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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1309

Rest for the Weary
Part One

November 5, 2017

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1309 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: I don’t know, I’ve had thoughts that have centered around a familiar scripture in Galatians chapter 6, and let’s just see what the Lord does with it. Galatians chapter 6, Paul has been dealing with an issue in the church of Galatia, because here the Gospel had come to Gentile believers who knew nothing about Moses law, and the Gospel of grace is not based upon law. God bases his relationship based upon a gift of salvation.

In other words, everything you and I need to know God and to be fulfilled, or to experience His purpose has been given. It’s not something we earn, not something we have to live up to and then say, okay, God, now You owe me. It’s a Gospel of grace and yet people were coming behind Paul and trying to say, yes, we thank God for what Jesus did but you’ve got to keep Moses law, too.

And it was just…they didn’t understand that it’s one or the other. Either we’re gonna try to be saved by what we do or we’re gonna rest in what Christ has done. There’s no way to mix the two. And so that’s the basic theme of the book.

And, so Paul is talking about the…let’s see, he’s talking about the effects…if we operate in human nature, what comes out of that is not a good thing, is it? He talks about the acts of the sinful nature or the old nature that every one of us is born with in chapter 5, verse 19. “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (NIV). Anybody need those things?

( congregational response ).

Praise God! They don’t come from our efforts, do they? They don’t come from going to a seminar and learning techniques. They come from surrender. They come from allowing Jesus to come and just possess us. And that’s the battle that every one of us fights every single day. And the actions, the things that come out of us are going to flow from one source of life or the other. They’re either gonna come from our own nature, our own efforts, or they’re gonna come as a result of Christ living in us.

And, the more I go, the more I run into things in my life where I realize it’s me. I realize the source of my unrest, the source of my weariness, the source of everything that’s not good is because I’m trying, I’m struggling, I’m doing this, I’m fearing, I’m believing…there’s something that’s going on other than simply resting in Christ. Praise God!

So anyway, down in verse 7 of chapter 6, we find these familiar words. “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction….” I think the King James says “corruption.”

Whatever it is, it isn’t good, is it? Everything that this nature produces leads in one direction. It’s to destruction and death. But everything that comes from God’s life at work in us leads to life and leads to all these wonderful characteristics that we all need so much more of. “…The one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

Now here’s the part that got to me. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Now I think we know that life is a whole lot of ups and downs, isn’t it? Sometimes we’re happy and we’re bopping along and we think things are great and other times, all of a sudden we run into a wall or we run into trouble, we run into anxiety. And, our spiritual progress tends to be like this.

And, I believe with all my heart…I know you would agree with me that God wants to bring us to a place where our keel, as it is, is much more even. There’s a steadiness, there’s a rest. If we look at the example of Jesus, we don’t see somebody who’s way up high, all excited and all of a sudden He’s down in the depths and He’s in despair and wondering how it’s all gonna turn out, or He’s full of anxiety and fear. There is a spirit of rest and steadiness in Jesus and He is held up as an example for every one of us of how we are able to live in this world.

It’s not that He lived because, oh, He’s the Son of God, He could do anything. He lived a life of dependence upon His Father. He lived in the same kind of body you and I have. He experienced the same kind of ups and downs that you and I experience. He experienced the weariness that we go through. He experienced the trouble and the anxieties and all of the things that you and I experience and yet, there was a steadiness and a rest in His Spirit to the point where He said, take My yoke, learn from Me. Learn from Me. I am humble and gentle in spirit, and you will find…

( congregational response ).

What do we find?

( congregational response ).

How many of you are just so full of rest that, oh, life is just so good? No, the truth of the matter is…we reach this point of weariness, don’t we? Anybody here weary this morning? And it’s not just the physical weariness. We are so tied together, our emotions and our bodies and all of these things are all kind of connected, aren’t they? And so, when we get weary in one area, it tends to affect us in others.

And there are a lot of reasons why we get weary. I’ll just toss one of them in here, because this is a very practical one. You know the expression ‘burning the candle at both ends?’ Any of you ever been guilty of that…where you just do dumb stuff from a health standpoint? You know, we don’t eat right, we don’t sleep. And I realize that sometimes life throws things at us. But I mean as a matter of our choices, sometimes we just are dumb.

( laughter ).

And we wear ourselves out and then it’s a drag on our spirit. We allow that to sort of infect our spirit, and I’ve had a Scripture come to me many times. You can look it up later. I think it’s Psalms 102, 103, somewhere in there…no, it’s 127, verse 2. The best I can remember, quoting from the King James, “It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.” That’s a good Scripture we could all use at times, isn’t it?

I think the sense of that is that if somebody is living in a state of anxiety…oh, I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that…and we take all the burdens of life on us, but in an anxious spirit, when the Lord says, don’t be anxious. The same God who feeds the sparrows is more than willing to take care of His own.

