling in the midst of His people! Praise God!

I’m sure there’s a lot more could be said. But I just pray that God will help us in this area to examine our hearts and really look at where we’re at. You might be one that’s just caught up in the world. You don’t get this at all. This is just nonsense. Or you’re a kid, and you’re coming because your parents make you at this point. Oh God, I pray that He’ll wake you up. I pray that He will help you to realize.

I don’t care what the world says. This is real, and God can help you to see that it’s real. There is a time to sound the trumpet in Zion, to sound an alarm in God’s holy mountain, because these things are coming. They’re gonna come at the right time. I thank God that He’s holding off, if it means that there are others that are gonna come and be part of His kingdom. Thank God!

But there will come a time when the words of Revelation 22 will be fulfilled, “…He that is holy, let him be holy still.” “He which is filthy, let him be filthy still.” There’s gonna come a point when there will be no crossing from one kingdom to another. Right now is a day of mercy, but I’ll tell you, it’s a day when we need to be awake. We need to be having a relationship with God.

If your heart is drifting, and you know it if it is, God’s Word to you is to wake up and to say, Lord, help me. Help me to develop that personal relationship where I come and I do the things that pertain to my spiritual life because I love You. I do it because You put a love and a desire on the inside. I want that. I want to be a vital part of the Body of Christ.

I don’t want to come a say, well, that was a dull service, they didn’t entertain me. I’ll tell you, God’s gonna let it be that way sometime if that’s the condition in here. God doesn’t always let the fire fly. People in the wilderness had times when they just got so tired of the routine that they started grumbling. See, God allowed the conditions to bring out what was in here.

If we have what we need in here, we’re going to have a spirit that’s going to persevere regardless of conditions, whether we’re on the mountain, in the valley or somewhere in between, whether life seems samey or whether our attention is constantly being pulled out here. God can give us a sense of understanding the time, being alert, being self-controlled, not allowing ourselves to be sucked into the spirit of the world.

And what was the word that we’ve heard so many times in Hebrews? And I pray that somebody won’t say, hey, people have been laying out. Crowds are off. He’s just trying to…it’s so much more than that.

( congregational amens ).

When you begin to see that, it’s a symptom of something. We need to pray one for another that God will awaken the hearts of those that are really His and bring them into a vital relationship with Him. Hebrew chapter 10, verse 24, 23, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess…” Why? “…For he who promised is faithful.” (NIV). Praise God!

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” So, it’s a relationship kind of thing, isn’t it? It’s awful easy to think, well, I’m still serving the Lord. I still believe in Him. I don’t feel like going today, when we could. I’ll tell you, if I went by my feelings, there are a lot of times I wouldn’t be here.

But you know, we have to get to the point where we say Lord…I’m gonna do what You want me to do, but I’m trusting in You. I know You can make a way. I know You can give me strength, because that’s important. I know that I don’t have any of this in myself. I am looking to You, Lord, to do what’s needed in me. And then he says this. “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

So it isn’t just about coming to services and that sort of thing. I believe the Lord’s burden this morning is to get to the root of the issues, and that’s the heart. Do we really have the fear of God in our hearts to where we take seriously how He looks at this world, what He sees, and the kind of a life that He longs…that He has provided for us to live?

It isn’t just, I’m demanding that you live this way even though I know you really can’t. This is, I have given you My Son to live in your heart, to impart to you a grace that enables you to be My people! I get it that you’re not go jump all of a sudden to perfection, but you can be on the road! You can walk with Me, and I will teach you! You can enjoy the rest that I promised. You can have a love relationship with me day by day.

There’s a fear of God that needs to be real in the hearts of His people. You look around and you realize that everything you see is going to be destroyed. You want to live for this world and what you can have here? That’s the wisdom of a fool. God has so much more.

But along with that fear, we realize, do I serve Him because I love Him? You know, that was a song that our ensemble used to sing from time to time. “I will serve Thee because I love Thee. You have given life to me.” Praise God! I deal with the piano. I don’t remember all the words sometimes.

( laughing ).

But, You have given life to me. I will serve You because I love You. Thank God that we have that privilege. It isn’t like we have to bow down to a bully and do stuff we really don’t want to have to do just to avoid punishment. Oh, that isn’t what He wants.

And if you’re coming because you just feel a habit, you feel like you’ve got to, you’re supposed to or you’re supposed to put…I pray that God will help you to do one or the other. Either go to world where you really want to live or to get the reality in your heart so you’re here because you love Him, because you want to fellowship with His people, because you know you need Him, you need that relationship that He’s created.

We’re not enough in ourselves. We need Him. We need each other. And the Lord has provided everything we need if we will stand, if we will trust Him, if we will believe His Word and His promises. He will be with His own to the end of the age. But Jesus’ words are sobering words. He that endures to the end will be saved. Thank God it isn’t based on my strength.

( congregational amens ).

He’s provided. I can do that. But I can’t do it if my heart’s gonna be divided and pulled in this way and that way and just getting careless. Do you have that perfect balance in your heart of the fear of God and the love of God? I tell you, that will hold us in the road, won’t it? That will carry us through.

I just pray that God will help us to examine our hearts. I know this is kind of a scattered lot of thoughts this morning. But I pray…God is the only one that can take a word like this and cause it to make a difference in somebody’s life. That’s what I pray for. But I know He’s faithful, don’t you?

( congregational response ).

Praise God!