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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1310

Rest for the Weary

November 12, 2017

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1310 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: We are constantly in a battle between what God says and what the Devil says. And I’ll tell you, if you are one who learns to listen to what the Devil says, particularly if it’s about you…you’re no good, you’re such a failure, you’ll never amount to anything, and all the negative junk he wants to put in your head. If you live there, you’re not gonna have a whole lot of motivation to get up and go on and expect that you’re gonna be able to make progress in God.

You know, I think…I’ve thought from time to time, and it came back to me again…this was John Bunyan, the writer of “Pilgrim’s Progress”...the period of time in which the Lord allowed him to experience tremendous attacks of Satan during the very time when he was coming to faith in Christ. And I believe it was the wisdom of God to enable him to fight through battles because, in fighting…there’s no victory without a battle, is there?

( congregational response ).

And so he went through terrible battles, but he learned in those battles that God was faithful, that God’s Word trumps everything the Devil says, and he became a mighty champion of the faith in his day, something that would have never happened if he hadn’t gone through the battle! Good thing to remind ourselves when we’re in a battle, isn’t it? There’s a reason. God is wanting us to grow and wanting us to experience victory!

But I mean, there were periods of time when for days there would be some little incident in his life and the Devil would jump on it as evidence that he had no reason to have hope before God! You have sinned away your possible hope! There’s no hope for you…and just beat, beat him down and beat him down. And he would just somehow, no, I don’t want to believe it!

And then after days, a little phrase would come to his mind. And it’s not just the logic of the phrase, it was the Spirit in which it came to his heart. It would be something that would bring peace, that would counteract what the Devil was screaming in his ear! And one little phrase would drive away a week’s worth of oppression and he would have freedom! Folks, God’s Word trumps everything!

( congregational response).

And a lot of times we…our spiritual effort and our spiritual confidence flags because of weaknesses that we see in ourselves. My God! The worst thing we can do is to put a microscope on ourselves. But we all do it.

( congregational response ).

Every time we think, well, this is how I’m supposed to be, this is the kind of person God wants me to be, and I’m not that! Oh, my God! Everybody else looks fine. I’m struggling here. Every time our focus and our eyes are upon our performance, at any given time…what does it do for your confidence? Do you just bop along and say, well, praise God? No, all of a sudden, we’re just sort of stuck. And I’ll tell you what, God has better for us, doesn’t He?

( congregational response ).

I don’t want to listen. Because the fact is, if we are going to grow in God…think about it this way, if we’re going to grow in God, we’re going to have to come face-to-face with our needs. God has to bring us to places to where we see…oh yes, I am what He says I am! I cannot do this. If I run in my own strength I will fall, I will fail.

But what’s God’s purpose in that? Is it to bring us to a state of despair, of condemnation? It is to bring us to a place where we are willing to say, oh, I get it. I cannot trust in myself, so, Lord, I turn it over to you!

( congregational amens ).

And the more we learn to just take it for what it’s worth, God shows me my need so I can trust in Him in a greater way! The more we do that, the more we’re going to find rest. The more He is gonna be able to live in us and the more we’re gonna experience the things that He’s talking about here. Man, what a harvest! Praise God!

But another thing that comes into play here, it certainly does in me, is like David prayed, O Lord, how long? And we get lost in the fact that this is a process. There is no simple solution where we can come one day and say, oh, I get it now! Push the right spiritual button and we’re there! We can get all the way from Egypt to Canaan and skip the wilderness!

It doesn’t work that way. God has a purpose in the wilderness to teach us that, “Man does not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (NIV). There’s no way to learn that without being in the wilderness!

And, I’ve certainly had my share of wilderness, how about you? Where we run face-to-face with our need of learning how to trust God in every kind of circumstance that we face. And oh, how wonderful it is when we humble ourselves and we learn and we put our trust in Him, we get our eyes off of ourselves! Oh, my God!

How much pride there is hidden in this, ‘I’ve got to be a better person so God will like me.’ I’ve got to do better. I’ve got to try harder. That’s pride! That’s what I need to be saved from! That’s why I need a Savior! He came because I’m a helpless…apart from Him I’m a helpless sinner! I’ve got this record of guilt but I’ve also got this total inability to do anything that’s righteous. But oh, everything I need, He gives! Praise God! He gives it!

You know, I was thinking of the words of Jesus because He talks…I mean, He gave an invitation one day and He used the word ‘weary.’ He said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened….” Well, that’s humanity.

A lot of people don’t realize it, but I mean, if we come to that place because God has brought us to a place where we sense our need, boy, you are a blessed person if you’re brought down to that. You may think it’s tragic…oh, how could life be like this? It’s because you’re on a road that leads to destruction. If God doesn’t arrest you, if God doesn’t interrupt your life, you’re gonna die, you’re gonna perish!

But God loves His people enough to bring us up short to where we feel our need. Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will show you how to earn rest.

( congregational response ).

It doesn’t say that, does it? I will give it to you! God, I don’t want you have to give me…I don’t deserve it. That’s not the point. God wants to bring us to a place where we come and just humble ourselves and learn.

