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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1279

The Birds Will Come

April 9, 2017

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1279 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: I’ll tell you, God is wise in the way He does things. He doesn’t just...He’s not a push-button God. Hey, here’s the formula…oh, good, I’ll push that button and boom, I get the instant result! God tries faith, doesn’t He?

And I’ll tell you, if you and I are going to declare, I’m yours, Lord, I’m gonna serve You, I want You, I want higher ground! Get ready, devils are gonna come...birds are going to come. And we’re gonna have to learn to recognize that.

And the thing that blesses me is Abraham…Abram at this point…there was a constancy, there was a certainty, there was a conviction in his heart, that this is what I’m doing! The God of the universe told me to do this! This sacrifice is not for you, birds! This sacrifice is for Him.

( congregational amens ).

And, I’ll tell you, this is the essence of our Christian journey. You could look at this and say this is a pretty good picture of Abram’s entire relationship with God. Because, how many times were there when his faith, waiting on the promise of God…25 years before he even had a son that God could say, yeah, that’s the one.

And then later on, being asked to sacrifice that one son! All these things that God called him to do that represented sacrifices of his own heart and his own nature, laying down his life for the purpose of God, to which God had called him. Can you imagine the things that went through his head during that time?

( congregation inaudible ).

Yeah! Oh, I just…I started to try to organize this and like so often…it just doesn’t seem like I’m able to, or the Lord blesses me to do that. It’s probably a good thing, because you don’t need my sermon.

But I’ll tell you what, there are birds that will attack every single person! One of them is…you did all this and nothing is happening. You prayed this prayer and nothing’s happening. You know why? Something’s wrong with you. It’s gotten quiet here. Yeah! How many of you have had that kind of bird land on your head…at a time like that? Yeah! That’s just ‘situation normal.’

But I’ll tell you what, God is going to teach us every time He allows a bird to come, God is teaching us something. God is teaching us to make a choice.

You know, we talked about that Wednesday night. Every time we have some idea that comes into our heads that is contrary to what God has promised, what God has said, there’s like a fork in the road! We come to a fork and God says, “…this is the way, walk ye in it.” And the Devil comes along and says, ‘time’s wasting, you’re wasting your time, you tried it, it didn’t work…give in!’ And we have a choice, don’t we?

I’ll tell you what, God is so wise in the way He does things! He tries faith, not to discourage us, but to build strength, because you look at Abram after this was all over…Abraham…do you think his confidence increased? I do! Because, I’ll tell you what, he was able to withstand every attack of every single bird that came along. And he was able to look the Devil in the eye and say, get away! This sacrifice, I have offered…I have offered myself! This represents me! I have offered myself to God. You can’t have me. I’m not yours anymore! You can’t come to me with this doubtful thought—God’s promise doesn’t apply to me.

How many devils have come into your mind and your heart and your life and tried to be the ‘fine-print devil’? This wonderful scripture, but the Devil comes along, there must be some fine print or something would be happening that’s different! You would feel different. Circumstances would arrange themselves differently! If you really give yourself to God, it’s gonna work out this way!

And so the ‘fine-print devil’ comes along and says, there’s some fine print in this that you’re not getting. This is a wonderful promise but it doesn’t apply to you, because there’s something about you that disqualifies you! There is not a person alive to whom…that wouldn’t have some fine print disqualify us, if it depended on us.

( congregational response ).

Thank God, the Gospel does not depend upon, as I said, some goodness in me! It depends upon just surrendering and believing in what He is able to do! That’s what Abram was called to do! I surrender this problem of not having a child, and going years, and getting old and all these things. It’s impossible, God! But, I believe You anyway!

And the devils are gonna come because here you are delaying coming and meeting me with this sacrifice. You told me to be here, Lord! And now You’re not here! And here I am and the birds are bothering what I have laid out. What’s wrong?

Nothing was wrong. God was allowing Abram to go through something that gave him choices. But as he made the right choices, his faith was getting stronger!

Do you know when you and I have to battle—have to fight the good fight of the faith, as Paul says…do you know it makes us stronger? Do you know if we didn’t go through that way, if we didn’t come that way, we would just be weak and spoiled Christians?

I’ll tell you, we are going to have to win the prizes of the Kingdom of God in battle. And that means a steadfastness of heart and spirit that says, Lord, I am Yours! What You have given to me does not belong to a devil to come and express the evils of his nature through me! He is not going to come…the bird of fear is not gonna come and take over my life! Because fear is just a form of unbelief! You have given me the power over that! I have the right to beat that bird off and say, God, I’m trusting You. Get away from me, Devil.

And it could be some form of sin and self-indulgence…where there’s a devil that comes and says, He’s not coming. You might just as well give in to this. You might as well indulge yourself…you might as well…and he works together with the bird of self-pity and discouragement.

