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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1280

The Power of His Resurrection
Part One

April 16, 2017

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1280 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Do you know we had a wonderful men’s meeting this morning? And I appreciate so much the brothers sharing. It’s obvious the Lord is teaching us and it’s just as obvious that we have ground to take. But I thank God that, I believe, He’s lifting the veil, in many ways, from our eyes.

I believe He’s calling us out of whatever religion we have partaken of in our past, where we try, as some of it was expressed, that we try to reduce things to what has gone on before, what people have done, the outward form of things. We need the Lord. We need His presence. We need a relationship with Him.

And you know, as the brothers were sharing this morning, my mind was drawn to a familiar scripture. But, as with familiar scriptures, we always need the Lord to make them fresh and to make them relevant to where we’re at in our personal journey. What Paul was describing, this is in Philippians chapter 3, is definitely a personal journey. And it’s one that everyone who knows the Lord is on.

And it’s a good thing when we can really gain some insight into what we’re doing, because the Devil will take advantage of our ignorance. You know, God’s people, the prophet said, “…are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (KJV). And the Lord wants to teach us, He wants to give us a greater understanding of what we are in Christ and what He’s done for us.

Thank God for the events that the Christian world is commemorating today, the death and the resurrection of our Lord. Everything hinges on that! I mean, you talk about the center point of history, that’s it! That’s what defines history.

And, folks, we are either on His side or on the other side. When we get to the other end, at the judgment, there’s only gonna be two classes of people. It’s gonna be those who have totally sold out and given their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ and been transformed by His power into what God has intended that we be, or there’s gonna be a whole lot of other people.

You know, you look at the crucifixion scene and you see some of this in Paul’s own testimony. And you see two forces in the earth that come together to crucify our Lord. Obviously, one of them was Rome. That was a secular, Satanic empire—world empire that ruled by power and force and without any mercy whatsoever.

But you see religion, too. You see a religion that could look back into its history and see where God had intervened, had revealed Himself to a man and given them a law, given them instructions for a relationship with Him. Out of that had evolved something that was merely a religion and instead of it bringing them to God, it was a barrier that held them, that blinded them to the point that they collaborated with the Satanic government that was in power at the time, to crucify the Son of God! My God, we don’t need religion! We need Jesus!

( congregational response ).

We need a living Savior that we sung about this morning. We need Him in our lives. We need to know Him. There’s no religion that you can practice, I don’t care how faithful you are, that will bring you into a relationship and cause God to accept you. There’s only one ground upon which we’re accepted, and that’s what Paul had to learn.

He talks here about one of the problems that existed in the church world, where he went out and preached, and people were coming behind him telling people that they had to come under the law. They needed Jesus, but they needed the law, too, and there’s no way to mix them. Because you and I, either we gain a standing before God in which He accepts us as righteous people by what we do, or we come at it some other way.

And if we’re gonna try to come at it through what we do, there’s no hope for a single one of us, we can turn the lights out and go home! If that’s the way it is. But thank God, that’s not the Gospel, that’s not the message.

And so, we need every day to lift up Jesus in our words and in our lives as the only hope that any of us has! Man, if God were to shine the light into the real condition of our human nature, what salvation is about, every one of us would crawl under the rug. Some of us wouldn’t stop there. We’d just keep burrowing, just for the shame.

Oh my God, what an awesome thing it is when we can see what we are, but see it in the light of His love, rather than His condemnation, because one day that’s all that will be left, for a world that has said no, that has aligned themselves with the crowd that crucified Jesus. Oh, praise God!

But look at the mercy that existed at the Cross, too! You look at a man who deserved what he got, hanging there on a cross next to Jesus, his friend on the other side joining the crowd in mocking the Son of God, and He says…I forget His exact words, but he said, we’re here because we deserve to be, this man has done nothing wrong. “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” (NIV).

What a revelation that would take! Under those circumstances, to be able to look at that man suffering and dying next to him and realize, that’s a King! What He’s going through now is not going to lead to defeat, it’s leading to the ultimate victory! He is obtaining a Kingdom! I want to be part of that!

Oh, I pray that if there’s somebody here this morning, that you don’t know what this is about…you just know the traditions of Easter are just something that religious people celebrate, that God will take the blindfold off and cause you to see what it really means! Because what happened there on that day, if it is not personal, if it is not relevant to your life and to mine, what good is it? We can sit here and say, wow, yay, Jesus, for what you did back then, but if it doesn’t change who you are and what you are now.

Praise God, that means everything to somebody who has ever come to Christ. If you’ve seen what the significance of His death was, if you’ve seen why He died…He didn’t die for anything He did, He died for what I did. He died for what you did. He died for what you are. And God accepted His sacrifice. Praise God!

( congregational praise ).