You know, I used this scripture, I think, in the last service we had over in Kenya, and…it kind of helped me to focus my mind on something, because Jesus said, “Take my yoke…and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

But it’s awfully easy to look at that and say, ‘learn from me’ means learn how I handle situations and imitate that, do that. But it’s not just a matter of learning what Jesus did, it’s a matter of learning how He did it.

That’s the real lesson! Because you and I could do this ‘What Would Jesus Do’ kind of thing and we would totally miss the point. God is not looking, as I said earlier, for imitations. He is looking for people who will come and learn how to live in utter dependence upon Him, and when we do we’re gonna find out that there’s a source of life that we have never known. And there’s a source of rest that we have never known.

Does anybody here have perfect rest? We’ve got ground to take, don’t we? Anybody here never get weary, you’re always on track, you’re just bopping along and every single day you’re looking to the Lord, you’re rejoicing, you’re thankful in where you’re at in the Lord, you know you haven’t arrived but you know you’re on the way, there’s an even keel in your life. No takers, huh?

( congregational inaudible ).

You sort of see where we’re at? We need to have the Lord remind us of some of these simple things that we know…that God is looking for us to have a spirit of rest that is willing to look to Jesus. But to see past just the outward activity and the attitudes that He had and the way treated people and all those things, those are expressions of that, but where do they come from? They came from the life of His Father who lived in Him! People, when they saw Jesus, were not seeing just Jesus, the man, they were seeing the Father who lived in Him! God is a Spirit, isn’t He?

( congregational amens ).

And so, there was a yielding of His life and so the motivations, the wisdom, all the things that Jesus needed to live in this world, in this broken world, came from the Father! That’s the real lesson of how Jesus lived! And that’s the real secret of coming to a place of rest! Praise God!

I’ll tell you, there’s a joy that comes and we can really believe that God loves us, really believe that He has provided everything that we need, really believe that we can come to Him at our worst moment, when we feel the least worthy of coming to Him, we can come to Him as we are. We can come to a throne and find grace to help…when?

( congregational response ).

In time of need. Yeah, I’ve got them all the time, don’t you?

( congregational response ).

But oh, His heart reaches out and says, come to me, I have got what you need. I don’t want you to live a life of struggle. I don’t want you to live a life of discouragement. I don’t want you to live a life where you’re just tired all the time. Folks, if we are weary of doing what…of looking to the Lord and living out the life that He’s given us, what does that tell us?

( congregational response ).

We’re moving in ourselves. We are doing what comes naturally. We are living out the old life and it is producing unrest, it is producing weariness of spirit and heart, because I’ll tell you, there’s a …well, how about the Scripture that we use so many times, where Isaiah says even the young people will get weary. Yeah, you think about, from a human standpoint, a young person…man, they’re full of energy, full of strength. But the prophet says, even they get tired, even they get weary. But you know there’s One who does not get tired. Can you imagine that?

( congregational response ).

Can you imagine a being who never needs to rest? He is the source of all energy. He is the source of all strength. He never says, come back tomorrow, I’ve got to take my afternoon nap, Can’t help you right now. No! There’s a perfect, complete source of energy and strength all the time, everywhere, it never runs out!

And so, He says, they that hope in me, they that wait upon the Lord…and as we’ve mention many times, that waiting is not just waiting time-wise, sometimes it involves that, but it’s a sense of expectation. Now what is it that enables me to expect God to help me? How many get stuck on that one sometimes? This means yes.

( laughter ).

Yeah. So, you’re coming right back to the fundamental truth of the Gospel. Either we are accepted by God based upon what we do and our performance or we’re accepted because Jesus paid our sin debt! He invites me to put my hope in that…not to abuse it and do what I please, but to trust in His ability. He is the One who’s put away my sins! I can come to Him at any time and find rest! I can come with an expectation! Now, is my expectation based upon me and my performance? That’s how we act. Or, do I come based upon His promise? Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

Folks, are you tired this morning? Are you weary? Is your spiritual life kind of flagging? Are the pressures of the world kind of coming in? You know another thing that affects us, is simply that we get our eyes off the Lord. I mean, we’ve talked about this so many times. It’s such a truth but we…your eyes are just naturally pulled. We live in a world where our senses are in tune with this present world! Even though this is a perishing world, this is where our attention naturally goes! And how many of you are seriously encouraged by our political situation in this country?

( laughter ).

Oh, you find such hope in it! Yeah. But you know, the more we look at the world the more…what affect does that have on your spirit if you look into that? My God, I’m glad I have a hope beyond this!

( congregational amens ).

God’s gonna wind this up and it’s not going to be pretty before it gets over. And it’s not any different…you go to Kenya and the headlines every day is all about the political things going on. Everywhere in the world people are jockeying for power. And I’ll tell you, Jesus didn’t fuss about the politics of his day, did He?

( congregational response ).

And we certainly need to vote and all that stuff, this isn’t about that, but you get what I’m getting at. If we’re looking at the circumstances of the world, and on circumstances of our life, and what’s going on, and our seeming prospects of this situation and that one…first thing you know my attention is gonna be in the wrong place and I am gonna be not making much progress spiritually.