And boy, they gang up on you sometimes and you’re just gonna give in to that and say, well, there’s no use. I’m heading down a road that’s not gonna lead me anywhere. The Lord said He was going to come, and here I am sitting here trying to keep birds off of the very sacrifice He told me to make! This is fruitless!

I bet a lot of us have experienced some of those birds, haven’t you? I’ll tell you what, may God give us the grace…the grace to understand His ways to the point where we can trust Him, where we understand that faith does not have a time limit on it! We either believe or we don’t believe. Believing isn’t, I’m gonna believe, I’m gonna believe, I’m gonna believe until it just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen…and oh, well.

Faith just simply says, God, I trust You. My times are in Your hands! You’re the one who knows when it’s time to come and accept this sacrifice and reveal yourself to me, and complete this transaction that’s going on here! God, I have set my heart to serve You! I am trusting in You! I am not bailing on this situation.

Praise God! Am I the only one that’s ever experienced these things? I don’t think so! I’ve had several birds come this week, have you?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! And you know, we have birds of busyness…that just kind of gets us involved and distracted. And you start getting all of those birds...I can just see Abram getting so involved with beating the birds off that he’s forgotten all about why he’s there! You ever been there?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! Praise God! God, give us, somehow, in these experiences, the ability to look beyond the moment, to not get buried in what’s coming into our heads, and the circumstances that surround us, not to get so lost in those things that we forget why we’re here and who we are, and the God that we serve!

( congregational amens ).

God is looking to build a constancy in us that will not be turned aside, no matter which bird comes and says, hey, that part of you belongs to me. Devil, that part of me does not belong to you, it belongs to Him! And I don’t care if He takes five minutes or ten years for things to happen the way I think they ought to happen! It’s, “I’m Yours, Lord. I’m Yours. I believe You! I believe in the process. I believe in Your power to rescue me from my sins. I believe in Your power to save me. I believe in Your power to bring me to higher ground. I believe the promises that You’ve given to me! I believe that they’re going to happen the way You want them to happen! I believe they’re going to happen when You want them to happen!”

But oh, I would love to be able to find that spring board in Egypt and jump all the way to Canaan, but it ain’t gonna happen like that. I’ve got to go through some things, because I’ve got to learn something about God and about His ways! And the only way I learn them is having to stand against the opposition.

Here it was birds that said, this part of you belongs to me. Oh, I’ll tell you, there are a lot of birds that come to our lives! Sometimes they really set up a home in our lives! We’ve listened, we’ve given into him too much! I’ll tell you, there’s a God who could deliver us.

( congregational amens ).

There’s a God who can deliver us from the birds that have even made a nest in our homes and our hearts! If we’ll just turn our hearts to God. But I’ll tell you, how many of you know that when you start to take a stand against something…do the birds just abandon?

( congregational response ).

 Oh, they gang up, don’t they? They come with a flock! But thank God that He’s that within us, He’s that in us, is greater than he that is in the world!

( congregational amens ).

We’ve got Somebody…you know, I love what Carl said the other day about that devil that tried to come and oppress him and whispered in his ear, I’m back!

( congregation inaudible ).

And what he said to the effect was, ‘Well, the Lord’s here and He never left.’

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! That’s exactly right! Boy, we need the conviction that’s gonna enable us not to be dismayed! If you’re looking for a way to serve God that’s free of birds…good luck! There’s no such thing! If we are gonna serve God, the Devil…we will be his target! And I’ll tell you, as God’s people have come to the end of the age, we will be targeted by the Devil in greater and greater ways. But we’re gonna have to learn that it’s not in us, to stand. It’s not in us to serve God…we are dependent upon Him! But, He is up to the job!

( congregational response ).

Because He’s promised never to leave us, never to forsake us! Praise God! I need Him! Boy, I need Him!

( congregational amens ).
And sometimes when I get conscious, ‘oops, I’ve been listening to that bird again.’ He keeps talking to me and I keep listening, and my mind gets off on him, and I’m down here and I’m feeling sorry for myself or whatever. And, Lord, help me! Devil, get out of here! I praise God! Sometimes we need to be able to thank God for things like that because they wake us up and they teach us.

( congregational amens ).

You know, doesn’t the Lord say to thank Him for everything?

( congregational response ).

You ever been in a place where you had to thank God? Lord, thank You that I just fell on my face right there! My spirit wasn’t right. But it brings me back to a realization that I cannot do this in myself, Lord! I need You to live in me! I need to experience a measure of Your salvation in this moment, in this circumstance.

You know, another bird that we contend with a lot is weariness. And we think we shouldn’t have to deal with something like that. After all, He’s our strength. But we got to go to Him! We got to learn to trust Him!

You know, I was thinking about how Paul went through his life and he talked about some of his experiences…being in dangers in so many different places, and dangers from robbers. But he talked about weariness…being in places where he was just really spent. You know, we have to go through things like that to learn, in reality, that God is faithful, that God can bring us through! How do we learn whether God can deliver us in all kinds of circumstances unless we experience those circumstances? We learn something about God that builds our faith!