Praise God! So you see, Paul really…if there’s one thing that could get him hot under the collar, in the right sense, it was when people came in there and they started to lift up some other way to get into God’s favor other than simply surrendering to Jesus Christ and lifting Him up as the only way that you and I have a hope of standing before God! Praise God!

And so, he enumerates…I won’t go through all of this, but he enumerates all of the reasons why, from a religious standpoint, he had a reason to say, man, I’m good here. I was born among the children of Israel. I’m a faithful keeper of the Law of Moses! I’m a Pharisee! I’m not just one of the regular, the common guys. I’m one of the elites of this religion. And oh, the confidence that gave him! The false confidence, the false hope!

Boy, there are people today in churches that have a false confidence! They have embraced a religion that has never transformed their hearts! Never brought them down to a place where the only way they could come to God was the way that publican did, that tax collector in the Temple, came before a Holy God. “God be merciful to me a sinner.” (KJV).

Oh my, that’s my only claim this morning. Man, God has ways of reminding me every single day of what is in here, if I let it rule. But thank God, He’s given me a way out! He’s given me Someone who’s stronger than all of that to live in my heart, to give me a hope that lies beyond anything I could ever be, anything that I could ever do in myself!

Boy, the pathway is the same one Jesus took. It’s not to cling to this life and seek for all that it can give; it’s to lay it down. Because in giving up this one, we obtain one that can never pass away. Praise God!

This world is full of people who are clinging to their life with a death grip! This is what it’s about! It’s about pleasing me! It’s about what I want out of life! Oh, don’t tell me that’s the wrong way! This is what I want! It’s so real to me, I can taste it! And the Devil just leads them right down the pathway to hell and they don’t realize what’s going on. This life is not the solution, it’s the problem. And we need to be delivered from it!

( congregational amens ).

And Jesus showed us, at the Cross, what God thinks of human nature and the world and all that it stands for. You want to know what His verdict was? You look at what happened to Jesus. You look at the darkness. God, Himself, withdrawing from His Son to the point where He cried out, oh, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (NIV). He felt the separation.

You want to know…in God’s courtroom, you want to know what the judgment of this world is? Are you in love with it and what you can obtain here? God showed His judgment right there. And I’ll tell you, if you see that, you know what’s coming. You know that there is no future for this world. “Heaven and earth…” Jesus said, “…will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

But oh, thank God, that Cross wasn’t the end! Thank God! There was an event that happened three days later that has changed everything! Instead of following the words and the wisdom of a dead prophet, we have a Living Savior who’s not just off there somewhere, He lives here!

( congregational amens ).

 Praise God! We can actually have Him on the inside, working in us, preparing us for what’s coming! That’s the hope of the Gospel! And so, Paul reached a point where he became God’s enemy number one in the world. You think there’s somebody that God can’t save? Boy, what a demonstration God put on that day on the road to Damascus. Here was Paul, just absolutely livid! He had a purpose in life! It was to destroy these wicked blasphemers who worshipped this dead prophet, Jesus, the blasphemer who claimed to be the Son of God. That was his life’s purpose.

And he really, in his heart of hearts, believed he was doing God’s service! That’s how blind religion can make you. Because it supposedly gives me a way where I can qualify myself to be accepted by God. Ain’t no way! I need Him!

And all of a sudden a light shone from Heaven and a voice came, said, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? Who are you, Lord…I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.” What an event that was…to take a man who was the…if you want to pick a guy on earth, who was the most unlikely candidate to be saved, there he was. You know, somebody may hear this who’s in prison somewhere. And I want to tell you about Saul. If God can save Saul, He can save you.

( congregational amens ).

He can save anybody. I’ll tell you, the people He has a problem saving are the people who grow up in church and think they’re good, ‘cause they practice the externals of whatever they’ve learned. My God, you need a heart transformation. But there’s somebody who can do that.

And oh, thank God, Paul humbled himself. He came to a place where he was willing to…he looked back at his heritage, and God opened his eyes to see it for what it was. Worthless! Everything I lived for was totally, completely worthless! He’s shown me His Son, and suddenly I know that in Him, all the things that I could not do, trying to serve God through religion and through law, He has given me because, at the cost of His own suffering and His own life, He did what He did on that Cross for me. Everything completely transformed for Paul.

You know, it took a while to learn though, didn’t it? That ought to be encouragement to us. It’s not something where you can just flip a switch and, oh, I’ve got it all now. It’s a journey. Paul’s habits of trying to please God through his own efforts came over with him, didn’t they?

And he reminds us what happens and what he discovers, over in Romans chapter 7, where he just…boy, he was wound up. Man, I thought I knew where it was at! I thought I knew what to do! And now I really know and I’m gonna go for it!