I’m gonna be sitting there idling, when the Lord is looking for a steadiness of expectation where I continue to sow to the Spirit, I continue to live out what He has given me, I am patient, I’m not looking for instant solutions, I’m not discouraged when I come up short! I’m saying, oh God, help me to learn from this, help me even if I fail, help to fail forward. Help me to learn. Help me to grow from everything that I do. Help me to live my life in the light of what You have promised me and not in the light of what the Devil tells me about this world and what I see.

But oh God, if our eyes are somewhere else, we’re in a world of hurt. When Jesus said, when the Scripture says, looking unto Jesus—looking…there’s this sense that my focus is on Him. I realize that I cannot draw upon anything that I find here. But I have a source. I have a source of life. I have a source of energy that has been given to me. I didn’t earn this. There’s a God who loves me and who loved me and knew my name before the foundation of the world…who knew my need, who’s not dismayed with what’s wrong with me, who sent His Son to the cross to pay for my sins. He crucified me when He put His son to death.

And when He was raised from the dead, He raised me up. He planned for me. My hope is not in this world, it’s not in anything that I could find. And so, in the light of that, I can get up in the morning and I can say, Lord, help me this day. Lord, I just yield myself to You. I’m gonna grow today and whatever lessons I need to learn, help me to learn. But I want to be like Paul. I don’t want to sit here and say, this is as good as it gets. But rather to say, I press on.

( congregational amens ).

I see where God is going with this. Not only do I see where He’s going with it, I see how to get there, because I know it’s not in me. I know He’s given me everything! But I also understand there’s a harvest principle here, where I have got to continue to do what I need to do every single day, patiently, not looking for instant solutions, not dismayed because it doesn’t happen right now, but looking with a sense of hope and confidence in God who has the power to take me from where I’m at!

And so, in that kind of a spirit, Lord, I’m looking to You today! I’m praising You for You’re doing in my life! I’m praising You for where You’re taking me! Lord, I’m not gonna psyche myself up and try to do it with human emotion, but simply in a confidence in a God who has called me.

( congregational amens ).

I understand how this works. He’s called me to be patient. He’s called me to be persistent. He’s called me to run with endurance, patience, where I realize that today is not the whole race. I can look to Him. I can grow in Him today. And tomorrow I get up, and I learn from today and I go forward. “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (KJV). I don’t count myself to have laid hold of all of that, but I do move forward. I’m looking to Him. Am I the only one going through some of this?

( congregational response ).

No. Anybody weary here today? Do you understand where your weariness comes from? Again, this means, yes.

( laughter ).

It comes from the living out of the old life. To the extent we do that, you’re gonna be tired, I’m gonna be tired. And the trick of the enemy is that when we do that and we stop and realize we’ve done it, all of a sudden, that becomes a barrier to going to Him to get the real source of life, because now I’ve messed up and He won’t listen to me.

You see the tricks of the enemy? God, we need to go back to this Word. We need to believe it. We need to stand upon it. We need to look the Devil in the eye and say, ‘Devil, He has forgiven me!’ Praise God!

I just believe with all my heart. God is looking for people who are just willing to put one foot in front another, with a spirit of looking to God, believing in the provision, believing in His promise, believing the hope that He has given to us, expecting that what I need, He will supply, not because I deserve it, because it’s coming from His heart and it fulfills His purpose.

Folks, we can be a people who walk steady with the Lord. And we don’t have go into these deep valleys and high peaks and deep valleys and high peaks. We can learn to be a lot steadier. To the extent we’re doing this number, we’re operating in the flesh. To the extent that we can just rest in Him…we don’t get all excited.

You know, Jesus didn’t get all excited when the crowds were around. He saw past a lot of that. He realized that a lot of that wasn’t real. I mean, if we saw that we’d say, wow, we’re doing good here. Look at the crowds. And then when the crowds all leave, we’d say, oh, what’s wrong?

( laughter ).

But you know, God can give us a vision that goes beyond this, and a rest in our hearts. Isn’t that the promise of Jesus? Learn from me. I’m humble. I’m willing to take that place before God that’s right. I’m gentle in heart. I’m not fighting my own battles. And I’ve got rest in my soul.

Isn’t that amazing that’s it’s possible for someone to live in world like this and still have rest on the inside? That’s what the Lord wants to produce in a greater and greater measure. And we can experience it every day, if we’ll simply take Him at His Word and look to Him.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (NIV). If there’s somebody here today and the Devil’s really got you beat down, to the point where you just feel like giving up, get your eyes off of yourself! Get your eyes off of your circumstances! Stop listening to the voice of the serpent! Look to Him! He is the only source you’ve ever had! It was never in you to begin with! It’s always been in Him! He has given us everything we need, to know Him and to have a spirit of peace and rest in this world, and a confidence that goes way beyond this world. So, praise God!

( congregational amens ).

If you’re weary today, God has so much better. And I just pray that every one of us will learn that simple truth and be willing to be patient and walk with the Lord, because He is leading us and down a sure path that leads to eternity. Praise God!