And I’ll tell you, Abram came out of this, like I said, a whole better, didn’t he? He had to beat the birds off and be true to wait on God! But when he came through it, he was where he needed to be.

But you think about the ultimate example, and this is really where it comes back to the Savior. The ultimate example of somebody whose life was spent beating off birds, and being the focus of Satan’s attention on the earth, it was our Savior! He didn’t come to this world to do His own will, did He? And the body that had been given to Him…it was not just the sacrifice of the cross, was it, the literal laying down of His body in death? It was taking up His cross daily. It was saying, Father, this body that You’ve given Me is Yours. Live in Me. Do Your thing in the world, speak to people, act in such a way that You can communicate with people through this body…I give it to You.

Oh, did the Devil attack that! He went out into the wilderness, and at His weakest point, the Devil—the birds came, didn’t they? “…If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.” (KJV). And He stood His ground and He said, “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

So, that bird went back and said, well, that didn’t work. Let’s see…let’s have a conference here among the birds! And so, they sent back another one…and one after another…if You’re the Son of God, cast Yourself down…carried Him up to the high point of the temple. If You want to prove, once and for all, who You are, cast Yourself down before everybody. Let’s just show off who You are. And obviously, that was not the appropriate way to do that. And He said, you don’t put God to a foolish test!

And, right now the other one has left my mind. But anyway, the birds…throughout His ministry, there was this attack of the enemy upon His mind. We have no idea! I know we have the one scripture in Hebrews where it talks about Him enduring, “…with strong crying and tears….”

He had to seek God many times. There was weariness, there were attacks, the burden of what He had been given, because He was a man. He had a human frame just like we do, completely dependent upon His Father to do what He did. Oh, He had to go to His Father with strong crying and tears. Lord, give Me what it takes. Help Me. I belong to You! The birds have come in and they are attacking. They’re doing everything in their power to turn Me aside! But My heart is fixed! I see beyond. I see Your purpose and that’s what I want to be a part of!

Thank God that He did that! That’s the only reason we can be here today! It’s the only reason you and I can have hope is that He stood the test, just the same way Abram did! So, praise God!

I don’t know…I think I’m going to just…I think this is enough of this. I just want to leave you with this thought. If you’re gonna serve God in this world, the birds will come! Don’t you be dismayed when they do. Don’t you give in to the thoughts that, hey, the Lord’s not coming. The Lord’s not coming because you’re not measuring up, because of this, because of that or the other…all these doubtful thoughts that want to come in, all these things that would turn you aside or turn you to the right or to the left. I’ll tell you, we serve a God who is faithful.

( congregational amens ).

We serve a God who will honor those who stand fast and say, Lord, I want You and I’m willing to stand against every bird that flies in my face and tries to steal the sacrifice that belongs to You. I’m Yours and I’m trusting You with everything that I have and everything that I am.

I just praise God because I need this. Maybe you don’t, but I do! We live in a world where birds are attacking all the time and I sense it. I saw it in my own life this week. I don’t know…you get weary sometimes. And you just quit fighting and you quit pushing and you give into it too easy.

And all of a sudden, you become self-indulgent and one thing leads to another. Maybe that’s not your weakness, but, if we’re not careful, if we’re not watchful, this sacrifice that we have offered to Him, the Devil will come in and begin to pick it and feed on it. It doesn’t belong to him.

( congregational amens ).

It belongs to the One who gave up everything for me on that cross! He didn’t hold one single thing back that I need! And I’ll tell you, the same commitment…He is able, within me, to enable me to make that same kind of commitment. I don’t have it. You leave me to my own resources, I’m gonna go the way of the flesh every time!

But I’ll tell you, there’s One that…I’ll tell you, we give Him our heart, we give Him our life, we invite Him to come in as Resident Lord and take over, that doesn’t end our battles but it gives us One who is in us who is greater than everything that would come against us from the outside! Oh, I’ll tell you, the One who gave up everything for me comes to live in me!

Oh, what a glorious thing it is. What an awesome thing it’s gonna be to stand there one day and look back and realize that everything He said was true. Even when we went through those lonely times, those doubtful times, when the feelings weren’t there…we were looking for this, and it came from this way. We try to figure our way. This is how God’s gonna do this. This is how God’s gonna do that! And He doesn’t meet our expectations, and we give into self-pity and resentment of somebody else that we think is being blessed, and a thousand and one expressions of human nature!

I don’t want that. I want to just be set free. I want to be conscious of these birds so I can be like Abram and beat them off and say, Devil, get out of here! You’re not part of this scene. I belong to Him and I’m gonna wait on Him and His time and His way, and that’s good enough for me. That was good enough for my Savior! That’s good enough for me, because my God is faithful! He will do what He has promised.

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! Praise the Lord!