Now I’ll tell you, God wants every one of us to experience Him in our lives from the moment we get up ‘til the moment we go to bed and then, of course, we leave it in His hands anyway. So our lives become a life of rest and trust and dependence upon Him.

But I’ll tell you, to the extent that we are living like people of the world trying to scrabble our way through life, trying to deal with the problems that come, trying to wrestle with them, worrying about them, dealing with them in our own strength…man, you get weary in a hurry. And all we’re doing is spinning our wheels. Anybody here been spinning your wheels this week?

( congregational response ).


( laughter ).

Yeah. We all do. And I sense God’s heart here. He longs for us to experience Him, not just to come and talk about Him on Sunday, but to go out and during the week we actually can turn our hearts to Him and say, Lord, my life is in Your hands. I’m resting in this circumstance and I am not gonna sit here and struggle against it, because that’s…our every natural instinct is to struggle, is to seek for what self thinks is right and what self wants. I’ve got to take responsibility. I’ve got to this, but we take it in the energy of ourselves.

And I’ll tell you, when you do that you’re gonna find many of these things that he warns about coming out. You’re gonna find strife. You’re gonna find discord. You’re gonna find selfish ambition. You’re gonna find pride. You’re gonna find all the fruits that [come] from this old life that we were born with into this world.

And there’s no rest that comes with that. And to the extent that we move in that kind of a heart and that kind of spirit, to the extent that we are energized by the old nature, man, your spiritual life and mine are gonna sag, aren’t they? We’re gonna start going right down and all of a sudden we’re gonna be drifting and then we’re gonna feel like the Lord is a million miles away and we don’t have any peace, we don’t have any energy spiritually. And I’ll tell you, God has better for us—God has better for us.

So when we’re trying to do our own thing, even sincerely—even sincerely…every Christian goes through this. Is there anybody who doesn’t know what I’m talking about? You just don’t have a clue. I didn’t hear any takers on that one, so I will assume that everybody here knows what I’m talking about.

My God, this is not a small thing. If God wants us to come to a place of rest and trust, then He is going to be bringing us face to face with our need to let go and let God live in us, let Christ live in us, let His life be the energy by which we go, because if we don’t, if we step away and we start running in our own strength, we are going to be…we’re gonna get really tired , real quick. And we’re not gonna have what he’s talking about here. We are gonna be weary in doing what is good.

Now what is ‘doing good’ by the way? Think of it in the context of what he’s saying. What is ‘doing good?’ You know, there’s a movement that you hear about…every now and then it pops into the news. ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ And that’s a sincere kind of thing, I guess. But, God is not looking for imitations of Jesus. It’s not a matter of saying, well, in this situation, here’s what Jesus would do, so I’m gonna do that.

By what energy are you going to do that? You see the problem? God is not looking for people to simply figure out what we’re supposed to ‘do’ in the outward sense, He is looking for people who will say, oh God, live in me. God, change me. God, help me to live out Your life, to trust in Your strength because I don’t have it. It’s not simply the outward act that You want me to do. It’s what is behind it. It’s what life is driving it. God, help me. Praise the Lord! I feel my weakness this morning, folks. I’m still not back on Eastern time and now you go and change it on me.

( laughter ).

But I’ll tell you, the Lord is good. But I’ll tell you, the Lord brings me up short so many times when I realize my effort, my sense of hope in Him, my sense of whatever it is that enables, that energizes me to look to Him, to live with an expectation towards Him…does that ever wane for any of you? Do you kind of sag? Oh my.

Well, there’s no other source that I can look to for that issue except that somehow I’ve gotten in ‘myself,’ somehow I have begun to try to live in my own strength. Sometimes it’s pride. Anybody run into that one? I’m gonna do right this time! I messed up, but oh God, I’ll get it right this time. I’m gonna try harder.

You are headed for a wall if you go at it that way. And God is going to let you hit that wall, not because He is condemning you or hates you, He’s gonna let you do it because He loves you enough to say, this isn’t how it’s supposed to happen. You need Me in you to be what I want you to be and there’s no other way you are going to be successful.

Where does the fruit come from? See, he’s talking about this in harvest terms, isn’t he? Every action that flows from any source of life is like a seed. You plant that seed and it’s gonna produce a harvest. If you produce something that is from you and your old nature, the harvest is not gonna be good, is it? But if I yield myself to Him and in faith I look to Him and what I do and how I do it, the spirit in which I do it comes from Him…see, there’s a source of life in that that’s going to produce a harvest.

And what Paul is concerned about here is the fact that things don’t happen push-button style. We, every one, are called to live in a world where we’re going to have to be willing to walk with God, we’re gonna have to be willing to be patient until God does what He wants to do.

And, one of things I run into and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, is something that is a need and a weakness in me…and here we go again. I’ve experienced that weakness yet again, and it’s like, oh God, is this ever going to change? Now is it quiet because nobody knows what I’m talking about?