Except he didn’t succeed, did he? “…When I would do good, evil is present with me.” (KJV). And what I didn’t want to do…I found myself doing the very thing I didn’t want to do. Paul had to discover what the problem was. It wasn’t just the things that he’d done, it’s where it came from. He had a law operating in this flesh.

Folks, everyone here, if you’re talking about what you are naturally, born into this world into Adam’s family, that same law operates. You live according to that, you will die! You live according to that, there will be nothing acceptable to God come forth. I don’t care if you dress it up in religion. Absolutely nothing.

And Paul came down to that place where he cried out, “O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” He realized, I’m in over my head. There’s nothing I can do about this.

And that’s when Jesus really brought home the revelation that Paul carried with him the rest of his days. It’s through Jesus Christ! God has a different way to serve Him. It’s not telling me what to do and getting me to do it. It’s giving me a new life and a new heart, and a new power, new engine. That’s what I need. I don’t need to tune up my engine a little bit. I need a brand-new one. I need a replacement.

And so, Paul just threw all the rest in the garbage and he said, I want Christ! I want the right standing that comes from God, that comes from simply trusting in Him and receiving the gift of becoming as righteous as He is in God’s eyes! Can you imagine that miracle? I mean, we say the words but it doesn’t quite compute. The Word says, He was made…He became sin—became sin, for us! He, “…who knew no sin…” Why? So that we might become, what?

( congregational response ).

What is it? “…The righteousness of God in Him.” Praise God! As far as our standing, if you have surrendered your life to Him, if you put your life in His hands, and put your hope in what He did for you instead of anything you could ever do, there’s a page in Heaven that has been washed clean by the blood that He shed. And there’s a record there that has your name on it and it says, righteous.

( congregational praise ).

Oh, praise God! Praise God! No devil in Hell can go up there and erase that! That’s His doing! I didn’t do that. He did it when I was a sinner! Praise God! Praise the Lord!

So anyway, what was it that really captivated Paul’s attention? And this, I think, was the theme of the men’s meeting this morning. It’s kind of what turned my mind to this passage, because I thought about so many different aspects of truth and nothing seemed to kind of gel in my mind. Thank God! That’s all right.

But listen to verse 8. “What is more…” (NIV). Well, verse 7, “But whatever was to my profit…” this is religious, “…I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared…” Everything a loss…think about that one. “…Compared to…” What he’s about to talk about, everything in my life is just…loss. “I consider everything a loss compared to…” Something. “…To the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith.”

How do you obtain this? You surrender, you put your trust in Him. Say, I’m not trusting in me anymore, that’s a hopeless cause. Oh God, I surrender to what you have done for me. I’m exactly what you say I am. Praise God!

But what was it the surpassing greatness of? Knowing Him…see, that’s what gets down to the…that’s the heart of everything. God wants us not just to have a relationship with a distant God somewhere, where we’re somehow accepted and it’s gonna be okay. There is a personal relationship that God seeks to establish with every single person who comes to know Him, where we have a personal journey to which we have been called, but in the process of that, we have a Companion on that journey.

And that Companion is One who has been here, who has walked this road ahead of us, knows all of its pitfalls, has all the resources that we could possibly ever need for that journey! And there He is standing, taking us by the hand and saying, walk with Me, come to know Me, I want to teach you. This is personal. This is a personal journey. Praise God!

And Paul got to see that. Oh, Praise God! God hasn’t just…well, this was said this morning. God didn’t just point to the path and say, there it is, go for it. He wants us to walk it with Him every single day. And so, if you want to know what defined Paul’s life, in terms of what he was trying to accomplish, what he valued, what he thought mattered in life…what do you think matters in life?

You know, if your eyes are not open to this, what you think matters is what pleases me, what I can get out of it, my career, my possessions, my…the things that I enjoy doing. It’s all the things that have to do with this world. But I’ll tell you what, there’s something that Paul saw that was so much greater than that, that he was willing to go through all kinds of persecution and suffering and things that no natural man would seek, because he saw something that was so great, so captured his attention that he said, none of this matters—none of this matters!

Here’s what matters. I want to know Christ. I want to know Him! God, help us! God, help me to wake up more and more to realize that’s what it’s about, ‘cause I’ll tell you, it’s not that He is off there looking down His nose at us. There is a longing. You know, I think Joel referred to the scripture, or at least quoted the essence of the scripture from Revelation 3 about Jesus knocking.

( knocking ).

He came to a church that had gotten comfortable. They had once had His presence and enjoyed Him, but now it had kind of evolved into a form where they were doing the right stuff, living comfortable lives, feeling like everything was…we’ve got everything we need, we’re doing good. And Jesus is on the outside…

( knocking ).

…Saying, open up. You’ve got everything except me. God, I don’t ever want to come to that place! I praise God when He does whatever it takes to get my attention! He does it because He loves me and He knows what matters.