And so, what is the fruit of thinking like that? If I begin to look at my shortcomings in the process of growing in Him…I have this weakness, I have this thing, and here I am again, I’ve done it again, or I’ve experienced whatever it is…oh God, is this ever going to change? And the fruit of that kind of unbelief, the fruit of that kind of thinking is, what’s the use? This is as good as it’s gonna get. Now I realize that if you’re looking in the mirror in the morning, maybe that’s true. This is as good as it’s gonna get.

( laughter ).

That’s the approach I have to take to life anyway. But we’re talking about the reality of our growing in Him and our becoming like Him and our becoming what He wants us to be. I’ll tell you, time and time again, He brings me up short and my reaction is one of two things. I have got to double down and do it better or, oh God, is this ever gonna change?

But do you see the problem in both cases? I’m looking at me. I’m somehow imagining that the solution to my situation has got to come from me! I’ve got to be smarter. I’ve got to try harder. I’ve got to be more dedicated. I’ve got to…whatever it is, I’ve got to find the resource somehow in here to be better.

Oh God, I thank Him for every time He has brought me up short. I thank Him! I praise Him! You know, we need to be able to do that. We need to be able to step back and say, God, why did You let that happen the way it did? And to realize, it’s because I love you, because you have been struggling, you have been in a place where you were getting really weary, you were running out of gas.

You know, I noticed that in that one song that we sang this morning, “He Lives.” It talked about being weary. This is not a small issue, folks. Now, you know what a lot of people’s solution to this is? It’s to psyche yourself up, or to come and sing happy, fast songs. And praise God, I’m all for that if it’s in the Lord and it’s to praise Him. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if the purpose of that is to get people all psyched up so we can be victorious Christians, good luck with that one. We need Him! We need to have Him so real in here that it doesn’t matter whether our emotions are here or here! We can still be at rest on the inside!

There are many times that we have times where sorrow is the predominant human emotion, but I’ll tell you, we can have a joy that transcends that sorrow, that carries us through it because we see past it! We understand that it’s not forever! And we need to look at what happened this morning and you could say, oh, this is a tragedy! Praise God, it’s a victory because the victory was already won at the cross!

( congregational amens ).

And He calls upon us to rest in what He did and that gives us a vision beyond the cross to the resurrection, and beyond that to the, “…new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (KJV). Praise God! God has put us in a place where He wants us to lift our eyes from the weariness and the things that drag us down and cause us to be weary in our hearts and in our spirits, to lift them up to where we can see past all of that! Praise God!

I’m talking to myself, and I don’t want this just to be a ‘psyche’ kind of thing. This is truth! You don’t have to get your gears going in that sense. We can be at perfect rest and just say, Lord, I’m trusting in You. Lord, give me the vision to look beyond where I’m at and to rest my hope in You.

So all these things, everything about the world is against what Paul is talking about here. It’s against learning to live by His life so that what comes out brings love, joy, peace and all of those wonderful things. And I’ll tell you what, the Devil is certainly not sitting on the sidelines, is he?

( congregational response ).

We are constantly in a battle between what God says and what the Devil says. And I’ll tell you, if you are one who learns to listen to what the Devil says, particularly if it’s about you…you’re no good, you’re such a failure, you’ll never amount to anything, and all the negative junk he wants to put in your head, if you live there, you’re not gonna have a whole lot of motivation to get up and go on and expect that you’re gonna be able to make progress in God.

You know, I think…I’ve thought from time to time, and it came back to me again…this was John Bunyan, the writer of “Pilgrim’s Progress”...the period of time in which the Lord allowed him to experience tremendous attacks of Satan during the very time when he was coming to faith in Christ. And I believe it was the wisdom of God to enable him to fight through battles because, in fighting…there’s no victory without a battle, is there?

( congregational response ).

And so he went through terrible battles, but he learned in those battles that God was faithful, that God’s Word trumps everything the Devil says, and he became a mighty champion of the faith in his day, something that would have never happened if he hadn’t gone through the battle!

Good thing to remind ourselves when we’re in a battle, isn’t it? There’s a reason. God is wanting us to grow and wanting us to experience victory! But I mean, there were periods of time when for days there would be some little incident in his life and the Devil would jump on it as evidence that he had no reason to have hope before God! You have sinned away your possible hope! There’s no hope for you…and just beat, beat him down and beat him down. And he would just somehow, no, I don’t want to believe it!

And then after days, a little phrase would come to his mind. And it’s not just the logic of the phrase, it was the Spirit in which it came to his heart. It would be something that would bring peace, that would counteract what the Devil was screaming in his ear! And one little phrase would drive away a week’s worth of oppression and he would have freedom! Folks, God’s Word trumps everything!

( congregational response).

And a lot of times we…our spiritual effort and our spiritual confidence flags because of weaknesses that we see in ourselves. My God! The worst thing we can do is to put a microscope on ourselves.